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What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your parents?


J. WRITES: My parents have been my wisest teachers throughout my life. They have taught me so much about being kind, being responsible, and living a Christ-centered life. They’ve taught me everything from how to make scrambled eggs to how to read theology. What are some of the biggest or most impactful lessons your parents have taught you?

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  • My parents have shown me how to endure through the hard things (different meaning intended than doing “hard things”) to keep going, to decide what really matters, and not to focus too much on things that don’t really matter. They’ve taught me in a culture where most families spend their evenings out running around to soccer practice, gymnastics meets, basketball games or whatnot, that simply settling down on the couch and reading a good book together will make memories that will never be forgotten.

    Aside from all that, they’ve also given me high expectations of churches so that when I go out into the world, I’ll be able to recognize for myself what is a good church with sound doctrine and what is a church without much depth. They’ve taught me to want a church that will strengthen me as a believer, not entertain me.

    • Interesting about churches. My parents have definitely lived that out for me as well. Although I did not always like their decisions when it hurt. But they talked about why we did such and such, and that was good.

    • My parents have also taught me the same about churches, pastors, and teachers. A church should be about truth, not a ear-tickling, conscience salving, man-gloriying gospel that put you up on a high pedastal. So many churches today focus so much on pleasing(or appeasing) the crowd, making hilarious jokes, giving the coolest concert, and entertaining people to draw them to Christ, that telling people the truth of God’s word, singing old hymns, and telling people doctrine has started to fall out of the service of most churches. It’s really sad! We should definitely pray for are brothers and sisters in Christ to hear and speak the truth!

  • Always give God the glory,
    You should exercise physically and spiritually every day,
    Seek the Lord in all things,
    Be careful who’s teaching you listen to,
    Try to stay in good sound doctrines
    Don’t worry about tomorrow,
    Use your gifts and talents for God’s glory
    Beauty is fleeting
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
    Do not be conformed to the world
    You should not love the world
    Who you are will always come out in the end…
    Should I continue?? πŸ™‚

    My parents have taught me so much it seems almost to much to contain, but I am truly grateful for all they have taugh me because I know it was all for my good and God’s glory.

  • My parents taught me that respect and responsibility is important. Respect to those in authority and responsibility on one’s part.
    Also, they’ve taught me to enjoy reading my Bible and to not try to “fit in” with the popular crowd.
    They’ve taught me to have patience and forgiveness. πŸ™‚

  • My parents have taught me how to make wise decisions.
    Just by observing them, I’ve learned that service to others is priority.
    I’ve learned how to be hospitable at home.
    By not giving in to my every whim, they’ve taught me patience and contentment.
    I’ve learned how loving parents treat their children.
    They’ve taught me that we are to live for Christ, but that we have to trust Him with the results.
    They’ve taught me how to focus on other people in conversation.

    These are just a few of the many profound lessons I’ve learned from them.

  • Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on this one. To be honest I’m not on the best terms with my dad right now, so this is probably something I need to think about…

  • An excellent question. I am so appreciative that there are still a few parents that have fulfilled their duties as godly parents. I had the privilege of being raised by parents that loved God and feared God. We had very many difficult trials, but it was their perseverance through it all and their faith and hope that sustained them. I thank God for that.

    Not all parent/child relationships end up healthy. We need to sympathize with those working through their difficulties with their parents. Parent/child relationships are very fragile and often need time to heal. And sometimes relationships won’t work out. We shouldn’t condemn those who are struggling with this issue as believers. God’s hope is always for reconciliation, but sometimes the damage done proves to be too devastating to bring about an amenable end. But we should exhaust every effort to reconcile and make ending a relationship the last choice.

  • I often think about how wonderfully blessed I am by my parents. They have taught me to make goals, work hard, respect authorities, build strong relationships, wait to date until you are ready to get married, face the messiness of life, and be authentic. Now that I am in my late teens, they have let me have so much more freedom in my decision making because they parented so well when I was young. I am so glad that I have had space recently to have successes and failures. They are always there to gently point out the lessons and support me, but they let me learn those lessons myself.

  • One of the most important and impactful things my parents have done for me was to instill in me a love for the Lord and a strong desire for purity. Thank you mom and dad!

  • I am blessed to have my parents! They taught me how to build strong relationships. Thanks mom and dad!

  • My parents have taught me so much that I don’t remember it all, but one of the most important things they’ve taught me is: family is #1. They have always told us kids to stand up for each other. They have taught me how to be a Godly girl by instilling spiritual truths into my life from the time I was born. Thank you, Mom and Dad for all that you have taught me.

  • One of my earliest memories is coming down the stairs in the morning and always seeing my dad sitting on the couch reading his Bible, faithfully, every day. And he still does. Honestly, my parents haven’t taught me a whole lot–much of the time it is “do as I say not as I do”. And living with them right now is really difficult–has been for a long time, and that is my fault and their fault. But I will never, as long as I live, forget that example of spending time with God that my dad has set, and I strive to follow in his footsteps. An old friend of his that I met (for the first time I’m old enough to remember) called him a true man of God and even though I don’t always see that I know that no one can be in the Word of God every day and not have it change them, not have God work in their heart. My dad is a man of God not because he is perfect but because he is truly seeking God. Thank you so much Dad for that example. ~Anna

    • I remember waking up and seeing my dad read his Bible every morning as well! I love seeing that because my dad is busier than I am and if he has time to spend in the Word each morning then so do I. I thank him for setting such a good example for me. πŸ™‚

  • My parents have taught me to seek God in every area of my life, that Christ is my foundation and the Bible is my direction. They have shown me that Christ can use pain for good and that following Christ is not always easy but always right. They have taught me that glorifying Jesus is my ultimate purpose!

  • The best piece of advice anyone has ever given me was when my dad told me to never live my life for anyone else–just God and me. I learned about missions from him; he works as the video producer for the North American Mission Board, so ever since I was little I’ve been blessed to have close personal family friends who are missionaries around the world. My mom has taught me so much about working with kids; she was an early child ed major.

  • My parents are the best they taught me to work hard, love unconditionally, wait to date until I am mature enough, not to give into peer pressure, cooking, organizing, how to get and keep a job and most importantly how to be a strong woman of God and to keep Him first in all that I do. Every. Single. Day πŸ™‚

  • Wow. Good question. My parents have taught me that God is the most important part of my life. My Mom has taught me that loving people is really, really important. They taught me how to be wise with my money and stay out of debt. They have taught me about a relationship with God, and what it looks like to obey Him and seek Him in all things. They taught me that I can be anything. My Mom taught me to be balanced in activity.

  • The biggest thing mine have taught me is to be the change. Both of my parents came from challenging backgrounds. My mom’s father died of cancer when she was 5 and her mom does not talk to us for some unknown reason. I hardly remember her. My dads mom worked a lot and there was a lot of unforgivness in his family. My parents decided that when they got married and had a family, they were going to break the strongholds of bitterness and unforgiveness. Thy are such an inspiration to me and I love them so much 😊

  • Letting God use my failures for His glory. Being a humble servant rather than a “world-changer.” Seeking Christ rather than my dreams, wealth or success. Separate Truth from emotions. God is a Creator, not a duplicator…never wish away your individuality for someone else’s life. Do not doubt your value if you are single. Live life in pursuit of Christ rather than a spouse or a family. Be an advocate for racial, generational and gender diversity in the Church. The greatest apologetic is my life when lived in the light of the Gospel. Find beauty in a handful of dust. Examine the world through a fine-toothed comb. Be an artist that creates pieces solely to reflect His love, goodness and beauty.
    My mom and dad are indescribably thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus..and it shines through their parenting and marriage! πŸ™‚ <3

  • Honestly, my parents have taught me a lot. But, some of the best things i have learned from them, (especially my mom) aren’t things that they told me to do outright. I learned to press on and work hard, by simply watching my moms example. I learned basic skills like cooking and cleaning, by listening to her as she rambled on about how to do stuff. They taught me to be independent of human help, but completely and utterly dependent on God, the one who will never let me down. I owe them so much for that, and hope to one day teach my children the same thing.

  • I feel like one of the biggest things I’ve learned from my dad is the importance of living by faith. I’ve lived at home for 19 years and watched him just totally trust God with everything. Like when times were tough and we really needed money. Or praying for people.

    I remember when I was really little and we lived in another state. Our dog got ahold of our cat. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was bad. The cat was about dead. My dad prayed for the cat and before he was done with the prayer, the cat sat up and just stared at him like nothing was wrong. He was perfectly fine, not a scratch on him. My dad brought him in and tossed him in my sisters lap. That’s one of the many miracles I’ve witnessed myself( or else him and my mom have told me about) that came about because of my dad’s faith.

    • I remember the day our pear tree got miraculously healed. I was about four years old, and our old pear tree was very sick and should have died. We had never gotten any fruit from it. That is, until the day we prayed for it. A few months later, we had fruit. That was eleven years ago, and that pear tree is still standing today, faithfully giving fruit every year.
      God really does care for His creation, even if it is a sick pear tree!

    • That is one I sometimes dislike, but thank my mom for! It is really a lifesaving piece of advice.

  • Always put God first.
    Serve others.
    Calm down.
    Be patient.
    Get a good education.
    Dream big.

  • God is always with you.
    Trust in yourself.
    Don’t be down on yourself so much everyone else is to.
    No matter what God will always love you.
    No matter how bad you did at something, you can always try something else.

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