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Who is someone who has influenced you in a big way?


JAQUELLE WRITES: I can think back on some brilliant and godly people from history who have influenced me in big ways through their biographies and personal writings. I think of the Puritans, Jonathan Edwards, and Herman Bavinck, to name a few. I also think of my parents and various people from my church who have persistently and practically shaped my life in personal ways. Who are some of the people who have influenced you?

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  • The biggest and greatest influences in my life are defiantly my parents! They’ve taught me and brought me up to be a godly young woman. They’ve shown me the importance of glorifying God with my life. My Mom is not only my greatest mentor, but also my best friend. My Dad is not only my Pastor, but also my greatest hero. My older brother, Crockett, even though he couldn’t say a word showed me true beauty and Jesus’ sacrificial love everyday. A very nice older lady, Mrs. Anne, revealed my passion for the elderly. Francis Shaeffer’s writings have influenced my worldview the most and Corrie Ten Boom has taught me most about faith. There are countless others but those are the first that came to mind!

  • My parents have been the biggest mentors in my life. I don’t know what my life would be like without them and their wonderful and wise guidance.
    Corrine ten Boom, Katie Davis, and Amy Carmichael, among many others, have been two great influences on me as well. Reading their biographies was amazing, insightful, and very influential. 🙂

  • David Brainerd and how he clung to God even in his darkest times.
    Leslie Ludy in her book Sacred Singleness (and other writings) about focusing on knowing the Lord first and foremost.
    Mrs. Hayley, a lady from my church who has more on her plate than anyone I know (and NOT because she’s unnecessarily taken it on) and how she praises God in any and all circumstances. No matter what her life is like, she is thankful.
    My best friend Cassie, who’s a year older than me, has gone through a lot of transitions before me, and has been such an encouragement as I step though those same doors.

  • Wow there’s a lot! I would say Pastor Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and R.C. Sproul’s and their great love for the Lord and their desire to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Martin Luther, Jonathan Edward’s, David Brainard, Corrie Ten Boom, C.S Lewis, and Rich Mullins. There was this young lady from my church name Zuli. She was originally from Colombia but was studying music up North and when I met her she was so loving, so inspiring, and very passionate about Christ. A slightly autistic 6-year-old girl who eyes shone when she sung about Jesus. Alex, Brett, Jacquelle and all the Reb’s team for teaching me that I can go against the flow, and I can glorify God with my life.

  • Alex and Brett by creating the Rebelution. Jaquelle by accomplishing some of my biggest dreams: being a writer for two of my favorite Christian blogs/websites and an author. David Platt by writing Radical, which opened my heart and eyes to the possibility of at least spending some time in another part of the world spreading the gospel. Katie Davis by her life in Uganda which has put a desire in my heart to serve others overseas. My Sunday school teachers by being great examples of godly women to me.

  • First of all, my parents. My dad is my pastor, my mom is my mentor, and if it doesn’t sound too corny, they’re both my best friends. (We sound a lot alike, @havenasnip:disqus!) I don’t know what I’d do without them.
    And secondly, @leahgood:disqus. Many of you probably know her, the author of Counted Worthy – and that’s only how I knew her originally. A million thank yous to that sweet young lady: my inspiration, my role model, my friend and sister. Without her book (and her friendship), I wouldn’t be blogging today. I wouldn’t be writing a book. I wouldn’t be enrolled in CollegePlus – now Lumerit – to become an editor of books, the same kind of books as the ones she writes. I wouldn’t have made such fabulous friends that have encouraged me in my own life and writing.
    And without Alex and Brett and The Rebelution, none of this would have ever happened, either – so thank you, Brett, Jaquelle, and Alex. <3

  • My highschool math teacher. It was at a Very tiny, Christian school (8 of us total in highschool when I was a sophomore). She treated us like we were of value. Instead of only teaching us Calculus, she would read us books (introducing us to “Do Hard Things”) and teach us to live “as Christ.” She always responded to my constant emails as I inquired about issues I was struggling with. She was a mentor and friend.
    One of the most memorable things she taught me was about jealousy. I explained to her that I was hurt because a friend went to another friend’s house without inviting me. She explained how selfish that was. How can we believe ourselves to be that important that our friends should always think of us first and not themselves or others?
    Relevantly, she taught us to always read, question, and fact-check. She would tell us her opinions of the (at the time) Presidential nominees and where she found her information, encouraging us to do our own investigations even if we weren’t old enough to vote yet.

  • One of the biggest ways people have helped me is by teaching me something, so I guess I’ll go from there.

    For giving me the Gospel:
    David Platt, my mom, my friend Laura and her family, a couple dozen of my church fam, and a girl from camp who I barely know named Lizzy.

    For showing me the urgency of missions:
    David Sitton, Matt Papa, Amy Carmichael, Elizabeth Eliot, David Platt, several missionaries, my friends Libby and Laura, Lecrae, and (obvs) the church fam.

    For showing me how to be godly while suffering:
    Jackie Hill Perry, Mom, church fam — especially in the teaching, John Piper, and Rachel Watson.

    And for helping me through this summer: Jackie Hill-Perry (her spoken word gives such a solid hope), Mom, a new believer in my church named Brandy, my friend’s little sister, the kids I babysit, church fam, another friend Hope, and the intern at a ministry I visited who took the time to encourage me a few weeks ago.

  • When I went on a trip to Lebanon, I think that the Syrian children have taught me so many things about the heart of God. They taught me about joy, peace, strength and endurance. Often I find myself looking up to people who are older than me, but constantly forgetting that God gives wisdom to children who are younger than us. They have faith. Imagination. Creativity. Deep love. Forgiveness. Relentless energy. Yes, I have many heros, Amy Carmichael, Katie Davis, my parents, Sophie Scholl, Eliana (a engineer turned teacher that I met in Lebanon), and so many others. But let us not forget about the wisdom that can come from the younger generation. We have so much to learn from them. 🙂

    • I LOVE Sophie Scholl! Not many people have heard of her so I’m always excited to find someone who has;) She was so brave and stood up for her faith until the very end.

  • Wow this is hard! I would have to say Katie from “Kisses for Katie” she is such an inspiration for me and a truly beautiful woman. God is also a big role model in my life without him… I am nothing.

  • I have so many “heroes” it’s not even funny 😋
    Mostly my family (parents, siblings, grandparents), my dance teachers and fellow students, my church leaders, my friends, the early U.S presidents, a school teacher, and many others.
    They have very “pioneer-like” spirits to me, and I appreciate their great example to me. I don’t know who I’d be if I hadn’t met them. ❤️❤️

  • My big brother, Ben. Everyone needs a Ben in their lives. He constantly and consistently pushes me to not just be a better person, but to become more like Christ.

  • Off of the top of my head: my parents–they’re both geniuses (or so I think haha), kind to people, patient with me lol, and love God. Mrs. Misty–a family friend and my choir teacher who is probably the Godliest person I know besides my parents. My two grandpas as they care for my grandmothers with memory problems. Corrie ten Boom, Katie Davis, the GirlDefined ladies, Sarah Maxwell, Mrs. Kim (a lady from church when I was younger), several missionaries I know, etc.

  • My parents. Molly Bruno*. Alex and Brett Harris. Ana Harris. Lots of people here at the Missions organization we are working with.

    *Molly Bruno is the ‘modern day Ms. Clara from the special features of War Room. You need to hear her story if you have the movie with the special features.

  • My parents, some of my friends (one of whom recommended Do Hard Things to me), Mary Slessor, Amy Carmichael, and at least 20 others…

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