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Thoughts on American Idol


We’ve made a rule not to share things with you we have not personally read, watched, or experienced — and we broke that rule. We recommended you follow Maddy Curtis on American Idol even though we’ve never watched it ourselves. Based on your feedback, there are aspects of the show that should have tempered our recommendation. We apologize for not doing our due diligence. But if...

Maddy Curtis: A Bright Light in the Bright Lights


We have a confession to make. We have never watched an episode of American Idol. Ever. It’s nothing personal. Our family doesn’t own a television and we’ve never had a good reason to keep up with the show online — until a few days ago when Mike Spielman of Abort73 let us know about Maddy Curtis. Maddy, a 16-year-old Christian (former homeschooler), won over Simon Cowell...

rebelling against low expectations

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