rebelling against low expectations

A Poem For Weary Saints


NOTE: While we don’t normally publish poems on The Rebelution, we made an exception for Esther. She writes about a common struggle for rebelutionaries — weariness. She writes about tiredness, brokenness. But she reflects on these things with such gentleness, happiness, and compassion that her poem is refreshingly redemptive. If you’re weary today, soak in these truths. – Jaquelle (Editor-in-Chief)

“To a Weary Saint: On Scars”

The scars laid on you these years—
Ragged flesh wrenched with
Brokenness and humanness, which are one,
Turning slowly to pink and white ridges
Which pang still with old pain
And striped over with new wounds—
The scars will be the thin places
Where glory blazes through your skin
Chorusing the Name so loud
Like to burst from your center with the heaviness of light
What you have suffered for will be shown all fire and beauty
That hurts, almost, to look at
Grieve them not, footsore saint
He will draw brightness from your soul’s bruises

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About the author

Esther Johnson

is a writer, editor, and strategic communications major, passionate about connecting nonprofits with their supporters through social media storytelling. She likes lemon bars, morning runs, and Scottish accents. She has interned with Piercing Word Ministries performing and developing scripts, and you can find her writing regularly for Top Christian Books and on her blog.

rebelling against low expectations

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