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Sharing the Gospel at School


High school. So many different words are used to describe it. Words like divided, exclusive, cruel, and unforgiving are only a few of the ones I’ve heard. But the word that stands out above all others to me is opportunistic. My school is chock-full of opportunity to share the gospel.

When I think about getting on stage in the auditorium and telling my entire school about Jesus; the faculty, the students, the custodians, I get tingles. I grin from ear to ear at the thought of all the potential hearts God could change using me. This thought is a fantastic one.

 However, My desire to spread the good news is far too often outweighed by my fear of what others will think.

When Paul tried to preach the gospel, he was thrown in jail. He became separated from his loved ones and said goodbye to everything he ever knew. I know I probably won’t be thrown into a literal jail cell for telling people at my school about God, but I could let myself become locked up in their words. The thought of the dirty looks that will be tossed my way and the cruel words that will be hurled in my direction are enough to lock the gospel truth inside of me.

But here’s what else I know: when Paul was in that jail cell, he continued to praise God, no matter who heard him. He was chained to guards for six hours at a time, and every six hours for the duration of the next six hours, those guards heard all about Jesus. He had been yanked away from everything, but because he held on to God, everything was nothing. Telling everyone about God, even the prison guards, became his everything.

God is showing me that no one can keep me in a jail cell unless I let them.

As a child of God, I will not stay in that jail cell. I refuse to be silent about the great works the Lord has done in my life. I will tell the gospel truth I know, I will tell the gospel truth I know, that Jesus Christ has died and rose again so that we sinners might live!

I have not been locked away. I will not go into that jail cell simply because of what others will say. Something like cruel words are light and momentary afflictions in comparison to the glory of my savior. God has placed me in high school for a reason. I am not here to uphold my reputation, but to make His known.

In my favorite Casting Crowns song Does Anybody Hear Her? Mark Hall sings about the lost and lonely people searching for the hope that is tucked away in you and me. How cool is it that God has put His undying hope in us? And we get to share it with everyone?!

I know God has not put this hope in me so I could keep it to myself. No, I am to go to all the world and proclaim the Good News to everyone everywhere (Mark 16:15)! Everywhere means everywhere, even the places I would never dare to go.

This purpose God has given me to share the gospel is far from limited to my high school. I am to share God to the people in my workplace, the neighbors in my community, the worker at McDonald’s who gives me my fries in the drive thru! God has not placed me in a jail cell; God has given me the hope and strength to break out of any that I am put in, and in turn, break out others as well. I will not let my fear get in the way of such a divine destiny.

God promises me that when I pass through the waters, He will be with me; and when I pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over me. When I walk through the fire, I will not be burned; the flames will not set me ablaze (Isaiah 43:2).

When others toss waves of hatred on me, I will be set ablaze by the fire that God has put in my soul.

After all, I wasn’t given the spirit of fear and timidity, I was given the spirit of power, love, and discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). Because I am able, I will love. God-willing, yes, I will love. I will step out of this jail cell society has placed me in. I will break out, and tell others all about the key.

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Luci Rannells

is a junior at Eastview High School and resides in Apple Valley, Minnesota. She works as a hostess at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. She enjoys writing, reading, and going on adventures with her friends in her spare time. At her church, she is involved in the Youth Group and is on the Youth Leadership Team. Following her graduation, she would like to attend Kairos-Minneapolis through Royal Servants.


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  • Yes, it’s so hard to get out of that jail cell but when we draw closer to Jesus, He naturally shines out of us in what we say and do. This article is really inspiring, thank you!

  • Great article, thanks.
    The other day, I wrote a paper on the Early Church compared to the church in America today. As Christians, our brothers and sisters stood up for what they believed even if it meant death by wild animals, burning at the stake, and even crucifixion. Modern day, every one of us chooses to hide their faith from others simply because we fear we will loose friends or maybe a job. It’s nothing near loosing our life, but we are so afraid to share.

  • Wow Luci! I love your perspective on this! I’ve actually been thinking about this recently, and this was an amazing article! Thank you so much for writing it!

    • And after reading this article, I must ask, how are you allowed to share the Gospel? I used to be at a public school and the school wasn’t even allowed to have a moment of silence after the pledges. I’m at a Christian school now, but how? xD

      Also I LOVE that song! It gives me chills every time I hear it. Another song I like by them is “Stained Glass Masquerade” as I feel like I am that person with the mask on a lot.

      Overall, great article. I wish I was bolder, but I feel as though circumstances like trust prevent me from sharing it effectively. I had a friend who lied to me that he had come to Christ in an effort to get me to like him, and now I feel like I can’t trust anyone to be truly convicted if they say it and show it.

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!! It means a lot that you took the time!! & I’m very lucky because my school is truthfully very open to sharing of cultures, however it’s my classmates’ opinions that sometimes hold me back. I’m so sorry that happened! Keep praying, God works in people in ways we don’t even know 🙂

    • Thanks so much Bekah! Hahaha one of my best friends is homeschooled so I know what you mean, and it’s so cool that you see the opportunity to share the gospel everywhere! Thanks so much, I definitely plan to continue writing!

  • Great article!! I know exactly what you are going through, I want so badly to stand on a stage in front of the entire school and share the Gospel but I don’t think they would every allow it. I have a hard time sharing it with individuals at school because I am quiet and reserved person.

    • Thanks so much Brock!!! Yeah I definitely get that, you just gotta keep praying that God will present an opportunity and give you the words and courage to share the gospel with someone who needs it, because when we ask, He will provide!!!

    Its a challenge to me everyday to not let the lamp be hidden under the table.

By Luci Rannells
rebelling against low expectations

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