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How do I prioritize the Bible this school year?


J. WRITES: With back-to-school season here, there are so many resources and books competing for our attention and time. What are some practical ways students can prioritize the best book, God’s Word, this year?

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  • “Do not have your concert first, and tune your instruments afterwards. Begin the day with God.” -Hudson Taylor

    For me, prioritizing the Bible means setting two alarm clocks to go off at 5:30 am, spending half an hour getting myself fully awake, then spending about an hour reading my Bible or praying before I go downstairs for breakfast. Some people are just really busy and can’t seem to fit Bible reading into their morning schedule. Reading the Bible at night is better than not reading it at all. But as that quote suggests, the Bible should refine our attitudes and prepare our hearts for the day we are to face, so reading it before you start your day seems to make the most sense and be the most beneficial. One other thought is that, if you don’t have much time, maybe whenever you would have checked social media or played a game on your phone or computer or whatever, read a small portion and meditate on those verses instead.

    • Nailed it! I love that quote so much. The two alarms thing is such a great idea. I always have trouble with waking up and getting myself fully awake to spend time with God. I will definitely have to try this method.

    • Very creative wake-up method! I use one alarm – my Kindle – and I have to put it across the room. And it still doesn’t always work :/

  • Another way to prioritize the Bible is to make sure that you have friends that are always there to support you in doing daily devotions. You can either just have them hold you accountable to daily devotions or you can do it with them if you have extra time during homeroom or even during lunch.

  • Sooo, confession: I was about to give you a bunch of advice how important the bible is, and then I realized I haven’t been in the Word yet either. Soo yeah, I’m not much help, but I feel you. Hopefully we can both get better at this, we really do need the Word.

        • But it really is important. I keep hearing people say that you can’t grow as a Christian without the Word, and I think they’re right. I just need to do it.

          • And the cool thing is that–although, why am I surprised at this, lol–it works!!! I didn’t read my Bible for a while this summer, and I felt very discontent and unsettled. Now I am trying harder to read it every day, and on the days that I do, I feel so much more peaceful and joyful.

  • I can’t give you much advice because I’m struggling, too. My mom has confronted me lately about how I should spend more time reading my Bible, and she was so right. Now you asked this question, and I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence. I’m going to make more of an effort in this area, starting right now. And since I can’t offer advice, I’ll pray that we can both grow better in this area. Thank you for asking this question.

  • Here’s another idea: try the Bible Challenge where you and a friend commit to reading the Bible instead of reading normal leisure books like novels etc., for a set period of time. I haven’t done it since I don’t have time to read any leisure books, but it’s great for those who do!

  • Wake up early in the morning, have a coffee, spend some quiet time in the word, matthew henry commentary has been a blessing for me, it’s a blessing to read! I reccomend it 🙂

  • Yep, waking up early. That’s a struggle, but it’s really helpful for me. If you have time, try to study the Bible in addition to simply reading it. You can do it on your own, or get some sort of study ( has some great resources). It not only helps you understand it better, but also remember it – I’ve discovered that digging deeper into the text helps me make connections and see truths that I hadn’t noticed or paid much attention before. Also, memorize it! Even a few verses are super helpful when you need to run to the word.

  • For me I try to split it up. I do a little after breakfast before starting my school work. Then in the afternoon I usually have a little bit of time between finishing school and making dinner, so I do the rest then.

    I guess what I’m saying is maybe have it handy so when you have those 10-15 minutes of free time you can use it to study God’s Word. I know it’s really hard, but I believe it’s worth it.

  • Personally, I do a few things like clean my room/wash my face to help me wake up, and then I have my Bible time about 15 minutes after I have gotten up. It usually lasts 30 minutes–after taking meds, I have to wait 30 minutes before I can eat. I used to stress-read and rush through my Bible time to start on my to-do list, but I am finally learning not to do that–instead, just to soak in His presence and not worry about everything else I have to do. Then later in the day, before work or during a break from school, I try to spend about ten minutes either reading or doing memory work for kind of a midday pick-me-up. (:

  • I can already see this becoming a major struggle for me, as I started college last week. Right now, I have to be up by 6 every morning to make sure I can get ready in time to leave my house by 7 so that I can beat traffic and get to school for my 8am classes. Once my classes end, I usually work or have another activity that requires me to stay out late, and then I’ll get home and barely have energy to get ready for bed. Just the thought of making time to read my bible makes me feel exhausted, like it’s another thing on my list. I know that this is wrong thinking, and that my bible reading should be something that rejuvenates me and gives me rest, but it’s still hard. I do usually have some downtime between class and work (like I’m using right now), and I wish I could use that time to read. The issue I have with that is that I prefer a physical bible (my church actually gave all the high school seniors an ESV study bible for graduation, and I really want to use it!) but I can’t fit it in my backpack (I’m taking 17 credits this semester). if anyone has any specific tips for juggling college, work, sleep, and Bible study, I’ll love you forever.

    • I’m struggling too so I’m not much help, but my friends have been really helpful so I’ll just repeat them:

      First off, we NEED the Word. It’s not an add-on for extra spiritual Christians. God’s chosen to reveal himself more clearly, and beautifully in scripture than anywhere else. It’s the only way we can really know Him.

      Since we need it so much, we have to sacrifice to get it. So, maybe you’ll have to give up your preference and get a bible app to read between classes, or buy a smaller copy. Also, — I hate even saying this– sleep isn’t as important as the Word. Giving up 15 minutes probably won’t effect your day much, but it’ll give you time to find something to think/pray about in the Word. (The biggest downfall, is if you give up sleep meaning to read the word and then end up on ig for an hour — which I keep doing😝)

      Other than that, maybe spend you time in the word memorizing so you can have it you head all day or write a verse on your arm to help remember it.

      I’m barely making it, so these are more suggestions for myself than anything, but I hope they help.

  • This is a huge issue for me as well. I would see if they have a downloadable audio Bible, and then on the bus or on the way to school (or even work) you could listen to that. Also, I recommend a short, quick daily devotional. I use Jesus Calling, and it takes me only a few minutes, even though it is packed with the Word and thought provoking devo’s. Hope this helps!!

  • I prefer to read in the mornings. I know it’s hard because you’re running around in the cold air trying to get ready on time, but if you just set your alarm for five minutes earlier and read for just five minutes, it will bless your day in so many ways.
    One way I’ve seen my scripture reading help me is if i read my scriptures in the morning, i always have extra –what seems like extra time– to get ready. Like, time slows down or something and I’m able to be ready on time. It really is crazy and it totally works.
    Just try. You earn brownie points in heaven for trying 😉

  • Okay, I said I didn’t have any advice, but I just thought of something. My younger sister Sarah is participating in the National Bible Bee, and she has to memorize a bunch of scripture. She downloaded an audio Bible onto her MP3, and she listens to that. Even if you’re not memorizing scripture, you could download an audio Bible on your MP3 or phone if you have one, and that way you could listen to the Bible being read during meals, in the car, etc. I hope this helps.

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