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How do you stay content when you’re waiting?


ANONYMOUS WRITES: There are so many things in my life I seem to be waiting for – work, romance, independence, just to name a few. How do I be content but also not get stuck in lethargy?

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  • First and foremost, spend time with God growing your relationship. Make Him number one in your life. He is preparing you for all the things you mentioned: work, romance, and independence. If you spend time with Him, He will give you patience and contentment where you are.

    Secondly, try focusing on the things in your life right now that could be gone from your life when you have a job, a spouse, or independence. You will definitely miss some things that come with being where you are in your life right now. If you focus on the good things in your life right now, you will find contentment and gratefulness.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • One if my favorite so gs frowning up had a lone that said “I don’t haf to wait untiw I’m drownup!” (Actually “I don’t have to wait until I’m grownup” but when your 4…) I think it was referring to something else, but it still rings true. We don’t have to wait until we are older to start living. God has placed us where we are. Yes, we are to have a holy discontentment with this life as we look to eternity, but we were placed at this point in time in this place for a reason.

  • Sometimes the waiting periods in life can be the biggest blessings. I can totally relate to being discontented, but in my own life I have found that those periods are sometimes the sweetest. Like Rachel said, just focusing on your relationship with Christ is so important, and because we are waiting there are less distractions and just utter dependence on God. Have you ever heard the saying ‘this is the quiet before the storm’? I’m not saying a storm is about to happen in your life but, it never hurts to be prepared. Dive deep into the scriptures and put on the armour of God. My Dad always says, “Do what is right in your actions and your feelings will follow”. I hope this helps in someway (:

  • Oh can I ever relate! There are so, so many things I feel like I’m waiting for right now. That being said, I don’t have a whole lot of advice on the subject. Just some song lyrics I thought applied well.

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am hopeful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it is painful, but patiently I will wait

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am peaceful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it’s not easy no, but faithfully I will wait
    Yes, I will wait

    While I’m waiting I will serve You
    While I’m waiting I will worship
    While I’m waiting I will not faint
    I’ll be running the race even while I wait

    John Waller | While I’m Waiting

  • Ok, I haven’t much time, but my pastor has done a couple different sermons recently that were really encouraging to me on this topic. Basically one thing I have been reminding myself daily is “Rejoice and worship in the waiting.”

    Here is a link to one of his sermons that really encouraged me if you have the time to listen to it or just skim read through it. 😉

  • I feel you. I’m not exactly in a season of waiting, but the things I’m called to right now are really boring and hard. I’d encourage you to stay in the Word, learn whatever it has to say (even if it seems weird) and don’t waist your waiting. Use it as a chance to grow by getting to know your church and asking good questions so you can learn from them.

  • If you’re waiting for something to happen for you to be happy, then you will not really be happy when that thing happens. We spend so much of our time saying “if only…. then I would be happy” when really God has called us now to be happy with everything we have. If we can’t be grateful in the little things, we won’t be grateful in the bigger things.

  • There is one thing in particular that I have been waiting for for years, praying for, etc.
    This morning in my devotions, I studied about how if you are waiting for something, and God has not given it to you yet, then you should prepare for something greater when God will give it to you. Whatever you want now is not anything compared to what God will give you in the future!
    So if you are wanting and waiting for romance, independence, more fun, etc. then you need to wait for God to give it to you. And know that he will give it to you too, in His own good timing. 🙂

  • I just want to say first off, waiting sucks. It feels like you’re waiting forever… and then forever has happened and you’re still waiting. I remember when I was ten, 16 seemed like forever away and like such a big deal. Now? I’m turning 16 in a month, and literally all I can think about is getting my drivers license, for which I have been waiting forever to get.

    But think about it- before you can take the test and pass it, you have to practice, right? You have to prepare. We(teenagers) can change the world right where we are, but some things- such as romance- are not meant for this time. So in this waiting period, what can we do? Prepare.

    Maybe that means gaining the skills you’re going to need later on. Maybe it means learning how to communicate really well, or being an awesome friend so you are prepared when it comes time to start dating. Brett talks a LOT about how we’re in a preparation period right now- how we can totally change the world, but also how we act now will affect who we are later. If I spend my life waiting for tomorrow to finally get here, it will be just like 10 to 16- not that long, looking back, and with some things I wish I had done differently. Prepare for the future, yes, but pray for contentment in today.

    It’s hard, I know. It’s really, really hard to watch everyone you know date as you sit in the corner, forgotten and decidedly single. It’s hard to keep diligent at studies(something I struggle with). It’s difficult to convince yourself to keep learning skills you know you’ll need later when it gets hard. And it’s really hard to be content in this life phase when you’re always looking forward to the next.

    I have only two things left to say:

    1. Go listen to Trace Adkins song “You’re Going to Miss This”(sorry if you don’t like country music)
    2. I just want to say that working isn’t something you have to wait for. There are opportunities to earn money and gain skills all around you if you look for them.

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