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How can Christians care for the earth?


R. WRITES: I know that God created the earth as good, but I also know the world is broken and will one day be redeemed and renewed. As humans we are stewards of what God has given us. How does that affect how we should care for the earth?

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  • You’re definitely right about us needing to take care of the earth, its part of out job as humans (the creation mandate). But I honestly haven’t taken a lot of time to think about how that plays out, so far all I can think of is to support sustainable farming.

  • I’m a farm kid, so I know somethings are unavoidable, such as spraying. However, there are certainly things that we can do to be good stewards of what God has given us and leave a place that our children and grandchildren can live on. I’m not a non-GMO advocate or all-organic advocate or anything(sorry, farm life kills any hope that all that works), but these are some really simple things that will help the environment that you can do.

    1. Pick up trash along your road. I do this sometimes on our gravel road, and it really helps not only the environment but how the road looks. Getting rid of this trash where you live can be a really good impact.

    2. Recycle. Corny, I know, but it does help.

    3. Plant trees. Trees are what keep ecosystems from washing away, they provide cover for animals, and they make a nice shady place to read. My family has the blessing of living in a place that has beautiful old trees that provide shade for us, and as they slowly die off we plant new ones for the next people who live at our house. Someday some one will have a beautiful white oak and sugar maple that we planted.

    Other things to help the earth… If you live in the city, bike instead of drive, use cloth washcloths instead of paper towels, reuse paper, etc. Simple stuff, really, that is what we can do.

  • Caring for our environment is so incredibly important! As you said, we are stewards of this earth. God has given us this earth as a gift, a precious one, and we should treat it as such. Taking care of the environment should not be seen by the Church as a “hippie movement” or “secular matter”, but rather a commandment from God.
    Get into recycling paper, not by just throwing it into a recycling bin, but making it into something with more value. I have a friend who melts plastic and makes these beautiful multicolored beads, they are gorgeous…you can’t even tell they’re from an old water-bottle. Another good friend of mine makes headbands out of worn jeans or torn fabric. Get creative! The possibilities are endless 🙂

  • I think God would want us to take the best care we can do for the earth. As human, we should take care of the earth that God has given us. We can do little things first, like separate organic and non-organic trashes, use less plastic products and bring our own grocery bag to the grocery store, not smoking, use bicycle or walk to get somewhere near, make our own recycled paper and turn it into a brand new notebook (haha), and many more. By taking care of the earth, we should know that we will also glorify God.

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