Published on July 9th, 2009 | by Alex and Brett Harris

The Lord Gave Victory to David

Early this summer I was challenged and encouraged by the book, “David: Man of Prayer, Man of War” written by Walter Chantry. I stumbled back across the following excerpt (one of many) while reading through my journals from that period, and realized how helpful it could be to rebelutionaries. As we all attempt to serve God with our lives it is necessary to remind ourselves who is really helping whom.

All of David’s successful conquests are explained in this way: “The Lord gave victory to David wherever he went.” Again we discover that the history of David is not about what David did for God, but about what God did for David!

David would not build a house for God; God would build a house for David. David would not bring military victories to the feet of the Lawgiver, as man’s gift to the Most High. God would preserve David amidst all dangers.

The grace of God for man is too often turned into the idea that it is man who does heroic feats for God. Our humanistic dream is that we may do great things for God. We shall give our genius, our talents, and our strength to him. We will build cathedrals for him. We will round up converts for him. Today the emphasis seems to be, we will put on entertaining extravaganzas for him. Yet the theme of grace is what he does for us!

In conflicts between truth and righteousness on the one side, and falsehood and wickedness on the other, the news is to be found elsewhere than in ourselves. God gave victories to David.

If anything significant occurs in the Kingdom of God, there is a vast incongruity in God’s preserving and using unlikely, inept, unwise, and powerless creatures who are opposed by principalities and powers both earthly and heavenly. The Almighty is not in a tight spot, needing men to come to his rescue. It is we who, in every hour and emergency of life, stand in need of the Lord to uphold and to deliver us.

It is tragic when readers of Scripture barely notice the historical record, “The Lord gave victory to David,” but rather bolster their humanistic theory that “David surely gave the Lord’s cause a boost in his day.”

Father, forgive us for ever thinking we are “giving you a boost” through the work you allow and equip us to do. May we be ever aware of our complete dependence on you. Thank you for including your children in what you are doing. You don’t need us, but you work through us for our good and your glory. Lord, use us as you want.

Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone be the Glory)

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