rebelling against low expectations

AuthorRachel Young

is a teenage rebelutionary who is in awe of this crazy God that loves broken, messy people like her. When she is not writing, you can find her buried deep in a book, playing percussion, doing art, adventuring in God's creation, and eating ice cream. Her heart is for people to come to know Jesus and to discover the amazing, incredible life God has in store for each and every one of them if they will say yes.

Why You Can (And Should) Join a Special Needs Ministry


“I don’t know how you do it. Being around individuals with special needs makes me too uncomfortable.” “I don’t mind the idea of being around and serving individuals with special needs, but I don’t know how to get involved.” “I have several friends with special needs, and I help out in my church’s special needs ministry. But I’m not sure how to help my friend overcome her fears about it enough to...

4 Ways to Develop God-Centered Friendships in a Me-Centered World


“Rachel, this is not your monkey. You cannot control what your friend does or thinks. It is not your job to fix her.” I remember clearly when my dad looked me in the eyes and reminded me of this truth. I was trying to fix my friend, and it was bringing me down. Looking back, I was trying to find the satisfaction my soul longs for in that friendship. When my friend started struggling, I...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →