rebelling against low expectations

To The 2021 Graduate (a poem)


it’s going to take courage to step into this new day—

don’t forget, take one step at a time.

you’re on the verge of life left to be lived.

as the page turns to the next chapter,

chase after your dreams—


but never stop chasing after your Savior.

this is both the beginning and the end—

oh, how far you’ve come.

don’t forget, the rest of this journey won’t be easy.

but you’re no stranger to trial—

spread your wings,

you’re ready to fly.

Note: Be sure to check out last week’s post for more advice and encouragement for new grads!

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Ryan Elizabeth

is a YA author and wanna-be artist from Pennsylvania whose mission is to create broken but beautiful things to inspire others with the light of Jesus. When she isn't writing or reading, you could probably find her painting, playing an instrument, or drinking boba tea. You can connect with her
on Instagram and on her blog,

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rebelling against low expectations

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