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How Do We Fight Sin?


Isn’t it aggravating when you take the time to explain your struggles to a friend, asking for guidance, and all they say is, “You’ve got this!” or, “Don’t worry, pray about it!” You know what I mean. The advice that sounds more like a pre–game pep talk than godly counsel. Sound familiar? I thought so. We’ve all had experiences like these, and we may even be guilty of being the ones to give this...

A Look at Bad Influences – and How to Avoid Them


For a long time, people have been given to materialism and earthly things instead of pursuing God. We’ve valued entertainment over learning, what’s popular over what’s right, and what brings us happiness over what brings God joy. None of us, Christians or not, are exceptions. We’re all sinners, guilty of sinning, which is literally anything we think, say, or do that is against God. If something...

3 Ways to Manage Music’s Power


One morning I came to school feeling as one normally does when they arrive at school – lethargic, unmotivated, with a little dose of anticipation for what the day would hold. I trudged into my first period of study. While revising for a Math test, I was serenaded by the school choir rehearsing only a few doors away for an upcoming performance. I left the room with a bounce in my step. At lunch, I...

The Teenage Brain: Designed to Glorify God by Doing Hard Things


100 billion. That’s a big number. As teenagers, we rarely think of a number that huge. Trust me, a million is a lot for my mind to grasp. Thankfully, we have a God who loves big numbers. One fact I learned recently is that we have 100 billion neurons in our brain and 100-1,000 trillion synapses. While this might seem like some fancy fact you learned in science class, this statement is actually...

rebelling against low expectations

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