rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMatt Walsh

is a blogger, speaker, and professional sayer of truths. He wrote this article for his website ( and is not affiliated with The Rebelution. Matt was once an adolescence and suffered from a pretty bad case of it. He recovered thanks to the intervention of his parents.

Adolescence is a Modern Plague


(Matt Walsh Blog) — Child psychologists have “discovered” that adolescence actually ends not at 18, but at 25. Once again psychologists have waved their wands and magically created a larger customer base. But maybe I’m being cynical, maybe adolescence really does end at 25. Or is it 18? Or is it 40? 35? 50? 12? 2? 93? I think the answer is yes. And no. Let me explain. Back in the old days, there...

rebelling against low expectations

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