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Rend Collective Just Dropped Their New Album (You should listen to it)


With so much bad news coming out seemingly every day, sometimes we just need to hear some GOOD NEWS.

The popular Christian band, Rend Collective, just dropped their new album GOOD NEWS and we think you should take a listen.

Here’s one of our favorite songs from the new album, “Rescuer.”

Let us know what you think!

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  • Hello people of the internet! I’m looking for some advice. I love Skillet to pieces, but I’m looking for some new bands to listen to. Are there any Christian rock/metal bands that you (yeah, you) would recommend?

    • I am not a huge fan of rock and I cannot stand metal (sorry!). However, if you check out some of TobyMac’s older stuff you might find what you are looking for.
      If you’re looking for rap, definitely check out Tadashi or NF (though I personally am not a huge fan, my brother is!).
      As for Christian groups in general I love Rend Collective, Unspoken, MercyMe, Matt Maher, Crowder, and NeedToBreathe. I hope this helps you on your search for quality Christian music!

  • Yay!!!! I love Rend Collective and this is one of my new favorite songs… <3 I've also been eyeing their new album. I just need to break down and get it. 😀

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rebelling against low expectations

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