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Jordan Baker: Taking on Washington


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We love coming across stories of young people who are making a difference — at home, at school, in their local community, or on the other side of the globe.

This evening we came across a story in the Hernando Times (a publication of the Tampa Tribune) of a 14-year-old rebelutionary named Jordan Baker who — along with his friends — is making a difference in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Baker takes on Washington
By Jeff Schmucker

BROOKSVILLE – Whether it’s debating with members of U.S. Congress, inspiring youth to become involved or establishing call centers for candidates in the 2010 elections, Jordan Baker is ready to make a difference.

His main obstacle at 14 years old — he still needs his mother to drive him.

But Jordan, who for years has harbored an interest in history and debating, won’t let age keep him from speaking out… And if he could find his voice, why couldn’t others?

Jordan called to arms his fellow home schoolmates and this summer formed the Conservative Christian Teens of America, which includes himself, as president, and 29 others.

While many teens enjoyed the outdoors during their summer vacation, [the Baker] living room was filled with teenagers who were discussing government and national issues, crafting arguments and practicing their public speaking.

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This past Saturday, Jordan and his friends met for a public debate with a sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The topic? The proposed Parental Rights Amendment to protect the rights of parents to raise their children.

At one point during his speech, Jordan made the following argument:

I know that you are not suggesting to me or my peers that we should not do “Hard Things”. Someone worked really hard at both creating and passing Amendments 13, 15, and 19 so that race and gender would have equal value and the right to vote. Do you not agree that those Amendments were worth fighting for, no matter how long the process took?

Politics is one area where most people don’t expect young people to be involved, but Jordan and his friends are turning those low expectations upside down.

What do you think about what Jordan and his friends are doing? Have you ever been involved in a political campaign to support a candidate or issue that you care about? If you have, what are some ways other teens can get involved?

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Praise the Lord for every teen who finds their voice. I recently found mine, speaking out against abortion. We need teens involved in every area of political issues and daily life. Teens doing hard things, whether big or small. Even though we cannot yet vote we can still make a difference and impact the adults in our lives. We do not have to start an organization like Jordan did to make that difference, we make that difference every day just by being who we are, Rebelutionaries. Young people, who unashamedly follow Christ in every area of their lives, giant and miniscule, and surrender their abilities and potential to His will, cannot keep from impacting the world. We all learn about cause and effect in science, don’t we? Well, here it is working itself out in daily life. Cause: Young people who stand up for Christ. Effect: The world takes notice. And you thought you would never use that stuff. 😀

    We can become increasingly involved by not being afraid to speak out, it doesn’t look like Jordan was. 🙂 I recently joined a speech and debate club, and I am having so much fun while learning major life skills. I am participating in apologetics (as I know Alex and Brett would recommend 🙂 ) and I have learned so much! This is just one way to get outside our comfort zones and learn to find our voice.

    Alex and Brett: Happy Birthday you two! I know I am a bit early as your birthday is not until Wednesday, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to post again before then. 🙂 Wishing you the Lord’s blessing as you continue to serve him and be a blessing to so many people (including me 🙂 ) in the year to come. You both truly are a great blessing in my life, I thank the Lord for you daily. Never forget how many lives you have touched, and if you do I’ll be sure to remind you. 😉

    Exceeding Love Forever In Christ,
    Tabitha Hems 🙂

  • Wow. that is amazing!
    I often feel so embarrassed because I am 18 and know so little about Politics. My mom tried to get my involved in books, so I could learn about them. But honestly, I don’t have that much interest in Politics. But I am so proud to see young people involved like that!

    God Bless
    Your sister in Christ

  • That is really cool!!! And, along with Tabitha I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’ll say it again on Wednesday, but this is early, so I can be the second one on the blog to say it. I may never get this chance again! 😉
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • I know this is off topic, but happy (almost) birthday Alex and Brett! I hope you both have a great day on Wednesday! You both can never know how much Do Hard Things, the rebelution, and you two mean to me. Because of how God used you in my life I love and look up to you both as my big brothers who have impacted and guided me towards Christ. Again happy birthday and God bless you both forever and ever!

    Your sister in Christ,

    Sarah 🙂

  • As a fellow enthusiast in the policial arena, I say kudos to Josh! Its so much fun to be involved in politics. Sadly, too many people are just interested if thier friends are going to the phone banks, or everyone else is already registered to vote. That’s a great start (well, its how I got started), but there’s got to be growth.

    For me, the most fulfilling part is getting to know the local political groups enough to organize events myself. Its far more effective to host a lit drop and invite everyone you know, than to volunteer at a phone bank for the same time period with just one friend. More gets done, its more fun, and you can make new friends in the process.

  • That’s great! Especially “His main obstacle at 14 years old — he still needs his mother to drive him.” That’s one of my obstacles too.

    My blogs are my space to impact the world for Jesus, but it would be cool to do what Josh did. We Christians need to think, write, speak, and act, not just accept the status quo!

  • That’s terrific! I’m glad Jordan and his friends are “taking on Washington”. :DGod is going to use them in mighty ways. What he said in his speech about doing hard things in support of worthy causes no matter how long it takes is something that applies to more areas than just politics. Not everyone may be called to be a political activist, but we are all called to “fight the good fight” and “press on toward the goal”, or in other words, Do Hard Things. Keep it up Jordan!

  • Wow! Praise God for raising a courageous young man like Jordan up! As someone who shares a likeness in politics and history, I think that what he is doing sounds very intriguing. Keep up the good work!

  • Claps for Jordon! One of the most inspiring things at the Washington DC conference were all of the kids 14 and under, who were coming into their ‘teen years’ with the foundation of Doing Hard Things. It is great that he is standing for his beliefs in such an extreme way. Keep up the awesome work, Jordan, and we will be praying for you!

  • That is amazing! It is very inspiring… i would never have the courage to do such a thing, but i am glad they do. I have never been on a debate team, or in an argument such as that, but i know it can be hard. I will keep them in my prayers!

  • Wow!reading this article was really ironic for me!

    Im starting a youth group at my church, and not many people have tryed to do that at my church. So at 13(almost 14)this is a big step up for my doing hard things! But i am so thankfull that God has set this plan in my heart.

    Reading this article has helped me to see that teenagers all over the world are trying to do hard things, just like me!

    im really excited to see this youth group blossom! Please pray for me!

    God bless!:)

  • I can understand their passion. I’ve wanted to start doing something like this for a while, actually it was right after I read “Do Hard Things”. Since then I’ve joined a Debate & Speech club, and currently am debating public policy and speaking on current events worldwide. (For those of you familiar with NCFCA this is Extemp.) I needed an encouragement in this area. Thanks for posting this!

  • That is so encouraging! I’m so glad that teens everywhere are starting to rise up and find their voice. Personally, I think if teens were more active in politics it would probably influence the government for the better. Sometimes, teens realize problems or other things like that when adults wouldn’t even look in that area. It’s really inspiring and encouraging to hear what Jordan is doing.
    When I was 8, my Grandma was a Conservative comittee-woman and she had the job of passing out informational packets about the 2004 election to like the whole town. It was beyond cold but she needed help so she, my cousin, and I handed out the packets and explained some of the information to complete and total strangers in the freezing weather and got it all done. It was a really cool experience and some of the people commented to my Grandma about how well-behaved, mature, and informed my cousin and I were.
    It’s amazing when teens get together and do something about something they care about. God can do wonders through anyone!

    In Christ,

    p.s. Happy Birthday next week Alex and Brett! You have no idea what you’ve done for me through Do Hard Things and the Rebelution. I pray that God would bless you guys beyond imagination and that he would continue to work through you for years to come!

  • I think that Jorden and his friends are doing a great thing and I support them. Though I have not been involved in political things I do know that one thing that teens can do to get involved even if they can’t go and help a canident in their run, I myself have watched and studied canidents and helped my parents decide what the best person would be for the job.

  • I’m so eager to see other teens using their skills and passions to speak up!

    We all need to remember that we are not to wait around for the opportunity to speak, but to just get started where we are…I love the “Young politicians in the living room” idea.

    Praying for you, Jordan!

  • Wow, so cool! I’m taking a governement class through The Potter’s School….The Constitutional Recipe for Freedom. It’s all about defending the Constitution, what it says, and what the government should be striving towards. So, this is very encouraging that someone else loves the Constitution too! 🙂 I’m going to TeenPact in February, and am very excited to learn more about the governement and what a biblical government should look like. I’m in Williamsburg, VA right now, and we listened to a Patrick Henry speech yesterday…he said (basically), “If you’re not doing anything to support the government and strive to do what’s best for it….if you’re just sitting around doing nothing, then whatever happens in the federal government is your own fault! Cause who’s in charge? The people!” Congratulations Jordan on doing something about our government!! 🙂

  • Way to go, Jordan!!! Keep staying strong and standing up for what you believe in. At 14 years old you’re making a difference as much as any adult politicians. Plus, you’re standing up for something that aligns with the word of God! Talk about good support! You’ll be in my prayers!!

  • Wow, that’s really great!! I used to want to get into politics before I found out that music is my “calling”. Politics definitely is a very interesting field. God bless, Jordan!

  • Way to go, Jordan! A little bit ago, I heard someone say that home schoolers are to be the ones leading the way in the pro-life movement, and I believe also in other areas of great moral and social importance!

    It is so inspiring to see someone so young “taking on” Washington. Things are so corrupt there, but Jordan reminds me of the verse in Scripture that we have to be like children to enter the Kingdom of God. I think this is a great witness to the congressional leaders and the president that we need to trust God with our lives and to not let dirty politics rule our lives and careers. We need to trust the Lord that He will turn the impossible into something possible! 🙂

    I am almost 23 years old and just became interested in politics about a year ago: before and during election season I really saw how our country was on a downturn and I wanted to bring our country back to its Judeo-Christian roots. I recently joined another new political grassroots organization, called The Conservative Comeback, as their newsletter writer. It was founded by a student from Christendom College named Seth J. Riggio, and I know that God is truly at work in him and in the organization. The Facebook page is:

    and the website is This organization was just founded in July of this year, but it’s been growing with amazing speed! I encourage every young conservative to get involved.

    In Christ,
    Malori Fuchs

  • That is really cool! I don’t really do anything with politics but I love watching Glenn Beck and keeping up with stuff like that. Keep up the great work, Jordan!

  • Yeah!! Way to go Jordan! That is so cool. I agree I usually stay away from politics but I can defiantly appreciate that!
    PS Happy Birthday guys!!!

  • Thumbs up, Jordan! I am so happy about that. My Grandma is a Conservative, and we oftentimes engage in converstaions, me asking questions, her explaining things aout the court system and how the Senate and other things work. ia m also very conservative. when my extended family comes over and asks me what i’ve learned since the last time i’ve seen them, ( i’m homeschooled) they are stunned to hear that i am interested and strive to be educated in politics. I am so happy that someone is finally speaking up about that. Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  • Okay, I know that the point is the mere fact that he’s involved, and I do congratulate him on that, but, at least in the case of this specific issue, I don’t really agree with him at all.

    I hope that no Rebelutionary gets so excited over the idea that somebody is involved that we can turn a blind eye to the issue.

    My personal opinions aside, I’m glad we have young people involved in politics. Rebelutionaries should stand together from across the aisle

  • Congrats Jordan Baker! I’m into politics and history. . . though I don’t get involved that much. (consider yourself luck to have a mom who will take you to stuff like that!) I think its important for young adults to get involved with this stuff because it will influence our future. I go to tea parties alot and I get why teens need to get involved because what happens now involves our future and what its going to be like. Forgive me if I offends anyone, but I don’t like what the people in Washington are doing to our contry and future-Democrats and Republicans alike-and the fact that thousands of young people and unborn children (Including my own if GOD so wishes) are in dept already. Lives who are just begining and have yet to begin are stuck in dept. I’ll hold off my personal thoughts of what I think should happen since this is not a political site, but I’m just saying steps need to be taken to make sure that things do not get to a certain point where. . . well, where we get into some seroius trouble. . .

  • I believe it is extremely important for us young people to be involved in politics, because it’s our lives and the lives of our entire generation that are on the line. Impact is huge!

    I became a delegate to my state convention during the last elections and I was pretty apalled at the decay of our Republic just at the state level (I hear it’s much worse in DC; Jordan is a brave man). The political debate in our country has been reduced to the battle between Republicans and Democrats, neither of whom have much truth left in the legislation they push.

    Each individual has their opinions of what is morally right, but because God’s law and justice has been abandoned by our entire society, there is little left but a crumbling atheistic approach to government… which has in no wise taken us in a good direction.

    Our country’s debt has more than doubled in the past four years; we are in the billions and climbing, and the Federal Reserve just prints more money, adding to the inflation. Health care bills will make it no longer up to the individual to decide what goes into their body (whatever happened to personal responsibility and accountability?). According to the Patriot Act, you are technically a terrorist for a traffic violation, and as a terrorist you have no rights to remain silent, to a fair trial, to security in properties, etc. We have military stationed in 130 countries and only a small fraction here at home (defense? or world domination?). Scariest of all, if we relinquish the government of our nation to the United Nations (which Obama is taking further steps to do), our government of, by and for the people will be obselete and no longer a reality.

    Not trying to be too much of an alarmist, but anyone who can make some noise and try to hold back the tide with a voice of truth, GO FOR IT!!!

  • It is so awesome that you are willing to move forward and do “Hard Things” rather than sit around, or even discuss doing something. (I’ll admit I tend to talk about doing something instead of really moving forward with it.) You are not only picking up the “ball”, but you are rolling it. 🙂 Keep it up Jordan!

  • Cool!!! I’m not good in politics but that a 14-year old IS, is just really cool! 🙂 Keep on going Jordan Baker!!! 😀

  • Hey, I know I’m just repeating what everyone else said, but I couldn’t resist. This was so cool! I’ve always felt drawn to history, politics, and debating, so to see this 14-year-old, (very close to my age) take a step forward in his interests was very incoraging to me.

  • This past election season I was involved in two campaigns that I really believed in. The Ron Paul for president campaign and the Rick Dancer for Secretary of State (or Oregon) campaign. I learned so very much from the time I spent on both campaigns, but the ways in which I contributed to each campaign was different.

    The Ron Paul race was such a national campaign that there was not alot of local work I could do. I did alot of writing for internet and I talked to my friends about Ron Paul. But for the Rick Dancer campaign I called his campaign manager and asked what I could do to support his cause. The campaign was only too happy to delegate tasks to me, even though at the time I was just nineteen. They gave me signs and pamphlets and a list of phone numbers.

    Even though I was terrified of talking to people on the phone, I constructed a phone speech and called the people in my area to let them know that I was supporting Rick Dancer. I also went door to door telling my community about Rick and his ideas and handing out pamphlets to those that were interested.

    We didn’t win, but I supported a cause I believed in and learn so much. I’d encourage anyone to get involved in a campaign they believe in. It’s a great experience and most people are very open to young people getting involved in government!

  • Wow that is really cool. I dont think i would ever know enough to do what you did. I’am scared to talk in front of my class much less other people i dont know. good job
    i’am not very good with politics but your doing a good job.

  • Hi, I’m from the Philippines. I’m so amazed at how a 14 year old could already take such an interest in political issues. I regret not paying attention to real issues in my earlier years, and at 19, I have no choice but to take part in a major activity of the Philippines next year: The Elections. Compared to USA’s system of politics, Philippine politics has a very rough, complex, and chaotic internal organization. I’d love to take part in dealing with electoral issues with fellow constituents, but where do I start? How do I start? I’d truly appreciate anybody’s input. 🙂
    God bless to every rebelutionary!
    Dawn Dangwa

  • Way to go Jordon!!! Great to see teens taking a part in politics. I know its not my thing, but to see what he is doing is very encouraging.

  • That is awesome! I totally agree with Jordan, he’s doing a great thing. Parental rights is a important thing in America. Very encouraging! I’ll pray for the fight.

  • Tamra, i think you are sooooo right you know?
    and BTW i am only eleven and i can see that? Adult are so stupid sometimes! they make decisions that affect you!

  • Wow-congratualtions, Jordan!
    I have been privaleged with the opportunity to be involved in politics since I was 12 (I campaigned with Generation Joshua in the presidential campaign in 2004). Since then, I have been granted the opportunity to volunteer for other campaigns. Last winter/spring semester of my junior year in highschool God granted me the opportunity to intern with a state senator-that was really eye-opening. The most wonderful aspect, though, was seeing several men and women who made stands against wrong legislation and for God-glorifying causes.
    People often get so wrapped up in the here and now and forget that, in 20 years, WE will be the next leaders of our country. I think our own generation forgets this often as well. However, if we are to be the next leaders, we must use NOW as a “springboard” (for God’s glory) to prepare for later!
    One need not intern for a senator (or supreme court justice!) to be learned in politics. The best place to start (besides the Bible!) would be taking a government class or something similar. I would encourage all of you to conatact your representatives; local, state, and national-they receive so little correspondance (in proportion to their constituency) that a little bit can count. The BEST thing you can do for your leaders, your country, and the political system is to pray for them! (Peter, Matthew, et. al.)
    Sometimes, though, one can become so involved in politics that they forget in Whom TRUE salvation is found. Politics is good, but God is exponentially better!
    Kudos again to Jordan, and God bless his efforts! I hope it serves as an encouragement to us all to “do hard things” for God’s glory!

  • Way to go Josh, that was a great speech, the ending was really was my favorite. You have a gift. I would like to learn to deliver speeches like that.
    I would however like to ask a question that has been mounting in my brain and that i think is being avoided by many people. In a country where the constitution is just a piece of history and Christianity is illegal, why are we appealing to the law breakers to solve our problem? Consider the following: it is legal to kill a baby before it even has a voice to speak (where are equal rights, and no murder?), you cannot talk about Christ (where is free speech?), our government prints out paper money day after day (what happened to gold and silver only?), we are forced (with the threat of jail) to pay up when the government decides we need to pay (what happened to no slavery), the right to bear arms is no longer a right but a privilege that can be taken away, and when our authorities who have sworn to uphold that same constitution stand by and let it get trampled over in such a way, why are we appealing to them to them to help us get another constitutional amendment to ignore? Just a question.
    Elisabeth: that is so cool that you helped with the Ron Paul campaign, he is pretty awesome. A lonely voice that has not swerved from the constitution. I got to go to the rally in Minneapolis, that was a blast.
    Let us not forget the true who is the true king of the universe and in control of all things. He is truly King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


  • I have read Jordan’s speech and wholeheartedly agree with his stand on the Parental Rights Bill. He did an excellent job of researching his topic. Any adult could be proud if he or she had written such profound thoughts as Jordan.

  • I think it’s fantastic that they’re thinking and getting involved. I don’t have time right now to dig into the issue, so I won’t give a yea or nay there.
    I haven’t gone and given speeches or made petitions; the closest I’ve gotten is signing them. (And they don’t always relate directly to American Government.)
    How else can a minor get into government?

  • I must clarify myself, I have been rereading my comment and there are some things I feel I did not make clear. When I talked about Christianity being illegal I meant as it is in the public schools or in a place of government, where you cannot teach about or even talk about Christ. We still enjoy many freedoms in this country. Rachel: you made good points that are very much true, if our country is going to be saved there need to serious prayer. I think that the church needs to lead the way in setting an example.
    Please excuse the the repeated words and missing word “Ruler.” I was a little tired, not a good time to be writing comments on such deep subjects.
    Again, way to go Jordan!!!


  • I got a lot of my friends involved in supporting Barack Obama. I go to a Baptist school and was one of a very small amount of liberal agnostics there. I managed to change the minds of many of the students and we got involved in supporting Obama for presidency. He won now, and in the next election I get a chance to vote, and if he isn’t a good president economically and pertaining to the wars currently, then I wont vote for him. I personally hope gay rights are passed nationwide, people’s rights shouldn’t be stepped on because of other people’s beliefs. China doesn’t allow people to read the Bible, is that right? It’s based off of their religious beliefs, well people block people’s rights based off of the Bible, that’s exactly the same thing. This isn’t China, it’s America, land of the free and home of the brave.

  • I think that it is really amazing when young people take to heart what they read about not just think, “Ya, that’s cool. I wish I could do something like that,” but instead they actually do it (I really struggle with this). That is really amazing what Jordan and other teens are doing.

    Happy Birthday Harris twins!! 🙂

  • Hmm. There is a lot of potential here in Sugar Land for something like this. I wonder what it would look like if I got some of the student circles swinging in politics. There is much talk, but little action, yet.

  • That is great for Jordan to get involved in politics and I hope that I can make a difference when another election comes, and I wish that all teens would especially for the next election for President! Even though Im just 14 I can make a difference and “Do Hard Things” for Christ!

  • Elizabeth Kelley-
    I would encourage you to begin by working on campaigns-canidates are always looking for volunteers to make phone calls, walk door-to-door and give camp. literature, etc. Again, contacting your representatives (ALL of them) is another great thing to do. It sounds lame (and maybe boring), but watching the news and reading newspapers is a great thing to do. One must be educated in current policies in order to know who to support in government, how they can make a difference, etc.
    God bless your political endeavors!

  • I love Politics me and my friend were going to start a group like that but she had to move and i just haven’t gotten back to it.

  • Keep at it Jordan! I wish I was as active as I am now when I was 14! You can make an impact no matter what your age (just look at David)! Thanks for posting this news article Brett and Alex! Oh, and happy birthday!

  • This is so cool. I have thought about starting a website w/ discussion boards and a blog where conservative teeangers can talk. I LOVE listening to Sean Hanity, Glen Beck, and the local conservative, Vincent David Jericho. I wish more teens would pay attention to politics, and when they do, they would support conservatives.

  • Tomorrow is the big day huh? 🙂 21 years old! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun changing the world! Thank you both for all you’ve done. Even if you never see this I know you both know how much you have blessed us all! May the Lord bless you as you strive to please him, in school, relationships, and faith. I love you brothers! God bless! 🙂

  • Greetings,

    ‘Politics’ is one of my main passions. I try to avoid calling it politics though, because what I do is nothing close to what is commonly construed as politics today.

    I study statesmanship, the Biblical principles of New Testament government, economics, and Biblical jurisprudence, among other topics.

    I act on my passion by interacting with those in contact with me, starting web communities for studying Biblical politics ( for one), and blogging about it (see my blog).

    Liberty is my heart’s cry, and I pray that my generation will wake up to the importance of Christians applying their lives and the Bible to the state of the nations.

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes

  • Jordan I back you up 100% I think Teens have a clearer idea on poloticts because we are not bribed with million dollar bounuses. I think our government would do well to listen to America’s Youth. Good for you in speaking out against American problems.

  • WOW…Praise the LORD…May God continue to strengthen you all. may you all continue to be more than conquerors in this life. May all that you in do for the Lord have far reaching effects! Thank you God that your word does not come back void.

    Continue with God’s vision!!

  • This is so awesome, thank you for posting this. More kids (and adults too, for that matter) should be getting involved with politics. And there are so many other hard things things that can be done! Only God can be behind something as amazing this. God is so good!

  • I have had an interest in politics the greater part of my life. At 17, I have done the following:
    -Been a paid campaign worker for a State Senate Candidate in 2002
    -Been a volunteer for a U.S. Senate race in 2004
    -Been a volunteer at McCain-Palin headquarters phone banks in 2008
    -Made numerous phone calls to talk radio stations
    -Taken a speech class from a State Senator’s Chief of Staff.
    Part of getting involved is finding a passionate issue for you in your life such as education, abortion, gun laws, or taxes, and supporting the candidates that share your values in these areas. I have found much personal enjoyment knowing that although I cannot vote, I can cause others who are able to do so. Educating voters goes a long way toward getting the right people in government. However, at the end of the day, we have to remember that God is in control of the elections. We must act in accordance with God’s Will while influencing man’s free will to vote.
    My encouragement to you who are out there thinking about getting involved to make the commitment, because we need young people like us to stand up and be responsible. we need to realize that the decisions being made now will affect us in the future. With issues like abortion, human lives are at stake as well as the morality of our nation and world.

    God’s Blessings to all who are following God’s will,
    God’s Strength to everyone struggling,
    God’s Peace to everyone grieving,
    and God’s love to everyone needing it,


  • This really is a very cool thing. I’m glad that it is posted. I am an Obama supporter, but I think that this law should be passed. If all of the teens around the globe more involved in politics, we can truly change the world.

  • Wow…that is incredible!!
    I often feel frusturated, and feel I can’t do anything because I can’t drive yet, because I’m 14 too. But, if Jordan can do things like this, why couldn’t I? I have no excuse anymore!!
    Thanks for posting this! Go, Jordan!!!

  • Hey! Awesome post 😀
    On my blog, I’ve just introduced a book study on Do Hard Things. We’d love to have you come along and particiate! 🙂


  • Wow, Jordan, you’re amazing! Just shows what we can do… and you know what? I WANT to do something. I just don’t know what… I guess I’d better start trying to listen to God, right? 🙂

  • I’m always encouraged by hearing what others are doing. I know that it takes a lot of planning and hard work. It is nice to see that people are not willing to be pulled into the lie that they can not do anything until they can vote. Way to go!!!

    I would love to find ways to help and support local candidates. I am really only able to do things on the weekends. I don’t even know how I could help. If anyone has tips I would love to hear them!

  • Yes! 😀 It’s like, Oh, wow, he’s only a couple of months older than me.. I COULD DO something like that! …maybe my friends and I can do something…

  • What exactly is the ” proposed Parental Rights Amendment”, and what affect is it going to have on parents or teens?

  • Dawn D: I can’t help much because i’m not old enough to vote (almost old enough to drive though!!!) But I can say that, before you get involve, make sure you know where you stand inside and out, then start at the basics: simply vote. Talk to the people there, figure out how you can help support the canidates you like, and start from there. I don’t know what the process is like over there, but you should definetly try taking full advantage of it. When people don’t, they end up with people they dislike in office doing things that they don’t agree with and then they have nobody to blame but themselves. Its great that you want to get involved, so don’t let anyone discourage you! Good Luck!!

  • Well, im only 14 so i dont know much about voting. But you should research what you are telling people. There is a teacher in my school who talks about politics and takes the apart and explains them peice by peice. It makes it easier to understand and simpler than what news anchors say at 11 o’clock. Maybe if you want to get involved you could try that technique.

  • I think it’s really great that a kid is the one who spoke out against the parental rights thing. I mean, ever since I heard about that movement, it’s been bothering me. I’m glad some kids/teenagers don’t approve of it either!

    Camille E.

  • I think that it is crucial for teens to speak out about politics. After all, the decisions made today will influence our entire future. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  • Be prepared to see more of this happening…and don’t be surprised! We are finally getting our acts together and making our voices heard……and we are so much louder than before! Keep Praying!

  • Such an incredible story!!! Politics is not where I feel God is calling me, but it is so wonderful to hear testimonies of fellow Rebelutionaries who are willing to publicly stand out for what they believe!! GO JORDAN!!!!!!! (And any others who are willing to do hard things!! :D)

  • Wow that is incredible!! I’m very excited for you and I can’t wait to see down the road for you guys. Good luck and God-Bless!!

  • I am soooooo glad Jordan is speaking out about the parental rights amendment, because it shows me that there are good people out there. sometimes for me it gets very discouraging because it seems like everyone wants to ruin the idea of a traditional family and that leads to messed up kids who will one day be messed up adults. I am really releived that something like this has come up because parental rights need to be protected, and it’s about time someone stood up for it.

    P.S. Although it’s pretty pathetic that a kid had to stand up and say what grown ups all over the country are thinking. Great Job, Jordan Baker! Keep it up!

  • Jordan did it! The Congresswoman promised to revisit the amendment and just signed on this week! A 14 year old up against a 60+ yr. old politician! God is good! Thank you Harris brothers for being such an inspiration to my son!

  • Hi, my name is Franzi and I come from Germany. Today I found your book ‘Yes, you can’ in our living room. Now I begin to read and its was so exciting! And I agree with you! We need a change in our live! I believe in Jesus too and I visit a christian young club in Austria.
    It’s a very good idea what you have! Do it for our god!
    God bless you!

  • I am fifteen years old. I am not very mature in both physically and spiritually. I want to something great for God and be very responsible. But I don’t know where to start I really need help. Have any suggestions?

  • I am a fourteen year old Christian who is interested in politics as well. It is great to hear of a fourteen year old having the courage and ability to debate with a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. As for ways that others can get involved, I own a website called Teens for Liberty( for teens who want to become involved politically.

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  • How about an incentive that goes to the voter’s community rather than to the individual? Voting could include an option to vote for sponsorship that goes to local projects of interest to young voters. More votes would mean more sponsorship and sponsors would compete to support projects of interest to young people.

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