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Seek First The Lord


Alex and I are having an amazing (busy) time here at Patrick Henry College. Our professors are incredible. The homework is challenging, but also fascinating. Discussion amongst the students is thought-provoking. My brain is happy.

Besides just the academics, the spiritual focus here invigorates me. The entire student body gathers for chapel three times a week, with Christian study groups on Tuesday (I’m in Gene Edward Veith’s group!) and wing chapel on Thursday.

Already there have been multiple student-initiated worship and prayer times around the flag pole or on the steps of Founder’s Hall. There are countless strong bible-based, cross-centered churches in the area. For class I’m reading about the Puritans, studying J.P. Moreland, and examining the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy.

But my personal devotional life is suffering…

You see, besides all of those things, there are also papers due (tomorrow!), huge ping-pong tournaments to practice for, gobs of reading for Western Civilization, amazing people to hang out with, and a workout room in which to get buff over this semester. There just isn’t time for the most important thing — quiet time with God.

Seek first the Lord and His kingdom…

The words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33 are on a giant post-it-note on my desk. Mainly because dozens of upper-classmen took the time to sincerely challenge incoming freshmen to make their relationship with God priority number one while at school.

I’m beginning to understanding why this was such a sober-challenge. It’s not easy to do. It’s hard. More than that, it’s not just important. It’s vital. Even with all the spiritual food I’m receiving, nothing can replace the careful cultivation of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I can still starve spiritually at PHC.

There is victory in Christ…

I need to feed my soul. But this is going to be an ongoing fight. Praise the Lord, that “He who began a good work in [me] will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6). Please keep all of us PHC students in your prayers. We want to impact the world for Christ. Our feet must be firmly planted in Christ.

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