rebelling against low expectations

AuthorEsther Johnson

is a writer, editor, and strategic communications major, passionate about connecting nonprofits with their supporters through social media storytelling. She likes lemon bars, morning runs, and Scottish accents. She has interned with Piercing Word Ministries performing and developing scripts, and you can find her writing regularly for Top Christian Books and on her blog.

Are You Making Progress This Semester?


Leaves are changing, coffee shops smell of pumpkin, and midterms are coming.  It’s my first semester living on campus at my university, and I’m taking advantage of Fall Break to rest and reset from the whirlwind. Maybe you’re approaching the halfway point of your semester, too, and maybe it’s your first time living out of your parents’ immediate guidance. If so, consider taking even half an hour...

Seek to Capture a Greater Glimpse of Him


Listen, Christian. You know that this festive season, for all its glitter, has a center that shines more brightly still. Each Sunday you sit in church hearing the familiar tale, whether dressed in eloquent implications or described with dirt and straw and the warm breath of livestock. Every Christmas Eve you stand in the circle of saints, and maybe for a moment the people around you are...

A Poem For Weary Saints


NOTE: While we don’t normally publish poems on The Rebelution, we made an exception for Esther. She writes about a common struggle for rebelutionaries — weariness. She writes about tiredness, brokenness. But she reflects on these things with such gentleness, happiness, and compassion that her poem is refreshingly redemptive. If you’re weary today, soak in these truths. –...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →