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What’s an area you’re serving in that costs you something?


ROSE WRITES: There are lots of areas that I really enjoy serving in. I enjoy making dinner so my mom doesn’t have to. I enjoy singing on my church’s music team. But there are other areas of service that are more painful and uncomfortable for me – like serving in my church’s nursery. They cost me something. I have to sacrifice comfort and ease and enjoyment. Are there areas like that for you? What hard things are you doing that cost you?

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  • I help my music teacher teach harp to the mentally disabled every Tuesday night. This costs me my Tuesday nights, but it also costs my some of my ease and comfort as well. I am always afraid of doing something wrong because I am worried about what the other helpers will think of me. I also fear the uncomfortable silence when I stand there thinking about what to teach next. I have come to the Lord with these things many times and, although I have so many fears about this, God is always with me and he helps me focus on working for him instead of working for the others around me and worrying about what they think. 🙂

  • Serving in Civil Air Patrol. For a long time I loved CAP. Then due to some leadership changes it became really difficult and anything but fun. I was about to quit when God told me to stay in. So I’m sticking to it. Most meetings are hard and present new challenges that I dont usually want to deal with. But it’s where God wants me right now so I’ll do it for Him

    • That’s really neat @Joy Swen You can do it! I know it is hard because my brother used to be in CAP. 😉 Just remember when you’re stressed that, “Cryin’ Ain’t Proper!” (an acronym for CAP) ☺

        • That is literally the same thing my brother went through. Wow!! Well, keep on pluggin’! 🙂

    • I’m also in Civil Air Patrol! Hard things for me include stuff like ranking up on time, etc… We recently had a command change and it’s a lot less fun 🙁 But I’ll stick with it because it’s what I committed to.
      I have a drill and P.T. test soon that I’m soooo not ready for!!! :’)

  • I play both piano, flute and glockenspiel at my church and sing in the choir as well. Being in the music ministry is challenging, yet fun and is a great way to serve the Lord. However, sometimes it is difficult as often I am sweltered with music, aside from music outside of church, and in my philharmonic/orchestra. I have to make sure I don’t get an attitude of pride, self-esteem, or even one of stress when serving. Like I have said many times before, “It’s not what others think, it’s about what God thinks.” You’d be surprised what a ministry the music ministry is. I can’t tell you how many times someone has come up to me after I have played or sung something. Sometimes, these encouraging moments will happen at times when you need them most. The struggle is, are we following 1 Corinthians 10:31? “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” It’s for HIS glory, we need to be doing his will, and his plan for our lives. Pride or Self-esteem is often thrown in our Christian walk with Jesus by the Devil, but we mustn’t let it stop us. We need to shove it back in the Devil’s face along with a good bible passage! “Resist the Devil and he will flee!” Like Olivia stated, we can’t worry about others’ thoughts, instead, we really just need to focus on HIM.

  • Hey! I’m not condemning anyone for telling about what they’ve done, but I personally am not going to answer this DQ (or the last one for the same reason). I don’t want to brag about the things I’ve done serving God:

    ““Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

    “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

    -Matthew 6

    Again, I’m not trying to say that others have been bragging, just personally I’m not going to tell about what I’ve done. =)

  • Kid’s ministry at my church. We had a problem with kids running wild when they first show up, so I was asked to come up with something for them to do during that time each week that will keep them seated and generally under control. It’s really hard for me to get up in front of people (even kids) and take charge (plus the fact that these are the most hyper, unruly kids I’ve ever worked with). But it’s worth it. There are quite a few “unchurched” kids who come and recently one of them has been bugging her parents to take her to church on Sunday. Her grandfather was a believer but her parents are not, as far as I know. Her dad knows/works with quite a few people at our church and I’m hoping maybe thru this connection she and her family will come to the Lord. And you know, I really don’t have it that hard. We have a few Japanese students helping out and two of them don’t speak very good English. But the kids absolutely love them. God really does want to use us, no matter what obstacles we see to that, if we will let Him. ~Anna

  • I would have to say the children’s ministry at my church. It does cost me a few hours on the Sundays when I go, but it is so worth it. The little kids there are so awesome and I love working with them. 🙂

    • I work in the kids ministry at my church! I love kids! ♥ Here’s a funny story that happened a few weeks ago.

      • Lol, that is so funny! 🙂 I have this kid in my class who thinks I’m married because I wear two rings on my right hand. This is somewhat how our conversation goes.
        Kid: “You’re married.”
        Me: “No, I’m not!”
        Kid: “Then why are you wearing rings?”
        Me: “Because I like to. Just because I wear rings doesn’t mean I’m married.”

        It always makes me laugh. 🙂

      • Haha that’s hilarious. Once when I was helping in Children’s church, I heard this conversation.

        Kid 1: Hey look at that tower of blocks (kid 3) built! It looks like a temple!
        Kid 2:(very sure of himself) A temple is a kind of frog.
        Me: *processes carefully* Oh! You mean, a tadpole?
        Kid 2: Yeah, a temple, a baby frog.


        • Hehehe…Here’s a funny story about my twin brothers when they were younger.
          They used to call each other “I-ack” and “Nannul”, and they called me “ninny” (I have no idea why!)

          *I’m at a friends house and one of the twins comes into the bedroom*
          Twin: *walks over to the full-length mirror and stares at it*
          Me: What are you doing?
          Twin: (looking at his reflection) I-ack!!!
          Me and my friend: *nearly die laughing*
          Twin: I-ack! *comes over to me* Look, ninny, I-ack!!!

          Finally, I managed to explain to him that it’s a reflection, and he was very disappointed…XD

        • Yep!
          My younger brother, out of the blues:
          “Are you going to get married to (names a very pretty girl)?”
          A few seconds later, in a genuine-question tone: “Why are you turning pink?”
          Oh, the volleys of teases I had to dodge from the people who overheard the conversation!

          • That’s so funny! Little kids seem to think a person can get married whenever they want to!

          • Lol. My younger siblings think that it’s great to take guys from my church and say, “You should marry so and so,” or “What about so and so?” I can feel my face flush, and (this is the worst part) I start smiling and I’m just like *…….groan……* And it’s even worse when they tease me in front of my friend. 🙂

          • 🙂
            By the way, I know I accidentally flagged one of your comments as inappropriate a while ago. I can’t remember which one it was and where. It was a total accident. Sorry…

  • Along the lines of my answer in our last discussion: serving in Zambia is a sacrifice for me.

    I LOVE so many aspects of Zambia and life there! But at the same time, it’s REALLY hard on a 17 year old girl who would normally be able to go out alone with friends or at least have more freedoms than always being within sight of her parents. =P

    However, for safety reasons, I can’t go anywhere alone. I’m stuck under the supervision and protection of my parents (or other trusted adult; or group of trusted firends that include a male) at all times. It’s not because of lack of trust or anything, it’s just safety…but it’s HARD!! I want freedom SO bad, but just can’t have it!!!
    I also can’t drive there which i used to be able to do in the U.S. Basically, by modern U.S. teenager standards i have no social life there! HAHA!

    More than that, our elecricity is off well over half the time, we have no air or heating systems in our house, some foods aren’t able to be found there…etc.
    I also can’t wear shorts which kinda sucks…

    I don’t mean to sound all negative!! There are WAY more rewards to living in ZA than not. I’m just sharing what some of the costs are…And through these costs God has taught me so much!!!

    I think that’s an important aspect to mention during this discussion; though I’m sure everyone knows this: God takes us out of our comfort zones to teach us lessons. God has taught me more things than I can mention since I’ve been taken away from my comfort zone in the U.S….So while these are costs, they aren’t necessarily or completely negative. God is using them in my life for good! ;D

    Hope this answers the questions well! =D

    • the thing about not wearing shorts cracks me up! I have friends who are also missionaries in Africa, and I remember hearing that they don’t wear shorts either except when in the house. That would irritate me so bad, especially with how hot it is! :p

    • Hey Megan, I’m not trying to be rude at all, I’m genuinely curious. Why can’t you wear shorts?

      • Oh goodness! You’re not being rude!! =D Well, culturally, showing the leg is very inappropriate. I have no idea why, but it is. =P So basically, my knees are always fully covered at least. But the less leg showing the more modest in the culture. But what’s great is that I can wear tank tops out without any issue! =D lol Give and take…

        • Oh, okay, Thanks! That is a little interesting that you can’t show much of your legs, but you can show your arms.

  • One of those areas is serving my five younger siblings. It costs a lot, but is so worth it!

    • Same here. I totally agree. I have five younger siblings too. I am now enjoying one of the only quiet times I get in the house, and in the same time wondering why it’s so quiet down there.
      It sure costs a lot, but is so rewarding!

    • So, random snoopy/nerdy/weird question here! How did you get the nick name Bean? I’ve me two other people with the same nick name too!

      • Ooo! Other beans!
        That’s a very good question. In fact, nobody knows. Ever since my family remembers, I have always been nicknamed The Bean. We didn’t even know Mr. Bean until ten years after I was nicknamed. It was an accidentally prophetic nickname, as I later developed a Mr. Bean-like sense of humour, became (almost as) tall as a beanpole and also developed a taste for beans!

        • HaHa! Cool story, thanks for humoring me! My Momma calls my Dad ‘Bean Head’ because he is mostly bald and has a slight bean shaped head! Lol, your story is cooler though!

  • I play the piano at church. (I know there are a lot of people on here who play instruments so this probably sounds silly.) It costs me my comfort zone, because I hate being in front of a bunch of people. It also means I have to practice during the week, which costs me time. I am having a hard time deciding if I’m going to keep doing it. I really hate it and I am not sure if it is something God wants me to do, or if I am just doing it out of guilt because I don’t want to be a quitter.

    • Whoa I totally understand, Haven! I love playing piano but I HATE playing for other people… especially at church. Which sounds really bad, but that’s just how it is.

      • It doesn’t help that I’m not good at it either. I get so nervous and jumpy right before I start to play. It doesn’t matter how much I practice I still mess up.

        • ik. I’m the same way. My hands shake REALLY bad, even if I practice so much I could play it backwards. :/ It’s hard for me to remain in the mindset of “It doesn’t matter if you mess up if you’re doing it for Jesus.”

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