rebelling against low expectations

AuthorElizabeth Holland

is currently a student at the Master’s University in California where she’s pursuing a degree in English. She enjoys traveling, playing her violin, making new things, and spending time with her friends. Elizabeth loves to write and hopes to make it her full-time occupation once she graduates.

Now What? Doing Hard Things As An Adult


I got Do Hard Things for my sixteenth birthday, and let it collect dust for a while. I knew it was going to be a tough read, and I used that as an excuse to put it off. When I finally did read it, I had two thoughts: “Well, duh, that makes sense,” and “Why haven’t I heard this before?” This began my life as a rebelutionary. I didn’t do anything supremely amazing or famous, but the concepts...

It’s Okay to Do Boring Hard Things: Elizabeth’s Story


After reading so many great entries for the Do Hard Things Story Contest, we’ve decided to highlight a story on TheRebelution every week for the rest of the year. Each story emphasizes how Do Hard Things has impacted these rebelutionaries. Today, meet Elizabeth! A friend gave me a copy of Do Hard Things when I turned 16. The first hard thing I did was make time for reading it. And wow – it really...

The Daily Struggle


My alarm went off. It was 6:00 in the morning, cold and uninviting. My bed was very warm – and seemed even more so when I stuck out my hand to turn off the annoying screech of the alarm clock. One glance at my calendar hanging on the wall totally disheartened me. The day was full of classes. Sleep was still near enough to slip silently and peacefully into school-less oblivion. Just as my eyes...

rebelling against low expectations

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