rebelling against low expectations


Are You Afraid of Missing Out on Life?


I wasn’t prepared for the pictures. Girls who had forgotten my name posed in prom dresses with guys I hadn’t allowed myself to like. To them, I was nothing more than some kid in chemistry class. Even the girls who went without dates wouldn’t bother to invite me. So I imagined the evening they must have had. I wondered what it would be like to wear that flowing ball gown, to go out to...

Complaining and the Hard Thing of Being Content


We live in America. We’re surrounded by technology. We have nice homes, and nice furniture, and nice cars, and more Bibles than we can shake a stick at. We have family. We have pets and decorations and books. We’re healthy. And we complain. If we look at it that way, it sounds absolutely crazy! But it’s absolutely true. We complain about not living someplace better. We complain...

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Stop Today and Treasure God’s Blessings


“Time flies.” We’ve probably heard that phrase a million times in a million different ways. I heard it consistently growing up, but I never understood what it meant. To a kid, time goes about as fast as a giant tortoise can climb Mt. Everest. At least, that’s how I felt—until my junior year of high school. It seemed that all of a sudden my calendar filled and chaos ensued. Every night...

Three Reasons To Thank God For Your Awkward Mistakes


I hate it when I mess up. If you’ve ever had a mosquito hover in your face, you’ve probably faced the question, “Why would God make such an annoying, stupid creature?” My mistakes, also annoying and stupid, leave me with similar thoughts: “God, why did you let me say something so stupid?” or, “Why did I have to act like that?” I may never know the purpose of a mosquito, but after much experience...

101 Reasons to Love Your Parents


“I hate you!” “What’s the big deal?” “Stop bossing me around.” “Get out of my face!” “If I could, I would report you to the Child Abuse Prevention Association.” “Why can’t you be like other parents?” “I don’t need you.” “Why don’t you just die?!” Have you ever harbored those thoughts before? (Maybe...

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rebelling against low expectations

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