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Maddy Curtis: A Bright Light in the Bright Lights


We have a confession to make. We have never watched an episode of American Idol. Ever. It’s nothing personal. Our family doesn’t own a television and we’ve never had a good reason to keep up with the show online — until a few days ago when Mike Spielman of Abort73 let us know about Maddy Curtis.

Maddy, a 16-year-old Christian (former homeschooler), won over Simon Cowell and the panel of judges in auditions with the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and with her incredible back story as the ninth out of twelve kids (including four brothers with Down Syndrome — three of whom were adopted).

We love Simon’s comment after she’s done singing: “Amazingly, for sixteen — because we get a lot of 16-year-olds that come in here — you’re not annoying. That’s rare.” All the other judges then chime in, “Yeah! You’re not annoying!” Which means Maddy is already breaking through low expectations on the show.

It gets even better. Since discovering Maddy through American Idol, we found out that she and her family live just a few minutes from Patrick Henry College, and many of our friends here know her. Everyone we’ve talked to testify to Maddy’s incredible heart for the Lord and amazing singing ability.

Maddy’s next appearance on the show will take place Monday, February 8th, at 8:00PM (EST) during “Hollywood Week.”

Suffice to say, we’ll be following American Idol this year. More specifically, we’ll be following Maddy Curtis, voting for her if she makes through, and praying God would keep using this young lady as a bright light of faith in Him and love for family.

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Haha I also confess that I’ve never followed the show. 😉 But that might change this year.

    Maddy, I wish you well! God bless!


  • Thank you for posting this, I wouldn’t have known because I haven’t followed American Idol very well either. But maybe for the first time I’ll actually consider voting!

    Beautiful story.


  • I’m not going to lie, I was blown away by her voice and thought it was really cool that the judges respected her despite her age. What she said about her brothers touched my heart.

  • It’s truly amazing the things people accomplish when they trust God to get them through it. I’m glad she gets to reap the rewards of her hard work and perseverance now. Go Maddy!

  • sweet! I never follow american idol either! That was great to see a Christian be bold out there–and she had a great voice. And about her brothers…you can tell she’s genuine and not out there for the glory. Also, the comment about her age–yeah, Maddy! Do Hard things! Teens don’t have to be annoying, they can make a difference! That’s awesome!

  • That was really cool. My family loves American Idol and we watch it every night. She is definitely bringing more of God into the show!

  • I wouldn’t have known about her either! But wow! what testimony she has for the world to see (not to mention a great voice)! I hope she will continue to be a bright light through her actions and her songs!

  • Wow. I have never ever watched American Idol either but maybe I will.
    She has an excellent voice and I loved her choice of music. That was amazing what the judges said about her age. God works in strange ways, and He is defiantly working in Maddy.
    Keep it up Maddy!!!

  • Aw look at Randy Jackson’s big ole smile when she started. I watch American Idol all the time, and that’s the friendliest I’ve ever seen the judges act. 🙂

  • I’ve never followed American Idol either, but I will be voting for Maddy this year! Its great that Maddy is ‘not annoying’!

  • That is really awesome! The only thing is that Mandesa got cut off after she sang “Shackles” by Mary Mary. It was a few seasons ago. However, Simon basicly condemned her for singing a Christian song. I guess what I’m saying is that you guys need to pray REALLY hard.

  • I actually saw her on TV while watching the show (one of my fave shows) and I thought that was just AMAZING!

    It is SO wonderful to see people like us (Meaning Christians, homeschoolers etc) being able to do something like this!

    And for her to impress Simon Cowell! WOW! She must be good!

    She has a God Given Gift for sure!

    God Bless
    In HIM

  • Wow. That’s always an encouragement to see people who aren’t ashamed in their love for the Lord. Bless her! I will also probably watch American idol this year as well. I hope she wins!

  • That’s so neat! I’ve followed American Idol for the last several years but decided for personal reasons that I really didn’t want to this year. But now I’m thinking I might reconsider. I can kind of relate to her, me being the 9th of 13 kids and loving to sing. That’s pretty awesome!

  • Wow – that’s great! It’s amazing how so many Christians do so well in that show. And don’t worry about not following it. I’ve never even watched a full American Idol commercial. The females on the commercials are usually wearing very questionable, if not downright immodest, clothing so I always turn them off. Go Maddy!

  • I don’t know her myself, but she’s from my diocese. Her story made it into our Diocesan newspaper a couple of weeks ago, and I know several priests who are friends with her. I’ve never watched American Idol either, but I’ll certainly be following it for Maddy!

  • So cool! She does have a great voice, and even just her attidude really shines for Christ. I’ve never followed American Idol before, but I think I’ll be following her….

  • WOW…her voice and heart are amazing! As one who has a sibling with a disability, I know how hard it can be to be the one who is responsible. she has learned the greatest lesson which is to love your sibling(s) no matter and to not be ashamed just because God made them a little different. GO MADDY!!!!! I will definitely be praying for her on this journey and try to vote for her!!!!
    In Christ,

  • My family would watch American Idol or other like shows (when we had a tv that is) and the judges’ comments were always interesting. “You’re not annoying”?!?!! Quite the compliment!! 😀

    We definitely need people shining in EVERY area of life (shining, reforming, whatever) I hope she makes it far.

    ~Jordan Elizabeth

  • Quick question. Are the singers given songs to sing? Not sure I would want to sing that song. Maybe there are different ways to interpret the song, but take a look at the lyrics and see if you are comfortable with it. I am not.

    Brett’s Comment: Hey John! I realize the lyrics sound questionable when you read them, but I’ve seen the entire song performed and it is really a message of David’s sin and repentance. When asked why she chose this song for her audition Maddy responded that she felt it showed off her vocal range and had a powerful message. Hope that clarifies!

  • this makes me want to watch AI now, i never really watched it before… can’t wait till Feb. 8th! Go Maddy, all the way to Hollywood! 🙂

  • Hey, something just came to me. As I was watching the video, I remembered I had seen Maddy and Jonny somewhere before. I looked in one of my old Brio issues (a magazine from Focus on the Family) and sure, enough, there they were. Did anyone else here see them in the December 2008 issue? I think it’s really cool that Maddy is going to be on American Idol. What I also think is cool is that a looong time ago, when I was still getting Clubhouse magazine (another Focus on the Family publication), they ran an article on Nick Jonas. Who would have knew that he would become famous several years later? Maybe Maddy will be famous too? 🙂 Good luck, Maddy!

  • We watched an episode (our only episode) at a brother-in-law’s last year, and it was clearly dishonoring to God. You aren’t missing anything that will fill your heart, mind, soul, and spirit with Jesus Christ and the knowledge of Him, so you aren’t missing anything! I’m glad that Maddy can go and be a witness for Christ to this generation, yet, I still can’t recommend this venue. May we be sold out to Jesus while we Do Hard Things!

  • WOW! You go, Maddy! You have an amazing voice. I’ll be praying that God takes you all the way to Hollywod and that you’ll be a tool in His mighty hands!

  • I’ve used to watch “x-factor” this season and it was really cool, but knowing Britain’s religious history i wasn’t expecting to see any Christians in this competition, but i’ve decided to watch american idol this month and i must admit i was sure i’d see at least one Christian.
    And yes Maddy totally smashed it and i can’t wait to see her again! Good luck and God bless!

  • I did see her on American Idol when she auditioned, and i immediately loved her! She immediately struck me as someone who could be a great example to christian teens, and her family story is so encouraging and uplifting. I really hope that she goes far. She has a great voice and an awesome personality, and finding out that she’s a christian makes me love her even more! I will be praying for her journey on the show 🙂

  • wow! that’s funny, i’ve never really followed american idol either, but i have been a little this past year. it’s really awesome, i’ve actually been praying that a Christian would get on that show and have an impact on everyone. i’ll DEFINITELY be rooting for maddie!!

  • Wow, so I’m not the only normal person who has never watched American Idol? Sweet! lol I can’t wait to show this to my parents…maybe we’ll follow her online (we don’t have a TV either)!

  • Maddy’s story is amazing! I can relate to her when she talks about her brothers with down syndrome, my youngest sister has down syndrome also-its so nice to hear Maddy’s story. And honestly, I’v never atcually followed American Idol but I definately will be watching & listening for Maddy.

  • Yep, another in the dark fan here… I’ve never actually watched an entire Idol episode. As others have said, thank you for posting because I wouldn’t have paid attention otherwise. The opportunity she’s been given is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to wherever it (really God) leads.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • My mom and I really liked her, too. And we wouldn’t usually watch American Idol, either, but this year tuned in. It’s funny when they say she has “an old soul.” It’s good to see that level of innocence and maturity. Praise God for light in the darkness of “light” without faith or love. May we shine so brightly — and her, and us, continually brighter still.

  • Well, like the Harris twins, I, too, do not follow American Idol, but unlike them, possess a television, which, while NOT the ultimate in my life, IS a great way to help keep up w the media culture & serves to help start conversations with co-workers about Jesus.

    May God continue to bless you in your endeavor, Maddy!

  • I’m gonna root against her not because I dislike her personally, but just cuz she is being used by the far right to push a very bigoted and intolerant agenda.

    Nother personal Maddy!

  • WOW she has a great voice and I will be rooting for her! I too do not follow american idol, but this year I might just have to watch it a few times to hear to sing!

  • John brought up a good point, after reviewing the actual lyrics for the ill-named “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to sing it either, but it is admirable what she’s trying to, however, I’m sure that there are more biblical songs to choose from; hundreds in every hymnal.

    Brett’s Comment: Hey Louis! I realize the lyrics sound questionable when you read them, but I’ve seen the entire song performed and it is really a message of David’s sin and repentance. When asked why she chose this song for her audition Maddy responded that she felt it showed off her vocal range and had a powerful message. Hope that clarifies!

  • Jarjar: you said that “she is being used by the far right to push a very bigoted and intolerant agenda.” Well, it’s good thing we have you around; you can tolerate everything she does then, right? Why not root for her? Too intolerant for you?

  • I don’t useually watch American Idol either but this video is amazing!!! Galen the reason I don’t wacth American Idol is because I feel embarassed even though I’m not the one wearing the immodest clothes. I will be praying for Maddy=D

  • Wow! She’s really good and a great example to all of us! I hope my dad will let me follow her journey through American Idol, as I normally wouldn’t watch it. Thanks for sharing it!


  • WOW that is sooooo cool!!! we dont have TV in our house either…so we don’t watch American Idol…thanks for sharing! I will be praying for her and telling every body to vote for her!! Thats so cool some people around you know her!


  • OH MY GOODNESS i just realized that this is the same exact girl that was featured on the Brio mag a couple years ago!!!!! WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Lexi: yeah, i believe she was in a brio article.

    Maddy Curtis has such an amazing story. She really is genuine. Her brothers with down syndrome are remarkable too!! Great voice, i’m so glad she made it through the first auditions. WAY TO GO MADDY!!

  • That is sooooo amazing! My family doesn’t watch American Idol because, well, it’s American IDOL! And plus, most of the people on their are not Christians and don’t sing Christian songs.
    But that is so cool! Way to go, Maddy! I’ll be praying that she makes it through.

    In Christ,

  • I most likely still won’t be following the show 😉 but may the Lord bless Maddy for shining the light of Christ in such an evident way. As the pressures of the world become greater may she only grow stronger in her faith!

  • She needs a lot of prayer. Fame poses so many temptations and 16 is pretty young to be dealing with that… even for a Christian. She seems pretty great though. =)

  • Wow. This post is amazing as well as the comments. Have we just checked out our discernment because this young lady was homeschooled and has lots of siblings? Right enough…the song she sang is nothing a Christian should be praising. She lives close to Patrick Henry and people you know know her so you’re going to watch a show that encourages the very immodesty you’ve spoken out against. Do you see how many other young people (I’m a Mom of 7 whose son thinks much of both of you and loved your book) are already saying….”Well, I haven’t watched it, but maybe I will now…” Do you not consider you might be putting a stumbling block in front of the many who admire both of you? Isn’t your brother the one who did the wonderful bean bag video about not playing around with evil…..this show has nothing edifying to offer the Christian and yet Christians are evidently watching it all the time. Shouldn’t this 16 year old young woman be under the protection of her father instead of battling the depraved culture of Hollywood. She’s only 16! Your endorsement is completely disappointing and doesn’t reflect the Biblical discernment you’re known for.

  • I’ve peeked at some episodes before but never really followed American Idol… but now I have a very reasonable reason to follow it. 😀 Go Maddy!!!

    “You’re not annoying.” That’s epic for AI’s notorious judge, Simon. 🙂

  • Fellow Pilgrim’s let me get this straight, before you had this bit of information that a Christian is performing on American IDOL for 3-4 minutes a week: a. you’ve never found it worth your time to watch this show? b. you’ve never found you benefited from the immodest clothing worn by participants? c. you’ve never benefited from the anti-Christian music performed? d. you never benefited from the caustic, rude, completely un-edifying attitudes and remarks of the participants and judges esp. Simon? But now, now you will devote your precious time to watching this show to see how a fellow young Christian woman is purposely exposing herself to all of the above for the purpose of what? sharing the gospel? funding her college? raising money for orphans? becoming the next American IDOL? (Is anyone catching the meaning of THAT word?). I’m not judging her heart, but I am warning that this is a HIUGE slippery slope and very dangerous for all involved. Fellow Pilgrim’s beware, just because someone slaps the word “christian” on it does not make it right. Our enemy has grand plans to make us each FAIL. He’s NOT going to go about it in the conventional way for those committed to ‘doing hard things’- we’re far to spiritually mature for that. Please reconsider your posting comments and decisions in light of Scripture and the days in which we live.

  • Wow, I didn’t even realize that about what Simon had said. Thank you for pointing that out, guys. I have to say that at first she wasn’t my favorite on the show, but now I’m definitely rooting for her. She’s got a great voice, a great personality, and most of all a great God behind her all the way. Go Maddy!!!:)

  • Wow! She has such an amazing voice! Her singing just shows that she is up there doing it for the Lord, which is amazing! I loved watching her tell her story and listening to the judges comments. I have never watched American Idol either, but her comments from the judges aren’t normally what people hear. And her “You’re not annoying” comment should be a whole different post!

    Congratulations Maddey!

  • Wow! That is sooo cool that she is using her God given ablility to glorify Him! We often make the mistake of thinking that our body and talents are our own, when they are really from God, and they are meant to be used for His glory! Way to go Maddey! I hope your singing is used as a witness to the judges, and everyone listening!

  • I’ll Just say this — please appreciate this girl for who she is – we are NOT here to talk about the pro’s/cons of American Idol, the song she sang, or Simon Cowell. We are here to appreciate her for her voice, and her commitment to God.
    just a though –
    Abby inns

  • Also people, we do not know what her theology is! This song might be just fine for her. As a (young) Calvinist, it is not to me, BUT this was her choice!

  • The Bible tells us we are “in this world” though we are not of it. Maddy showed us this in her audition. Though surrounded by people who may not share her standards, ideals, or faith, she very clearly was an exception – so much so it caused people to take notice. Jesus called sinners to repentance – thank God for all of us that He did – but he also ate with them, talked to them, and probably found himself in a few unsavory atmospheres in the process.

    If our faith is not strong enough or deep enough to withstand what is essentially a singing competition – in the grand tradition of Star Search, the Gong Show, or say, a walk in a shopping mall (where you just might hear Jeff Buckley’s cover of Hallelujah), how deep is it? As homeschooling families, we have chosen a regulated and often innocent environment because we know how important those formative years are in a child’s life – and we believe it will ultimately make a difference in the young adults they turn into. What if this is ultimately our success story? A young lady who received that kind of care, guidance and environment, and can now hold onto (and spread) her faith, without giving into temptation, pride, or selfishness?

    When we stand before God, I imagine that he still intends on asking us how we treated the “least of these.” I imagine he won’t really care if we caught a few minutes of American Idol, or God forbid, even had “Pants on the Ground” (don’t worry, it’s a call against gangsta baggy pants, not a plug for embracing youthful lusts) stuck in our heads for a few days. Let’s remember the joy that we keep insisting our faith brings us and spend less time guarding ourselves against the threat of the world God has placed us in.

  • Personally, I detest American Idol as it is the Idol of all to many Americans. That being said, I will be praying for Maddy and I do believe that it is just like God to put His people in places of idolatry to point to the True God. After all, Paul went to the hills where sacrifices we being offered to false gods and all manner of sins were committed as worship to the false gods in order to proclaim the Gospel.
    I personally will not be watching Maddy, as I have a very busy life. But I will be praying for my sister in Christ and her family.

  • WOW!!! good for her..i’ll be praying!!!
    I really hope God will bless her as she has deffinately been encouraging and bessing others.

  • WOW!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! That is so awesome and exciting 🙂 I hope that the Lord will bless her, and allow her to stand strong in her faith as she goes through this.

  • WOW, we were not going to watch AI any longer because of the homo tendencies of Hollywood and the show last year, but Maddy and her family are an amazing witness ! She needs our support and prayers ! Thanks for linking the video of Maddy’s interview, tears were flowing, she is doing the Lord’s calling .

  • We have watched American Idol for several years and did see Maddy perform her first evening. She was wonderful. As I have been a singer all of my life and am now middle-aged (how did that happen?) I just love to watch young people achieve their dreams. I usually cry at some point most every evening that I watch. To be sure, there are a lot of questionable characters who end up on Idol. However, over the years we continue to see some young people of tremendous character and morals make it to the top. Many of the past finalists have been strong Christians and music leaders in their church. We can usually recognize them by their spirit long before we hear their story. Past finalists in this category include Reuben Stoddard, Carrie Underwood, Chris Allen, Danny Gokey, and Christ Daughtry. I see so much more good than bad come from this show.

  • I like the comments on annoying 16 year olds. It proves once again that teen agers don’t have a very good reputation, but we can change that.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have a tv, but I want to follow her! She has a great voice, great heart, and most of all she loves the Lord. I have an older brother with Autism named Joshua, and this girl really blessed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the Lord that she was on this show. I hope she wins!!!!!!!

  • This girl is amazing! I saw her try-out and immediately loved her. I personally don’t think she has a chance at winning, but I pray that God makes an impact on the show through her.

  • @JP and the board:

    It was the very first season of American Idol. I remember being so consumed (as I am a singer myself) that I would plan my schedule around that show (and not just that show but any show I enjoyed). There were many amazing and talented singers, but there was one that struck a chord that I knew, either through her success and win of the title “American Idol” or otherwise, would go on to be a successful recording artist; her name, Kelly Clarkson. She was modest, for the most part, a professing Christian and pastor’s daughter at that. She often mentioned her faith and even thanked God at the announcing of her win. At this time I was not saved. I had not given my life to Christ, but I thought to myself “wow, that’s awesome, a Christian pastor’s daughter is the very first American Idol.”

    I gave my life to Christ that year thus it was the last time I would ever watch American idol. There’s no point. I have similar points to that of the Harris brothers as to why I won’t watch it any more. Not only due to immorality of the contestants and judges, but the non-God-honoring comments made by it’s hosts. It’s now been nearly a decade since the first season, and Kelly Clarkson, as sad as it is, has become a Hollywood robot. She honestly lives up to the description of what a harlot is, does and looks like in the Bible and it is honestly horrifying and anger-some to see how easily our hearts, if given the opportunity, will steal away any and every ounce of Christ-likeness in our lives.

    I agree with you JP and, in addition, there is absolutely no good reason for this show to have aired, and Kelly Clarkson, the professing Christian and pastors daughter, as sad as it is, is the prime example of what can and will happen when we chose to live a life of an American Idol. Our hearts are wicked, and when we allow a little leaven in, it will leaven the whole lump. This is why we must on guard. We are in a war. John Piper, in his book Don’t Waste Your Life describes the war mentality better than I’ve read before.

    I just pray, that this young woman would, in God’s providence, keep herself pure and put on the Lord Jesus Christ as her strength. I pray that God in His goodness would spare her from the enemy, her heart and flesh and destroy any chance of her winning if the outcome of her success on the show would be the demise of her salvation and walk with God. Nevertheless, Lord let her win if she is to be the light of that show and let her, through your Son and her confession of faith bring You glory if it is attainable.

    A good example is the Pilgrim’s Progress. Which town will you choose to enter; which life will you choose?

    In Him,

  • Her story was very touching. A story that I think all of us should hear about. It gave me hope knowing that this girl who seems very shy but couragous got up there and sang her out and showed the world that we can overcome these low expectations that the world as branded on us. THANK YOU FATHER for sending a sweet girl like that to that show. 🙂

  • It is great to see young Christian people do the hard things that will lead to their calling in life. Some provide water to Sudan, some provide education to Central America, some even give their lives as computer teachers in Mauritania. Unfortunately, sometimes they are excited about a calling that leads them straight into the world and away from the Kingdom. A very godly woman I know has a daughter who has a daughter who wanted to be a singing star. The mother encouraged her to work hard to achieve her dream because when we honor God, He will give us the desires of our heart (just as she had encouraged and advised me many times). The daughter tried American Idol and climbed the ladder of “success”. At every step, the mother began to worry and see the world affect her daughter. When Kelly finally won the competition, her life took a huge turn, and her mother started a long journey of prayer and worry. I wonder where we draw the line between worshipping the fame and worshipping the Lord with our gifts. We should examine our motives. I can’t judge anyone’s heart, but I think this Maddie has the spiritual maturity that MIGHT protect her from the world. However, I wonder – why throw yourself into the enemy camp until you have at least finished basic training?

  • Well said, newlywedsb&j. I think you establish a great point, making clear it’s paramount that we should not throw ourselves into the camp of the enemy without “finishing basic training.” However, what the enemy means for evil God can use for good.

  • This is the perfect example of a teenager rising up above low expectations and Doing Hard Things and i admire her greatly for that.I am going to vote for her until she wins or until she is gone.

    -Jesus Freak-

  • Hey Skylar, in reply to your comment about the judges not glorifying God or honoring Him in their comments, i just wanted to say you CANNOT expect non-christians (who hate God by definition in the bible) to act like Christians (those who are saved by grace by their Savior, and love Him only because He first loved them). You can’t watch TV expecting every other thing they say to be Christ like and have the fruits of the Spirit. It’s not possible!

  • Hey Lauren,

    Thanks for the reply. You are absolutely correct, those who don’t fear God – the atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, etc – shouldn’t be expected to and don’t fear God and won’t assume the role of a Christian in lifting praise to God in every word or deed. I will post what I said at the end of my first post:

    I just pray, that this young woman would, in God’s providence, keep herself pure and put on the Lord Jesus Christ as her strength. I pray that God in His goodness would spare her from the enemy, her heart and flesh and destroy any chance of her winning if the outcome of her success on the show would be the demise of her salvation and walk with God. Nevertheless, Lord let her win if she is to be the light of that show and let her, through your Son and her confession of faith bring You glory if it is attainable.

    A good example is the Pilgrim’s Progress. Which town will you choose to enter; which life will you choose?

    In Him,

  • Wow, that is so neat! We watched her perform, and my mom was teasing when she said, “Maybe she’s a Christian! She adopted!” I think it’s sooooo cool that she is a Christian. Go Maddy! Actually, no, GO GOD!

  • Woah. Simon was so…POSITIVE!!! *gasps* I don’t really watch tv either, but I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about Simon’s negativity. But she was really good, though, and I think because she was so real and everything that’s why they loved her. And I agree: She’s not annoying. I can’t stand when girls do that pretentious thing with their voices (well, I’ve never been the sort of girl to sing like that anyway. Because I just don’t like to be fake).

  • Thanks for posting this……we will definitely be cheering for Maddy~
    Keep shining for HIM, Maddy We support you 1,000%

  • wow… there must really have been a lot of agape(god love) in that room to turn the infamous Simon cowell so … dare i say it …positive!

  • Wow! I sure hopes she makes it. I will be following her this year too. I could care less for the show but I want to watch a teen like me go against low expectations!

    GO MADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To all of you who are critical of Maddy for being on a worldly show I just want to give this thought: I’m aware that many rebelutionaries are active in politics, politics is one of the dirtiest things out there, however I know many of you are all over the idea of conforming it to Christ and being a light in that dark arena. Why not the same with entertainment; just because American Idol is famous for innappropriate behavior, songs, and provacative dress; doesn’t mean we rebelutionaries have to step back and leave pop music to the morally worst people.

  • Hey Sky, reading my comment back to myself i sounded a little harsh. please don’t think i was upset or anything, i just want to make sure that we don’t judge too harshly or look into things too much. Sorry if i sounded rude 🙂

  • Hey Sky, reading my comment back to myself i sounded a little harsh. please don’t think i was upset or anything, i just want to make sure that we don’t judge too harshly or look into things too much. Sorry if i sounded rude!! 🙂

  • hey She actually sung hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright it was in shrek and I totally think maddy curtis is awesome I would like to see her win

  • Hey Lauren, no worries! You are absolutely correct, which is why my final statement I made a very neutral stance because ultimately God is able to keep us in the midst of adversity and trial.

    I pray all is well,

  • Wow! Are you sure she’s sixteen?? Amazing!!…

    God be with you, Maddy, as He helps you take the next big step!

  • I’m a sixteen year old gospel singer. I did not try out this year because I wasn’t old enough yet. I was unsure if trying out would be the right thing to do until my pastor pulled me over and said, “Lacey, you’ve blessed this church for years. You bless everyone who hears you sing. If you try out, I know it will glorify God.” It makes it a lot better to know that at least my pastor is behind me in this decision. I’m glad girls like Maddy are helping to pave the way for the next round of warriors to hit the main stream. American Idol, hear I come.

  • WOW she is amazing!!! and i think it’s so cool that a christian went on american idol!! maybe she’ll be able to share more of her faith. it is also encouraging that she has 4 bros that have downs and yet they LOVE them and CARE for them! amazing tesimony!!

  • This story is so incredible. Maddy, what you were saying about your brothers and how each one of them bring out the best in people, I completely understand. My little brother has Down Syndrome too, and he is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Everyday with him is another reminder to take people as they are, care for them no matter what they’ve done, and love them unconditionally. I never watch tv, or American Idol, but Maddy, your courage and love for life have inspired. This video actually made me cry, and I really want to see how God is going to use you in the future and this incredible chance to be on national television.

    Faithfully His,
    Addy J. Burke

  • Thanks, guys, for the “heads up.” Now I have someone to pray on that show, and to encourage when I watch. Thanks for telling us about her “back story.”

    Be blessed, you two !

  • I just had another thought : while we are praying for her to shine, let’s also pray that in future seasons of American Idol, there be many many many more Christian contestents, female and male because the Lord is the owe Who gives “talents” to follks, and there is no doubt there are other Christian singers out there, teen to twenties, who can bring Christ to the attention of a fallen world.

  • I have watched Maddy’s show and known the background of her. I was so impressed on her amazing voice and her faith to God. Hope she can enjoy her show and hope she can have a good result.
    greetings from China

  • I hope that Maddy will show God through American Idol. I am impressed that she is showing the world that they can have high expectations in teenagers. That is a great influence for all of us!

  • Maddy Curtis is certainly a voice on a hill! I think it’s amazing she is brave enough to face all of the criticism, chose the HONORING lyrics of that song, when the Christian religion is certainly looked down upon by Hollywood. To choose American Idol as a mission field is a daunting task for a sixteen-year-old girl. I think as her siblings in Christ, we should commend and pray for her, that the polluting influence will not taint her testimony and offer our support, even if we do not agree on everything American Idol does. I know I don’t, hardly ever watch it and agree that detestable content is normally what viewers watch, but that is what makes Maddy so refreshing and makes her scintillating testimony glow even more. I don’t know Maddy’s heart, only God does. Perhaps, she does it for the attention. (I doubt it) but What does it matter? God can use anyone, even a sixteen-year-old Christian girl to help witness to a lost culture if he so chooses. Even if she doesn’t win, she was given the opportunity to let her light shine, and did not hide it, but proudly proclaimed it, and I pray God will bless her efforts!
    Go Maddy C.! Your-Sister-in-Christ.

  • It is very encouraging to know there are such good seeds being planted in places that elicit attention from SO many. I would prefer she dress more modestly. But other than that may God get glory through this endeavor.

  • That is a great story. It is so wonderful to see God use His people in even worldly places. What a shinning light she must be to those she is with there in Hollywood. God bless her!

  • wow. she is really stepping out of her comfort zone. she was not afraid of showing to all people what God gave to her and use it for His glory.

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