rebelling against low expectations

AuthorIsabelle Ingalls

is an author, adventurer, and professional editor at 22, seeking to see the reminder and reflection of Christ’s glorious Gospel in all of life. A homeschool graduate, when she's not writing you can find her studying for her Biblical Studies and English degrees, working with children, singing and dancing around the house, or discussing theology with friends over hot chocolate. You can find more of her writing on singleness, adoption, Narnia, thunderstorms, stories, and Christian living at Seeing Everything Else. Interested in improving your writing? Reach out to her at Isabelle Ingalls, Editor.

Why Everybody Loves Fairy Tales


Life is an adventure, but oftentimes we don’t see it. Everyone loves a good fairy-tale. The valiant knight rides off on his quest with his trusty white steed, braves many dangers, trials, and traps, and at last faces the dreadful dragon. Yet our brave hero does not despair, but fights off this fearful foe, finishing him off with one mighty blow. In the process, he rescues the lovely...

I Am Impatient (And You Probably Are Too)


One day as I was listening to one of my favorite preachers, I was struck with a sudden surprise. As part of the tech-savvy generation, rather than listening to his sermons week by week over the radio, I had simply streamed the sermon online. Then I could multi-task, the only interruptions being when I needed to walk over and press a button every half-hour. Normal, everyday, I-have-everything-at...

Do Hard Things Community
Do Hard Things Community
rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →