rebelling against low expectations

AuthorPatricia Engler

is a homeschool grad with a threefold passion for Christian apologetics, outdoor adventure, and Dutch licorice. After finishing her B.Sc., she began backpacking internationally to blog about the challenges and opportunities of being a Christian student at secular universities around the world. If she’s not writing, hiking or building travel gear from dental floss, you’ll probably find her outside tuning a ukulele. You can access her blog, newsletter and devotional ebook at

3 Reasons to Do Scary Things


Kerthump. Kerthump. The pounding was real. When had my heart last felt this way, like a trapped animal slamming against itself against unescapable cage walls? I reached for the one-way ticket in my pocket, took a breath, and headed to the plane. Whose idea was this, again? Sure, I’d long felt called to write about how Christian students can navigate secular education without losing their faith...

5 Ways to Start Shaping the Adult You Will Become


Sure, today might feel like any other day. You get up, choose the clothes you’ll wear, and glance in the mirror at the face you’ve seen a zillion times before. But that face won’t be looking back at you forever. Fast forward a few decades and check the mirror again. Who do you see this time? What ideas, ambitions, and memories are inside that head with its (yikes!) graying hair? Where have those...

Five Ways to Excel in Your Summer Job


At first the task had sounded simple enough. After all, how hard could it be to reposition a display of greeting cards? But what I didn’t count on was feeling the display reel, seeing it tilt, losing grip, and then watching in awestruck horror as the whole unit—along with hundreds of neatly organized cards—crashed towards the floor. Unfortunately, three more card displays stood in its collision...

12 Steps to Recovering from Self-Addiction


Note: the following scenario occurred solely in the author’s imagination; any resemblance to actual persons or events is (mostly) coincidental. “Hello,” I greet the circle of faces attending the self-addiction support group. “My name is Patricia and I’m addicted to — myself.” “Hi, Patricia.” “I didn’t think I’d become an addiction, until I realized how much time and energy I pour into trying to...

4 Reasons to Stop Talking About “Cute” Guys or Girls


“So, who do you think is the cutest Disney prince?” Uh oh. I glance up at the other two girls sharing the table and nudge quinoa around my plate, stalling for time. Questions like this freak me right out. I could say that Cinderella Man is okay, except his features are too delicate, or that Prince Adam has nice eyes, but he could stand a haircut. However, something seems off about this whole...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →