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Dockers’ Man-ifesto Tells Men to be Men Again


Dockers' Man-ifesto


Dockers, the khaki brand of Levi Strauss & Co., is asking men to man up and wear the pants. In a world of advertising that constantly buffets men (and women) with distorted views of manhood and womanhood, the campaign seems like a breath of fresh air. Yes, they are trying to sell pants — but there are good ways to sell pants and bad ways to sell pants. This seems like a pretty good way.

In an interview with Brandweek, Jennifer Sey, Dockers’ vice president of global marketing, said that “sensitivity, chivalry, ambition and decisiveness” are the traits they wish to highlight. The new promos hopefully will “inspire today’s men to be men,” she told Brandweek. In today’s world that is pretty bold.

Check out the manifesto by clicking on the image to the right and share your thoughts. What do you think about Dockers’ vision of manhood? In what ways is it accurate? In what ways is it inaccurate? What really makes a man a man?

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Wow, that made me feel inspired to go ‘be a man and wear the pants’ 😀 No, I take that back, I am very content with the role God has given me!

    Very Superman/Clark Kentish in feel. I immediately shared it with my father, who will be using it during the Sunday service, I am not sure for what point yet though. It would be interesting to hear the reason behind why they came up with that specific ad, and what their feedback has been, up to this point. Personally, I enjoyed it.

    I think that their vision of manhood is fairly accurate. They have pointed out that our world is falling apart, because most of our men have fallen apart. The men have been told that they no longer need to take the lead, their natural role. With that gap, things begin to crumble.

    Unfortunately, because Levi Strausse is not a Christian company, they have missed the biggest point about the mans role as a leader. Primarily, he is the spiritual leader, and sadly they have avoided that. As your father has said, the man is his homes leading theologian. We cannot stay together without Christ. And if the leader, who keeps us together, is missing Christ, there is no way we can achieve the status of hero that Dockers is calling men to rise to.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful ad, I really enjoyed it!

    Grace and Peace,

  • Finally! I’m excited about this. Just hearing what they’re trying to promote inspires me to be that way.

    …”sensitivity, chivalry, ambition and decisiveness”…

    I’m a fan. 😉

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else see the irony behind LEVI STRAUSS being behind this ad campaign?

    The SAME LEVI STRAUSS that pulled funding from the Boy Scouts of America because they actually KEPT their pants on and insisted that they would NOT allow homosexual scout leaders to have access to the young men of America?


  • I was intrigued i must say when i saw your posting on dockers. I thought initially of the new Levi commercials that are well for lack of wording… weird! I must say that this new campaign and dockers slogan does make me want to go buy a pair of pants from someone that seems to be at least heading the right direction!
    I really do think that if we were to get rid of the “gentle” in the “man” we would be far better off. We have strayed so far from upright behaviour in which we strived for excellency and God honoring lifestyle. How far must we stumble before we hit rock bottom as a nation? How long will we sit and wait…. May the Lord come quickly!

  • I am a huge Levi’s fan. Their jeans have fit better and lasted longer than any others I’ve worn. I love Dockers and have worn them.

    I became disturbed a few years ago when they pulled their support of the Boy Scouts — an organization that contributed great things to my masculinity — because the Scouts had a policy against homosexuality.

    Earlier this year, I read about this: (I’m sure there are many other sources for this news story)

    While I’m excited about the campaign, I wonder what the side of the business that pushes a LGBT agenda thinks about it.

    For me, I’ll continue loving Levi’s and Apple Computers. Both companies support moral decisions I am against. I will choose to look at the craftsmanship of their productions and what God does through them — me in my jeans and my work on my Mac.

    Keep up the work, men. We need more like you.

  • “For the first time since bad guys, we need heroes.” ~Man-ifesto

    They are right that chivalrous heroic men seem to be MIA. However, the causes of the disappearance of the ideal of the “manly” man can be seriously debated.

    I find the ad to be creatively uplifting, but it is important to know that it is a an advertisement. They are selling pants to a precisely calculated demographic. Every single syllable in the manifesto was painstakingly crafted to sell more product.

    hahaha…i didn’t know what androgyny was!! i had to look it! Androgyny means: “having both masculine and feminine characteristics”

  • This post was really interesting—and I totally agree with what Margaret said above! God gave both men and women a role to play, and I believe we can honestly say that we’ve fallen short of fulfilling that role. Good post!

  • Wow, way to go! I do think they are missing a key ingredient to this formula of getting men to “wear the pants.” Jesus Christ. Men (and women) will never be able to fulfill their God-given roles without the assistance of that very same God. So while the ad may put across a good general message, and it may get guys to buy the pants those guys are still going to be empty and unfulfilled with them on. They may “wear the pants,” they may even help little old ladies across the street, and open doors for young ladies with them on, but without the power of the Holy Spirit and the atoning work of Jesus Christ their good deeds will amount to nothing.

    Thank you for posting this, and for the thought provoking questions. 🙂

  • WOW! That’s awesome! Go them!

    This brings up something I have worried about for many years now. I am 18, and have plans to get married sometime in the future (near future I hope =) ) but when I see how so many young men behave today, I almost worry that the REAL man no longer exists.
    I don’t mean men who think women should be waited on hand and foot, or that we need attention 24/7. I just mean men who are MEN!
    Men like back in the Bible days. Men who provided for their families and helped the Women when needed. They cared for their families, more then going out to party and get drunk.

    Honestly, until I read “Do hard things” and joined the Rebelution forums, I thought true, strong, honest Christian guys no longer existed. Just because we are all surrounded by guys who only want to hook up, get drunk and party. All the while walking around with pants around their ankles.

    So this was really amazing to see! Thank you so much for sharing this Alex and Brett!

    God Bless

  • I’m almost speechless. 🙂

    I think Dockers’ vision of manhood is pretty darn accurate. It’s probably only blatantly inaccurate for the fact that buying their khakis isn’t going to help any.

    Men too often think that looking pretty, telling girls how to dress, being well-educated, having a platform to speak from, being opinionated, announcing their achievements to the world, caring about which team wins in the latest sports battle, doing things to win a girl’s heart, saying the truth in the way that the greatest number of people would agree, or having a leadership position is going to make them men.

    In reality, reflecting Christlike character, treating all women as beautiful sisters and mothers to cherish, loving the wisdom of God so as to seek it wholeheartedly, doing and saying the right thing when no one is watching and/or no one agrees, listening well to others’ opinions and thoughts, quietly serving for the Audience of One, praying that his heart would break for what breaks God’s Heart again and again until it does unto his weeping for what God weeps over (then praying it again and again unto staying in tune with God’s Heart), doing things for the glory of God and with the motive of pleasing Him alone, speaking truth just as Jesus would, and leading in character and truth regardless of if anyone follows or if he is at the bottom of the tier is what gives wing to belief that he is no longer a boy (or a little girl).

    Dr. Albert Mohler, from NA 2004 (stolen from the ‘Modern Day Gentleman’ blog post here at the Reb.):

    “Among God’s people we understand that a man is to protect a woman; to protect a woman’s honor; to protect a woman’s heart; to protect a woman’s reputation; sometimes even to protect a woman’s health, her safety. Guys, that’s our job, God gave it to us. Woe unto the man who fails in that responsibility.”

    John Maxwell, in his book ‘Talent is Never Enough,’ says on the subject of men leading (or “taking charge,” as the Dockers’ ad put it):

    “Courageous Leadership simply means that a man has developed:

    1.) Convictions that are stronger than my fears.
    2.) Vision that is clearer than my doubts.
    3.) Spiritual Sensitivity that is Louder than Popular Opinion.
    4.) Self-confidence that is deeper than self-protection.
    5.) Appreciation for discipline that is greater than my desire for leisure.
    6.) Dissatisfaction that is more forceful than the status quo.
    7.) Poise that is more unshakable than panic.
    8.) An attitude of risk taking that is stronger than safety seeking.
    9.) Right actions that are more robust than rationalization.
    10.) A desire to see potential reached more than to see people appeased.”

    (Test yourself: put your name in there and consider if people would say that about you, “Josh has convictions that are stronger than my fears…” etc. — then pray that God changes you.)

  • I think it’s a really thought-provoking ad campaign, and I am very happy to see discussion of what makes a “real man” and what things men have to do because our society seems to expect it.

    I would, however, argue that being a gentleman is not a weakness. Christ was gentle and strong at the same time. There have been many times in my life I’ve felt the gentle strength of His love in my life, and I’m certain I’m not alone.

    Standing up as a man and being the sort of person I think we’re all in agreement men ought to be CAN be as different as the individual man. I would not rule out a gentle heart, or hand, or touch, from any of these things. I hope that made sense in type… it’s one of those concepts that I sometimes have difficulty explaining.

  • I think we should all go get some new pants. And I’m serious. We should react to this and show them that as they promote good and conservative messages, we will respond with our business.

    They’re right on too. Wow. I’m impressed.

  • I like the ad…pretty awesome. However, if chivalry is just the quality of being decisive and opening doors for women, we HAVE lost chivalry. It’s much deeper than that — it’s integrity, honesty, charity, etc. Not just to women, but to everyone. 🙂

    It’s being like Christ. 🙂

  • That’s so great! I agree…quite a breath of fresh air. Seems to me that that’s exactly the message men seem to be missing. Way to buck the system for the better!

  • Although I agree with those who point the problems with this advertisement (lack of spiritual emphasis, addressing the symptoms and not the problems, etc.), I do think that this is a step in the right direction.

    Simply standing up for some flavor of manliness, however twisted and superficial, goes against the cultural norm in our effeminate world. That is an act of courage and deserves our respect.

    If they continue in this new direction and remove their support of homosexuality, I will gladly consider becoming their devoted patron!

  • This is great….BUT…I am surprised, confused, and find myself wondering where the catch is. Levi Strauss & Co. have long been staunch supporters of gay and lesbian rights. Why the sudden change of heart and direction? I support what they say in their “man-ifesto”, but am hesitant to say that I now feel comfortable with supporting and advertising-by-wearing their brand of clothing. I think we need to be careful and not allow a new good direction to completely blind us to the immoral stance they have previously (and I assume continue) to take. Yes, without a doubt we should commend them for this step, but not turn a blind eye to all else.

  • this is really awesome, we just had a gender part in ym ap english talk, and we discussed what the world says abotu men now adays, my teacher will love this!

  • Everyone: Just thought it would be helpful to point out that oftentimes particularly brands within a larger company are allowed to maintain their own culture and leadership with very little interference. I can’t say that is for sure the case with Dockers, but I also don’t think we can assume that the leadership of Dockers shares all of Levi Strauss & Co’s views. =)

  • Hey, even if Dockers does hold the same views as Levi Strauss & Co., wouldn’t it just show that even people of the world who are living in sin, supportive of sin and probably dislike religious institutions a whole lot are crying out for people who embody what the Bible asks of men and women? It talks of cities crumbling for lack of men taking charge, of children who haven’t been parented by their fathers as they should have been, of the elderly/weak suffering no protection, of the need for heroes. They might as well have said, “Where are the Christians? It seems our world is falling apart without true ones…”

  • Wow. I was suprised at the blatant call to manhood issued by Dockers.

    I have to agree with the posters who wonder “Is it really Levi-My-Mom’s-still-boycotting-them-for-their-liberal-hijinks-Strauss who are headlining this ad campaign?!”

    Reading the “Man-ifesto” was a strange experience; parts of the document sound like a conservative preacher’s rant against our culture and call for Men to step out of “boyhood and androgny.”
    The reason that men are needed? “Cities crumble, children misbehave, and little old ladies stand on one side of the street.” So, the Man-ifesto cites a need for men to be civic leaders, patriarchs and family leaders, and protecters of the weak and helpless…practically Biblical coming from an pro-gay, pro-liberal company!

    The “Man-ifesto” is ignorant about the cause for our present “man-less” world, though. “Somewhere along the way,” men stopped being men, the ad says. There’s a nebulous implication of discos, salads, and non-fat lattes in the reversion of men into androgynous boys.

    Despite it’s great rhetoric and (kinda sorta) Biblical call though, the flaw in the Man-ifesto is it’s ignorance of the ultimate reason behind the lack of male leadership: Sin, by way of selfishness, confusion, and apathy. Misguided efforts to walk in Christ-like behavior, without Christ, can only result in pride and failure for men who attempt it.

    As long as men do not know that Jesus is only one who can restore them through His blood and power into the Men they were created to be, than all the ad campaigns in the world can’t make a lasting, permanent change of heart. I pray God uses it to stir men to action, and ultimately to Himself.

  • This is so cool! I have always liked Dockers, (basically only because that’s what my grandpa always wore), but now I like them all the more! I will have to buy some for my brothers for Christmas, because this is certainly a cause worth supporting!!!

  • That is definitely true. Men have really rejected their role of being a leader and protector of women. I think men do need to realize that during and before the times of the Titanic, boys ages 13 and above were considered MEN. They were to have respect for women. They had the mindset of “women and children first,” hence the result of what happened on the Titanic. This is definitely something that needs to be revived!

  • Haha! My dad and I loved this!!! I saw it a couple days ago on Doug Phillips’ blog! Way to go, Dockers!!! 😀


  • I read Dockers man-ifesto to my mom and younger brother (without telling them who wrote it.) When I finished reading it, I asked them who wrote it. They guessed numerous of godly men. When I told them that it was an advertisement for Dockers- they were shocked, and pleasantly surprised.

    While there might be aspects concerning this advertisement that Christians could criticize, I find it refreshing. It is a polar opposite advertisement to other worldview adds, such as Gap. Gap’s pant commercials supports men and women wearing the same pant.

    I think we need to remember that Dockers is not a Christian run company, so they will not have biblical support in their adds. But, I am so glad that the world is finally realizing the lack on chivalry and true manhood in modern day young men. It is time for every young man to step up and be true men. 😀

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Yay! Each little step is important!
    What happened to the men? Hey, I carried my harp all through a store once, ( it was a performance) without a single offer of help! Thank you!

  • GENDERLESS SOCIETY!? That’s completely not politically correct…I’m surprised they even put that there. Aren’t they afraid Obama will shut them down 🙂 I wonder if they actually think that way though or it’s just another advertising angle. It would be nice if society actually thought this way and started realizing that men are men and women are women…

  • I stopped buying anything that I knew was manufactured by Levi’s when they first took the stand against the Boy Scouts. My silly way to protest. It is getting harder and harder as more and more companies violate what I consider to be non-negotiables of the Faith.

  • I think it is neat that a big company is willing to put a “Man-ifesto” onto their website and display it for all to see! We DO need real men and need them to help “the little old ladies” across the street 🙂
    We need MEN!

  • This is really good. Finally there is a form of advertising that is not degrading to men or encouraging women to take the man’s role. I hope Docker’s is starting a trend. Thank goodness someone is standing up for what is right.

  • This is certainly better than most other secular advertising. However we must remember that a man may be well behaved and manly (in a good way) all his life but if he is not saved he will still go to Hell when he dies, forever. So as Christians we must be sure to never separate the eternal good news of what Christ has done from His teachings on good moral character, otherwise we are responsible for not warning people of Hell’s flames.

  • Somebody in the marketing department is really smart. This is a excellent example of demographic marketing, and might even be an attempt at recovering lost customers.

  • It’s nice and all, but…

    Just to add some balance to this discussion…

    Think about what life was like in the time when “women rarely had to open doors, and little old ladies never crossed the street alone.” Women were also bought and sold like livestock, couldn’t vote, couldn’t work, and couldn’t divorce a man no matter how badly she was abused.

    And yes, this applied to all of our favorite biblical heroes, too.

    I for one like these times, when women can live alone, and open their own doors. Let the men make complacent fools of themselves if it means remaining equals.

    Understand, I think that men should take care of families, and the elderly, but I think that it’s more important to push that EVERYONE should take care of families and the elderly.

    So why are they pushing chivalry instead of saying that EVERYONE should step up to the plate? Because it’s tougher to sell pants that way.

  • Totally love this!
    I called Dockers® Brand
    1-800-DOCKERS (1-800-362-5377)

    And they really seemed ready to receive this feedback. Let’s flood them with positive responses….especially you females!

  • Eleanor, I am sorry that you feel that way. Your views are your views, and who am I to judge them?

    But I would like to say this, in defense of the women of the Bible and the old days. First, Women were not bought and sold like livestock. The bride price was paid to the father because the daughter meant something to him. It was to give something in return for the precious gift that the father was giving. The dowry was given to the daughter to help support her should anything ever come up. Like an emergency or widowhood.

    Second, women weren’t allowed to vote because the husband/father was the head of the family. His purpose was to guide his family and lead them in paths of righteousness. If the wives were still submissive and trusting of their husbands, they would not insist on the right to vote.

    Thirdly, women worked. They worked hard. They bore children, cooked, cleaned, took care of livestock, sewed, wove cloth, taught their children, loved their families, and helped those around them, all without the modern conveniences we have today. They trekked across nations, and sometimes continents, sometimes by themselves. These women worked harder and smarter than we ever have. They were brave and yet gentle, tough and yet tender. They were strong, but they were also weak. These women were so much more than we are today.

    And lastly, divorce was not as popular then as it is today. Many times I am sure that they had an opportunity to leave their husbands, but would not. I hear stories even today of women who seem to have every right to divorce their husbands, and yet don’t, because they believe that God can do miracles. And He can, and He does. And I do believe that women were allowed to divorce their husbands. I think it was just probably harder and less common.

    I’m not meaning to say that these times aren’t enjoyable. They are! We (people in general) have more freedom than ever before (at least in many places). I am saying that just because things then weren’t like they are now doesn’t make it okay for you to look down upon the women of history. They are examples to us of how women should be. Tough, gentle, sweet, submissive, strong, courageous, and willing. I might add that one freedom that many women (unfortunately) ‘enjoy’ is the freedom to murder innocent babies legally. Despite the so called ‘oppression’ of women in centuries past, at least that was one right they could not have.

    My final word is this, when God cursed Adam and Eve, He put Eve under Adam’s authority. We are not meant to be in authority over anyone but our own children and maybe other younger women. And ourselves, of course. So equality is an oxi-moron.

    Again, I am not trying to offend. Just stating my beliefs and defending what I belive is right.

    Have a blessed day!!!


  • Wow, finally people realising the disease that complacency becomes. This song is perfect in explaining that:
    Its by a christian band, but it seems that Christians around the world are getting the same message.

    I think that this advertisement shows that if pagans are doing something about this global epidemic. what are Christians doing about it? its time we stepped up and did ‘hard things’ to show the world how we are different.

  • What an ad! Although I am not inspired to go out and buy some Levi’s, I do feel that I am not living up to my potential of manliness. Although Dockers might not help much, I know that I serve a God that knows all there is to being a man. Bravo Dockers for raising the standard of being a man. Today’s idea of men (well at least in Wyoming) is a rough and tough, no mercy, sex and violence driven, crude brute. On the other hand, I have noticed another alarming image of men (in contrast to the facade): weak, lonely, and insecure. Apparently all the acting in the world can’t cover up the truth. Men need Jesus. We all do.

  • Eleanor, I am a little sorry that you feel that way. But, I’m not going to judge you because you have your own opinion. You are very much allowed to state what you believe.
    Kay, I agree w/ everything you just stated there! I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I probably would have gone on much longer and pointed out some other things. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve done your research!

    I think that it’s great that they’re actually being bold in telling men to grow up and be the men they should be! Yes, they’re just trying to sell pants but it’s a very good way of selling pants 🙂
    I think it’s due time that EVERYONE steps up to the plate. Some “men” have been irrisponsible jerks for too long (not saying all guys are, just some). We need to live up to our full potential and be the men and women God has created us to be.

    Your Sister In Christ,

  • Thanks, Alesha and Kay. It usually sounds wrong when I try to say what you’ve both said (for one, because I’m male, but also because I just can’t explain it that well 🙂 ). From a male perspective, this puts a ton of responsibility on us, which is by design. I know other men could take it differently, but for me, reading what you’ve both written (and what the Bible says on the matter) only challenges and encourages me to serve more, not take advantage of my role, because it shows what an awesome responsibility God’s entrusted to me.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • I like the idea of selling to men and all but the way the ad is it seems to me that women are completely useless. I prefer that i don’t have a man by my side all the time. And I like how there is more gender equality lately. I don’t want to revert back to the old days. Even though somethings are good about it.

  • Considering this is from a secular viewpoint; I think it is a step in the right direction. I believe that the Bible is pretty clear on the fact that men are designed to be able to take the role of headship in a family and in their community. I also believe that the Bible does not convey the ideas that woman are useless, always need a man by their side, nor does it convey that a woman is supposed to be a pushover. However, I do know that our society has totally blurred the lines of respect between men and women, between the youth and the elder generation, as well as between two individuals. I think that this ad will stir up some controversy regarding how men treat women, how they treat the elderly, and how they rise up to become who they were created to be. Kudos to Dockers for daring to be politically incorrect in a society where to be politically correct goes against every standard of right and wrong. By the way, I have been threatened to be beat up on the youth football field by a man for politely asking him to refrain from loudly yelling obscenities at the referees. I have had a male doctor be inappropriate with me, and I have tried to help ease a friend’s pain after her husband left her and their 2 daughters for another man, and I have endured the difficult decision (with the help of social services)of having to leave a marriage where abuse was spiraling out of control . I have intervened as some youth hurled insults at the elderly. I am a Jr High teacher in a Christian school, where I see the youth not having the role models to look up to that I did when I was younger…It is time to stand up and show them through example how to be godly young men and godly young women. While it’s true that the Bible is full of examples of societies and families where sin abounded.God didn’t approve of it, He just told the truth. Don’t forget, it was Jesus who taught respect of and for others. He is the example for us to follow.

  • 1. What do you think about Dockers’ vision of manhood?

    A. From a secular POV, it’s pretty solid. I am glad they see the need for men to step up and be “men”.

    2. In what ways is it accurate?

    A. I would only say they are accurate on the fact that men aren’t leaders anymore. There is definitely a lack of chivalry (and chivalry is more than holding open doors!)

    3. In what ways is it inaccurate?

    A. Their solution for the problem. It’s not blatant, but it’s implied. The solution excludes Christ. You can try to be a better man on your own, but you will fail and your efforts will be for nothing. Which brings me to the big point:

    4. What really makes a man a man?

    A. You don’t become a man when you go out and shoot a wild hog. You don’t become a man when you turn 18. You don’t become a man when you’re married. You don’t become a man when you get a job. You don’t become a man when you climb a big mountain. You become a man when you earnestly and wholeheartedly dedicate you life to Jesus Christ. When you follow Christ and are willing to drop everything you may have and follow His Word, that’s when you become a man. Why? Because that’s what really matters!!!

  • i think dockers is mostly right on their veiw of men. Chivarlry is something important and wonderful that women, or at least girls i know wish was more comman.
    i can happily testify chivalry isnt dead, it is simply uncomman.
    My brothers learned from their father, who probly learned it from his stepfather.
    Chivarlry isnt just for daters, it’s for everyday men and boys, something your never to young to start, nor too old to learn or to stop. Thank you to all the Chivarious Gentle men out there, of which my father, grandfathers, and brothers are Princes, learning from LORD JESUS King of Chivarlry and everything pure, wonderful, and true.
    Hurrah for real men!

  • This is a really great step. I agree with everyone in that it’s lacking a spiritual aspect.However, maybe it’ll prepare some hearts to open up to Biblical gender roles.
    Ps- Thank you anyone who prayed for my grandad. He’s back from the hospital, and okay. He is going to have a few weeks of recovery, and then an operation. But he should be fine, thanks to God. =)

  • Buying pants will not solve the world’s problems. This is nothing other than an advertising ploy. If there was a Christian message attached I could see Brett and Alex’s point but as it is I think they’re seeing what they want to see rather then what actually is. Levi Strauss is simply doing this to make money, and nothing else.

  • I really thought we has a better handle on manhood than we are seeing here. I am shocked that fellow Christian are agreeing with this ad.

    Dockers is the furthest thing from a symbol of manhood, but even it were an accurate symbol of manhood, symbols are often used as something for people to hide behind. This basically is conditioning our brain to believe if a man is wearing dockers they are a real man.

    So I’d like to pose the thought that a real man has nothing to do with clothes. A real man is accepting, educated, confidant, secure, motivated, hard working and responsible. A real man is NOT weak or ignorant enough to think women or orientation has anything to do with his state of “manhood.” And that “wearing pants” is just another way to make men feel bad for recognizing our traditional masculine stereotypes don’t work. A real man doesn’t need to be a leader of anyone other than himself and prefers to be in the company of equals, not in charge of those “needing to be led.” A real strong-minded man, would see right through this campaign, and realize Levi’s has just insulted your upbringing, your manhood, your life, in the name of selling the least masculine pants on the face of the earth.

    Every pair of pants you buy will support the idea that you, as men, are not good enough, leaving you wide open to next years sales pitch that you as men wearing dockers, are still not good enough and now you need to buy our jeans, and the following year, when men wearing jeans and dockers are not good enough, you will need to buy our….

  • I couldn’t have put it better than what Chris said. This latests blog post is the only disappointment I have seen from Brett and Alex. I’m sure their next one will be much better.

  • I would hardly call this post disappointing. Often, doing hard things requires going out into the “real world,” and what Alex and Brett are trying to do here is to bring in materials from the secular realm that support certain Christian values. I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but it’s so easy to live a “bubble” life as a Christian and look at all secular things as evil. I’m a public-schooled Christian who has gone to church only a handful of times because my parents are so adamantly against it. I’ve never had the chance to enjoy family fellowship, be home-schooled, or share my spiritual journey with my parents and have them truly *understand* — things that are everyday occurrences for most of you!

    But when something like this shows up in the media, it opens up a great conversation-starter that I can use with my parents or friends to start discussions about deeper subjects. You will not get very far with an atheist talking about the latest Botkin sister book or the latest Alex Kendrick movie (I am NOT saying these things are bad or ineffective, just that they’re aimed at a Christian audience). Instead, maybe it’s a good idea to use something like this to get on the same page as them and start the conversation off using something that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.

    Good on you, Alex and Brett, for writing posts like these… whether it’s Docker’s, Regina Spektor, or Reese’s Puffs, you guys have really made an effort to show that this idea is even relevant in the secular sphere.

    The concept of Do Hard Things exists in the most surprising places. And if it doesn’t include Jesus (the most important part of DHT), let’s not boycott it, but use it as a springboard to share Jesus with those who might otherwise not know him!

  • I agree with Josh, Chris, and Jake and i’m not even a guy! I mean really people, what does pants have to do with anything? The only thing pants would effect is HOW you wear them. If you’re one of those guys who wear your pants half way down your backside, I do NOT believe that that is a very appropriate and mature style. The difference between wearing Dockers and Jeans…. that isn’t a valid reason to exclude men from being manly. They’re pants for goodness sake! Just so long as you wear them appropriately it shouldn’t matter what kind they are!

  • I, like Anon, have been publicly schooled and haven’t had the ability to share a real Chrisitan family life with my parents. I think this advertisement is a perfect conversation starter for people who aren’t believers. As far as what the manifesto defines as manhood I think there are a few things that are great! The fact that they discuss the lack of manly leadership is amazing. Chris I understand what you mean about a man not being defined by the pants he wears, but we are called to lead our families. As men that is a God given responsibility.

    A teacher once told me that you change from boy to men when you start to make decisions for your future. I think that is the one thing that hinders teens in their growth to manhood. My friends at school, even now in college, care only about what is pleasing or satisfying in the moment. So much of what teens do today is for instant gratification. I think a man is someone who can look past the temptation to be satisfied now and wait for what God wants later. That is chivalrous.

    A man should be decisive, and the most important decision we should make is the decision to follow Christ. We should want to resemble Him in everything we do. Honestly, we should want to lead as Christ led, teach as Christ taught, and love as Christ loved. That is the only thing I see missing from the manifesto.

    I also enjoyed the comment about this society being genderless. Though, I think they should be careful about that type of comment.

  • I understand Ricky’s point but I think it’s limited. I went to high school and now attend college with people who do wear khakis and other “manly” clothing. Wearing khakis on my campus is not abnormal at all, but many of the people who do wear them are just as interested in pleasing the moment as the people who don’t. Furthermore, I knew a few people in high school and many more in college that wear casual athletic clothes or look like they rolled out of bed and went to class (they probably did). Yet some people who dress like this make better decisions and are stronger Christians than the khaki-wearers. The clothes do not make the person, just contribute to an image that some people want to see. I still believe that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy and we are all falling for it.

  • I just had to comment some more on this. First, for those of you who feel this post is a disappointment because the Man-ifesto says that in order to be a man you have to wear their pants, Dockers isn’t saying that at all. They are calling men to wear the pants of the family. Yes, it is an ad and they are trying to sell pants. Let’s look at it this way, in a world that advertises to men by appealing to lust and sexual immorality, this kind of advertising is a breath of fresh air! It definitely makes me want to buy some stuff from them!

    I sounded negative in my view of the post yesterday, but as I’ve thought of it more and more, I’ve realized that although a Gospel message isn’t put into the advertising, you can’t expect that to happen overnight. So, support this kind of advertising and who knows, maybe we can change the world by supporting Dockers in positive, clean advertising!

    Oh, and I would definitely advise using the man-ifesto as a conversation starter when you are witnessing to someone. It can make a great segue into what really makes a man and that is exactly what Ricky Padilla said!

  • Chris, Alex and Brett aren’t trying to say that what the ad says is truly what defines a man. What they are saying is that the world is opening it’s eyes. They are beginning to realize their lack of men. That is great! It is true, pants don’t necessarily have anything to do with making you a man (but if you want to appear as one you might want to wear them and wear them right), but chivalry (which is one of things promoted by the ad) is a key ingredient in being a man of God. This ad may not be completely right, but so much of it is true.

    I agree with Ricky, leadership is the God given role of men. As I stated before, when Adam and Eve sinned, the curse upon Eve was that she (and all womenkind after her)would be under the authority of men. And while women may not have anything to do with making you a man, by protecting them and respecting them, you show that you are a man.

    Now, Jake, I think you are taking this way to much in the literal sense. What Dockers means, is that the men of today are often very self-concious. The whole picture kind of being that men are now acting like women by eating salad all the time, hoping to lose some weight, and going on diets and all that was percieved to be womanly in past decades. That isn’t necessarily true, but (and I don’t really know how to explain it to you, I understand it perfectly, but it’s hard to put into words) it kind of is. A lot of the guys I know are very self-concious. I do even know a guy who was always eating salad to lose weight (even though he had no weight to lose). I laughed (inwardly, of course). I thought it was hilarious. This very same guy straightens his hair every morning, and sometimes, if he wants to take the time, he gets his sister’s curling iron out and curls it!

    Anyway, it’s more about the motives behind eating the salad that they are talking about. Not that salad shouldn’t be eaten by men, or anything.

    I think many people are not getting the point of this post. It is not to say this is completely accurate. It’s not to say that Dockers pants makes you a man. It’s to point out the truths that are contained within this ad (though not all of them are complete, and some truths are missing. Remember, people, this isn’t from a Christian standpoint). It is to say that the world is realizing it. It is to say that the men should be wearing the pants in the family. It is to say that it is exciting that someone would publish these concepts in a secular place in today’s society!

  • sorry this is soo off topic….BUT WE RAISED ENOUGH MONEY TO BUILD A WELL FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! *jumps*

    its going to be built in Sudan!!! SOOO EXCITED!!!

  • I completely agree with Kay. Though I honestly didn’t understand the salad explanation she offered, the rest is truthful. This shouldn’t necessarily be taken literally. As everyone has already said, of course they’re trying to sell pants. But Dockers is appealing to something men might be both missing and wanting today. It’s a great idea.

  • Sorry if I was unclear. I really just can’t put it into words very well. I’ll move on, don’t want to keep confusing, because I am not sure I could be clear about it.

    Lexi, that’s awesome!!!!

  • So it seems everyone here thinks there’s a lack of real men in the world. Are ya’ll sayin that there’s enough “real women” in the world? No problems with them? I ain’t attacking women or anything just wondering…

  • I love the advertisement! I only wear skirts and love my femininity! We need men to be men across all Races and Nationalities in America. We have become an adrogynous society. What is also interesting is that Dockers is a San Franciscan, CA company. I am a Native San Franciscan; and it is funny to see , other conservative Christians reactions when I tell them I am from San Francisco.

  • I don’t see what the big deal is. I always wear pants, I sometimes wear tight jeans or “skinny jeans” but for the most part they’re just jeans. I’m an atheist and I wear the same kind of pants as Christians. I don’t go to salad bars but I do help people and I stand up for my girlfriend, open doors for people, I’m a good person for goodness sake not because someone is going to torture me for eternity if I don’t.

  • Billy, hope I’m not intruding, but what makes a good person? Because by what you said it seems that only “good people” go to heaven. So by doing good stuff we can buy yourselves into heaven? By standing up for your gf and opening doors you are good enough? But how do you know if it is good enough? Have you ever lied? Hated someone? Stolen something? Cheated? Disobeyed your parents? Do you still think you are a good person?

    God tells us NO ONE is good enough to get into Heaven and you know, thats a GOOD THING. If everyone thought they were good enough to get into heaven, who would be the judge to say thats true? Because the theif in jail might think he is a good enough person to get to heaven… is that true? Or are you only saying people who have not killed someone or done something reallly bad goes to heaven? But God tells us that hating someone is the same thing as killing them without physically touching them.

    Can you see where I am going with this?

    Brett and Alex are not trying to tortue you and neither am I. They shared this “pants” article with us to show us that Dockers are trying to have men stand up once more for who they were meant to be. From a spiritual perspective, its men rising up to Gods standards and “wear the pants”. The pants is just the symbol guys….its not what Brett and Alex are trying to get across to “wear Dockers pants”, but to see that there is a higher standard for us to reach and that its GREAT Dockers is acknowledging that…even though it is for people to buy pants.


  • i agree with lexi!
    and if we all think everyone is good enough to go to heaven, and not let being a christian or a rebelutionary change the way we live then what would we need God for?

    sadly not everyone who calls themselves a christian live it, i myself am challenged with trying too and are by no means perfect.
    But standing up for Jesus is something we can do, and “wearing the pants” is a big part of it 🙂

  • I think a some of the commenters are confused by the ad’s use of the phrase “wear the pants”. It’s not literally saying that wearing pants, or wearing Dockers khakis, makes you a man or equating manhood with pants-wearing. “Wear the pants” is a traditional figure of speech that means to be the leader of the family (an old phrase from a day when wearing pants was part of a man’s role and not a woman’s). Dockers is using that phrase to associate the concept of masculine leadership with their product, but when the ad says “wear the pants”, that should be recognized to mean “man up and take the responsibility”. If you aren’t familiar with the saying, the ad would be pretty confusing and sound like a ridiculously arrogant claim. If you read it as that figure of speech, the ad sounds like only a promotion of masculinity, not necessarily connected to literal pants at all.

    I’m glad they are in a way encouraging men to live up to these traditional symbols of the pants they wear, just as I hope to live up to the symbolic role of the dress I wear. The point is not the clothes, though, but the life they vaguely represent.

  • I think the Docker’s advertisement is great. No, I don’t agree that Docker’s pants makes you a man, but I think the character traits do reflect biblical principles. This ad is coming from a secular company. We can’t expect them to act (or advertise) like Christians, because God has not opened their eyes to the truth. Challenging men to be men, even if their definition is twisted, is a bold step for this company to make in a very feminist culture.

    This brings me to another point.
    Women, I think we have a crucial role in helping the men to be leaders. Even before the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, God created man to be a leader and woman to be man’s helper. Our roles are not a result of sin. They were God’s divine design for life. Our sin messed up God’s design and we live with the consequences. Our consequence isn’t that men will be women’s authority. Genesis 3:16 records woman’s punishment:

    “Then he said to the woman, ‘I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will desire to control you husband, but he will rule over you.'”

    Our consequence is that we will want to usurp man’s authority, but in response to our fight for authority he will rule over us. Our consequence is a result of sin. Yes, men need to be men. Men need to lead their families. Men need to wear the pants. But women, are we allowing the men to be men? Are we allowing the men to wear the pants? Or are we stealing the pants and taking matters into our own hands? God created us to be man’s helper. How do we help the men? By sumbitting to their authority. I think feminists can also encourage chivalry – but with the wrong reasons. We can pridefully want men to open doors for us and help us. Women need to be men’s helper and in return men’s chivIery is a way of thanking the “weaker vessel” for her help (Proverbs 31 says that a woman of noble virtue is to be praised). I don’t have time explain how sumbission is to be lived out in different situations and seasons of life, but I’d like to recommend three books:

    So Much More, by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin – The Botkin sisters do an excellent job at explaining the roles of men and women, particularly young women who are still under their father’s authority.

    What’s the Difference? Defining Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, by John Piper – In this thin, easy to read book, John Piper summarizes the large commentary called Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. He practically describes what submission looks like in various situations.

    50 Crucial Questions: An Overview of Centeral Concerns About Manhood and Womanhood, by John Piper and Wayne Grudem – These two godly men counter questions, excuses, and accusations against the God’s design for the roles of men and women.

    Here are two questions for discussion:
    1. Why does the secular culture seem to be making progress in understanding the need for men to be men while Christian churches (not all, but several) are allowing feminism to infiltrate their mindest?

    2. Women, how do we humbly and practically encourage men to be the leaders and wear the pants? Men, what can women do to encourage you to be men of God?

    Thank you Alex and Brett for posting this advertisement. I admire your boldness to spark a discussion about biblical manhood and womanhood, because the subject is very counter-cultural. It is a breath of fresh air to know that there are other Christians out there who strive to live out true manhood and womanhood!

    Thank you everyone for this discussion. I enjoy the challenge to think through my beliefs and where in the Bible these beliefs originate. I’d love to hear your thoughts, beliefs, and constructive critisizm. Thank you!

  • Hey! 🙂

    I agree with Lexi, and what she said about “goodness” reminded me of this analogy:

    A little girl was once watching a sheep eat grass and thought how white it looked against the green background. But when it began to snow she thought, “That sheep now looks dirty against the white snow!” It was the same sheep, but with a different background.

    Compared to the world, most everybody is a “good person” because we meet the standards that the world has for being “good”. But God has very different standards. Standards that are so high that it’s impossible to reach them and our only hope of salvation is through Jesus. He lived the perfect life that we couldn’t live, so that we could have the salvation we don’t deserve! Praise Him for His Love and Grace!

    Billy, God doesn’t want to torture you for eternity. People aren’t thrown into Hell because they don’t do good, but because they CAN’T do good apart from Jesus. We have a sinful nature. Because we can’t meet God’s standards, we can’t ever live the life worthy of heaven. Jesus is our only Way!

    I’ve enjoyed reading the comments! The “Man-ifesto” is indeed a breath of fresh air compared to so many other ads!

    Sarah P.

  • I’m kind of wondering why everyone thinks women were so bad off in the old days. Even in Biblical times, women worked. They made and sold items at markets and such. They oversaw workers in fields, and many other things. Look up Proverbs 31.
    Biblical standards require equality, yes. But being equal with something doesn’t mean they have to be them same. A quater is worth the same amount as five nickles, but they aren’t exactly alike.
    As someone once said: “God made Eve not from Adam’s head, to rule over him, nor from his feet so he might walk all over her, but from his middle, that they might be equal.”
    I think people should still endorse Biblical gender roles, and require that women and men be treated with the kind of love Jesus treated everyone with.

  • @A Blog Follower:

    You mentioned people treating other people with the same love as Jesus did, one of Jesus’ laws was to kill homosexuals and rebellious children, I don’t think they would appreciate that, how about you? 😉


  • A Blog Follower Said:
    “But being equal with something doesn’t mean they have to be them same. A quater is worth the same amount as five nickles, but they aren’t exactly alike.”

    I couldn’t agree more! You have put into words my exact feelings on this subject! I have never been able to make my point clearly. Thank you! And yes, I have previously commented, the women of the Bible are to be admired and respected for their many accomplishments and Godly traits, not put down and labeled ‘slaves’.

    Again, thanks for the analogy!!!

    ~Kaitland C

  • Of all the places I thought I’d be reading about clothing ads, The Rebelution is the last one I thought of :).
    Very neat, though, that even the people selling pants realize that most men are no longer manly, and should return to “sensitivity, chivalry, ambition and decisiveness”. Espeically the ambition part. I know that there are young men who can be perfectly chivalrous and very unambitious.

  • As a woman who prefers to wear jeans over skirts and dresses, I find myself frustrated to know that our effectiveness in the world has suddenly been tied to the clothing that we wear. Since when did Jesus say, “Thou shalt wear pants if thou possesseth a male reporductive system”? Last time I checked the bible, there was no such commandment in the gospels…or even Leviticus for that matter. And since when does a non-fat latte or eating a salad have anything to do with being feminine? I personally like black coffee, does that make me a man? If you look at any current health magazine, you will find that these are some of the SMARTER ways we can increase our longevity of life. Are men to be penalized for being health-conscious? In that case, we must condemn all males recovering from cardiac arrest as they cannot have a “manly” diet of raw meat straight from the slaughterhouse. And why can’t a man be “gentle”? Personally, I’m not anticipating having a relationship with a barbarian with an IQ of 50 who roughhouses 24/7. I find that “manly-men” are a lot more difficult with which to cooperate. And quite honestly, most of them annoy the living daylights out of me in their “I’m always right because I’m a man” kind of thinking.

    Furthermore, are we really that concerned with the 1 in 10 people who are homosexual or who may be having a so called “gender crisis” that we forget there are 35,000 people starving to death every day? Because I’m certain that the Bible only talks about same-sex relationships only a handful of times. On the other hand, well known teachers and public figures such as Tony Campolo and Bono have PROVEN that Jesus mentions the issue of poverty OVER 2000 TIMES in the gospels!

    Let me make this clear: it’s not that I have a complex with skirts or clothes that define feminine-ness. I just don’t find them comfortable for the things I do. With that said, I do dress up at church and dress my best when it is required of me. I think clothes only become an issue when they reveal more about a person’s body than is modestly required. However, that is another rant for another blog. But what I think we all need to do is “man up” to what Jesus has called us to do, which is love everybody…not just the men and women who fit into our gender roles, lifestyle choices, self-esteem ranges, social groups, or political/racial/economical levels. And while I do love it when males hold doors for me, it seems this brand of clothing has presented a “non-manly” or (heaven forbid!) “womanly” stigma attached with “brotherly love” or “agape.” This is NOT what Christians have been taught. Anybody who knows John 13:34-35 would be able to say otherwise.

    And as for my fellow ladies, I have a message for you as well: women shouldn’t just stand aside on the street corner waiting for a man to serve God in their place! We as women have to take up our cross too, get our hands dirty, and work ALONGSIDE men sometimes. God-willing, you will work alongside a man who possesses that “Rhett Butler” gentlemanly charm with which we are to be treated. Who were the first people to see Jesus after he rose from the dead? WOMEN! Who bore Jesus Christ? MARY!

    Let us remember that we are all called to bear Jesus in the Great Commandment, regardless of what we look like or what gender we are, especially during this season of Advent and Christmastide. Strive for God together. And if you want gender roles, her is the ultimate one: Women, give your lives to your husbands. BUT men, you love your wives AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH (Ephesians 5:22-28). There is no ultimate submission on the part of one sex. BOTH must make sacrifices.

    PS–What does disco have anything to do with manliness? Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t born until the end of the 80’s, but I really don’t understand how disco relates to anything…

  • I have a correction. When I said “Jesus mentioned poverty 2000 times in the gospels,” that was a mistake. The Bible as a whole mentions poverty over 2000 times. This is still an outrageous number and more than homosexuality or “gender crisis”…

  • That is awesome! I actually write a blog for teen girls about pursuing purity! One of our main focuses is pointing out God’s plan for men and women and how sometimes they are different. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Billy,
    it’s great you open doors and protect your woman. I do have a question though, you say you’re good person, but by what standard are you basing that?

  • I am proud of whoever put this thing together. True, staying away from salad bars and lattes doesn’t make you a man, but the point is valid. And they did it in a versatile way, if that is the right word to use. To reach the secular with this kind of concept through the secular is powerful. I think almost nothing has more influence on those who follow society.

  • Haha! I wish wearing these pants would make men act that way! But, I think they need Jesus Christ more than they need these cool new pants. Cool ad though…makes you think.

  • I really enjoyed this post. There has been a lot of back and forth arguements about whether it was a good idea to post this or not. I think that it is great. Even though it is an ad, it is still bringing across an important message, that men need to stand up, regardless of the pants they wear. Thank you for putting that up Alex and Brett!!! 🙂


  • The add really makes you understand how much this world has fallen apart. Men need to stand up. I think people should tell everyone they know about his add.

    I think women have to stand up too.

  • What they’re saying is good and I agree, however, without Christ they are missing the ultimate example of manhood. Wearing pants, opening doors, and walking elderly women across the street is good, but without Christ who’s to say that’s manly? The reason pants (clothing) should be worn appropriately is because Jesus commanded it–to protect ourselves and others. Opening doors for ladies is a sign of respect and brotherly love, which God has instructed us to live by. Walking elderly women across the street is also a gesture of respect that we all should undertake for the Creator of all has commanded us to respect our elders. So, although what they’re saying may be correct it remains faulty until Jesus Christ is acknowledged as the representation a manhood.

  • After thinking on this for a little longer, I think it’s really crucial and exciting that people are recognizing the deterioration of manhood, however I remain decided that until God is ackonwledged there is no TRUE manhood.

    Men wearing “pants” and accepting manhood is good, but we as women also have a role to play. How can men open the door for us if we don’t allow or expect them to? If you don’t expect your brothers or other men to act like mature men why should they?…

    If my Mom didn’t need my help caring for my 10 younger siblings, running the household, and homeschooling I’m confident I would not be the young woman that I am. I would still have the same potential and capability, but because I was not expected to rise to it I won’t have the ability.

    It’s the same for men; We cannot expect them to rise to their calling as leaders, and protectors if we do not allow for them to “rescue” us when there’s something heavy to carry, or open the door.

    Although over time men have allowed themselves to be put down, it is us–the women, who have chosen to put them down by not expecting “great things” from them.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! My friends and I at school have expressed a desire for real men, NOT For me, a “hot guy” is someone who respects a woman enough to treat her like a “lady.” 🙂 This ad speaks the truth. Men need to step up. However, i think women need to work on stepping down too. Im pretty sure the feminists have had a lot to do with the decline of manly leadership in culture today. Hmmmm…

  • Hmmmm….I think a ‘real’ man in our disfigured society is not the man our society needs. We need Christian determined men who are ready for a change, but still realize that women need to be valued and have many talents and skills that men lack. I think that if women were given their value and respect and feeling of equality, they would not feel the need to ‘fill up the pants’. Men AND women both have things to bring to the table and both need to be given the proper respect.

  • Well it’s certainly an interesting way to sell pants. However, I see great amounts of truth and relevance in the ad. Why don’t we open people’s doors, or help old ladies cross the street? Isn’t it true that the bible stresses the importance of serving others time and time again? Would it be so tragic, men, to step up to the plate and bring back chivalry? A self-service attitude will be the certain death knell of our society. If we can manage to put others first and allow god to provide for us, our civilization may not be doomed to failure. Perhaps JC is up there just hoping that his little kiddies on earth will figure that out. Kudos to Dockers for starting an ad campaign for men not focused on success, sex, or self-gratification. However, my ideal philosophy here would call on both men and women, young and old to put those pants on. It’s about time, people!

  • I think this is an excellent subject! In the world today there is a very different view of what men should be. Men use to be the protector AND the provider now (most) women seem to have become the main provider and protector it seems… (most) men don’t seem to see the need to protect their families the they way should..
    You can say men need to step up to the plate and they do need to!( DOnt think i’m giving the guys a free ride) But women don’t give men the credit they use. Women use to depend fully on the guy but now women seem to depend on themselves. I’m not saying that that is wrong to depend on yourself everyone needs to know how to do that (somewhat).. But when you put a man at home and a woman in the work force what do think is going to happen? Women weren’t made for that–we were made to care for our families AT HOME!
    Guys do need to step up to the plate way more then they do.. but maybe women need to give the plate back! It’s not really a plate that was meant to be shared. I know this started out to be about guys and the need for them to fill the shoes they have been given but women need to STEP OUT of those shoes! Some guys are lazy and don’t take responsiiblity but some aren’t some have just kind of been kicked out! (If you know what I mean)..

  • I love how this ad emphasizes the need for people to man or woman up.
    But as for the saying, Wearing the Pants, this saying is strictly cultural. In Cambodia, only the decent women wear pants.
    Before I diverge, what I am trying to say is that pants don´t make the man -or unmake the woman- it´s the character that does the making or breaking.
    I mean, Braveheart and his men did everything in a skirt, and they were very manly.

    Pants don´t make the man, character does.

  • I am still reading this book ,and it has made me aware of something i was feeling that i didnt think was a big deal-yet. I was hired by a family friend to help little children with their homework.My employer said i was a teacher.Mind you i am only fourteen and i supposed the title to be above me.I easily fell in love with the job even though i had it for one hour only of my life.I was paid on my first day a little salary and the next day ‘laid off’.What had happened was that one of my students-if you will-had told his parents about his new teacher,me.And they had made a personal complaint to my employer because of my age.I do not know the exact details of their account to my former boss but i felt underestimated and didnt know if i should get upset or not.I told myself that it was okay…but i knew that it was unfair .I took my feeling into serious consideration and concluded that the labeling system of the world toward teens was unfair in whole.They underestimate us and all though some people say we are the future they neglect to let us practice our abilities because in their eyes-we cannot do it.Then a few days later,in my church’s teens group,i was introduced to this book and i began to read it eagerly and I was angered yet soothed.Angered because of the lack of trust and positive expectation on behalf of the system of the world,and soothed because i knew i wasnt the only one who felt upset by society.Now i ask myself: How can people expect us to immediately take control of things when they are ready for us to,yet deny us any practice to stabilize us now ,while we are younger and easily teachable ,and insure the good care we can give for the future?If i was old and alone and crippled and if i couldnt take care of myself,would i want an arrogant ,self-proclaimed ‘misunderstood’,child taking care of me or anything or anyone i loved or cared about.NO! I would want the best possible care giver,and experienced and responsible adult to do the job that i couldnt do.But how will there be any of these capable people if I had shut them out and crushed them because they were too young or too incapable-when truth be told they were just the kind of people i needed!?WE are a moldable age.WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! We can even defeat the low expectations of the world,and we can overcome anything that comes against us and God’s plan for us to be His servants-His soldiers,ready and willing.Soldiers of His Kingdom and Fighters in The Rebelution. Read Philipians 4:13….and stand tall.

  • Eleanor V. B. H. I have to agree with you. I see there are not many on this blog that do. I’d like to point out a few things that make the misperceptions and misinterpretation of scripture in this area a BIG deal and worth some very careful analysis. For one thing; there is no where in scripture where men are instructed to lead. That is often inferred from a hierarchal interpretation of a few versus. As a simple example the gift’s of the Holy Spirit in 1 Cor. are given to all. This would align with scripture’s many examples of equality of all before God; with no one be more or less then another. As soon as we leave that premise we run into some very troublesome possible outcomes. The historical ideology of men being in leadership and some form of authority over women gives men a rich set of privileges and a form of power. This ideology also gives a man a sense of entitlement to certain privileges. Perhaps to be waited on by his wife or being able to make the “big” decisions for the family. Unfortunately an outcome that all to often comes out of this line of thinking is violence; family violence as we more commonly know it. Jesus set for us an example of humility and love which always puts the other first and that includes male female relationships such as marriage. We have a lot of men trying to live up to an impossible standard of manliness that is created from pop culture and hierarchal interpretations of scripture and not from the example of Jesus. So men learn it is not alright to show emotions for example. Instead they are expected to be always strong, even stoic. What happens is that there feelings, there ability to empathize with others; particularly women is diminished. And often they over compensate with angry outbursts and even violence. Whereas if men learned as boys to understand and express their feelings their capacity to empathize be caring and nurturing the relationships they have with their wives and children would be enhanced. Men (and women) are far to sinful to give one of them some form of authority over the other. We can learn from Jesus who laid down all the power and authority he had to come for us.

  • Well, what an unusual thing to see from a CLOTHING COMPANY! WOW! Way to go. Thanks for posting this, Alex and Brett.
    It’s been really cool to read all of these comments!!
    My dad showed my mom and I the ad a few weeks weeks ago.
    I think it’s great. Even if it is probably just to get people to buy Docker’s pants, look at how many good discussions have resulted from it! That is enough to make me like it.

    Honestly, it’s encouraging to read the ad and see how people are responding.
    Nice to see all the guys discussing it and saying what they think! It’s so encouraging to see there are men and boys out there that want to make an effort to help little old ladies across the street, and open doors.
    To us girls who are not feminists, it means more than you guys can know.

    AMUS, just wanted to say that I do agree with you about pants being cultural, but realize that that’s not really important. And Braveheart wore a KILT. =D

  • William Wallace (Braveheart) did NOT wear a kilt. Kilts were not a part of Scottish culture at that time. Mel Gibson wore one in that movie about Scottish independence starring an Australian filmed in Ireland.

  • I just wanted to tell everyone that if you missed Alex and Brett on Focus on the Family, then they are going to be on again today and tomorrow. (Dates: 12-22 and 12-23)

  • First I want to thank everyone for all the posts- I enjoyed reading through them and contemplating the different ideas.

    I think that there is lack of manhood in our culture today, and it is bold and encouraging to see a secular company stand up and say so- even if is to sell pants. However, I don’t think that changing peoples (men or women) outer appearance will fix our “genderless” culture. In order to change the problems in our current culture we must change our hearts. Our outward appearance reflects our heart attitude. We may be able to change the type of pants we wear however if we don’t change our hearts we have made no positive progress in the problems in our world. Divorce, abortion and other problems will still be in full swing because, although we have changed the outer appearance, we still hold the same beliefs as we did before we changed the pants.

    However, I also believe that as Christians we should dress for others. If we are truly concerned about others we will dress modestly and appropriate for the occasion. Once again, our dress, what is on the outside, reflects our heart. I think that the way we dress makes a huge difference, are we conforming to the world, or are we setting the example? As we dress we need to remember that many people will be watching us, elderly, who have standards much higher than those of our current generation, parents, peers, little kids and others who we come into contact with. As Christians, how we dress, what we do, all of our actions reflect Christ, how we dress can open or close communication doors for others. We should strive to dress, act, and live our lives to glorify and honor Christ.


  • I think that the man-ifesto is a good reminder to everyone of how far we have strayed from men being gentlemen. However, we need to keep in mind that, like others have already stated, it is advertisement. Going out and buying a pair of Docker’s will not make you want to go out and help little old ladies across the street any more than you already did. That is the kind of choice that everyone of us has to make on our own. It is also a choice that we can’t make and follow through with on our own strength. We need to do it through the Christ’s strength in order to get the results that the man-ifesto seems to be searching for.

  • in my personal opinion for a guy to be a man he has to not weir (i am not sure i spelled that correctly) girls (made for them) pants. although ‘cool’ can be too tight for one thing and immodest for girls to look in the wrong places. guys not only girls have problems thinking or looking to the wrong things. so for us girls sake keep to y’alls pants. please……
    and as for what i think it takes for a guy to be a man……..well being the head of his household as God commands of men and to be a leader.

  • In the end Jesus was and is the ultimate MAN and all men are supposed to be like Him. To know Jesus is to know how to be the ultimate man. Only though Jesus can boys become men.

  • Is Levi Strauss trying to sell more men’s pants through this new advertising ploy? Yes. Does wearing a particular brand or style of pants “make ” a male a man or more specifically “more manly”? No. Either way, I like what Levi Strauss has to say about masculinity. Liberal feminism has done an adequate job of convincing men that they need to become more like them to be truly fulfilled. I say ” Nonsense!”. Real men lead their families by providing for, protecting and taking charge by the biblical mandate to be the authority- not a iron fisted domination, but a kind, loving servant leadership style. The weak, chivalrous-less, pansy model of masculinity common today has proven ineffective. ( side note: the whole males running around like dogs in heat model is not a good example of true masculinity either.)

  • I would like to start by saying I appreciate this ad being posted. It caused me to stop and think. Then laugh. Finally reflect on how true some of the things mentioned really are. If we take what is said just on face value, it is an ad to sell pants. However in this PC driven society this Ad presses the limits of the norm. The Ad is abrasive (that’s not always a bad thing) in its approach to the norm. Sometimes the truth stings and is not accepted by all. Some of the comments here reflect the fact that there are some stigmas and perceptions associated with men, pants and leadership. The ad was done by a secular company trying to sell pants. It does however stir some thought for the christian and our need to do the hard things.
    I am a husband & father of 2 children. I am called by Christ, through scripture (see Eph. 5:21-28), to be the spiritual leader of my household. That to me means submitting my body and mind to God daily and dying to self. By allowing Christ to come in and fill me, he can then appear to others through me. Or better yet I can appear to others as a picture of Christ almost like I am wearing Christ outwardly because I have him inwardly. He covers me so that I now appear to God and man as Christ. If I do that then I am leading my family in things of the spirit. So as we do our bible studies and discover truths through life they will be more accepting of what I have to say because it will come from the loving nature of Christ. We are all individuals and should strive to find our strengths that God has given us and work on those areas. As a good husband and father, I should be helping my family to determine their bent (areas of strengths) and help them to work on those areas to become the people God has intended for them to be. I personally believe this is what God desires for a man to be and this is the leader he should be. The sad truth is that most men never get anywhere close to this because they are being sold a bill of goods by the devil ( through society, peers, media & even family ) that has them to believe it is ok to be passive, or that it is acceptable to be emasculated or denigrated for being a man.
    On a side note if you don’t understand the disco reference consider that a blessing. Disco was a period of time that is probably best forgotten. Very very scary stuff. Polyester, platform shoes, leisure suits & gold chains (lots of gold chains). Wow like I said scary stuff.
    Also, Billy stated “one of Jesus’ laws was to kill homosexuals and rebellious children”, and this was used to refute the love of Jesus. I would ask this question; in the entire bible (other than the destruction of the cities in the plains of Zoar, Sodom and the like) do we have any examples of this law being carried out on any individuals. Not to mention that those are two different laws. Also that the law concerning the rebellious child is found in context in Deut 21:18-21, and says when they have chastened him and he has not listened then take him to the men of the city. I do not recall in scripture where we have an example of this happening. I also am not sure of the verse where the bible says to kill homosexuals. But a couple of texts taken out of the bible and out of context can not be used to prove any opinion good or bad. The love of Jesus has it ultimate picture shown to us when he died on the cross for our sins. He came to fulfill all points of the law and die in our place. The only way we can show others the love of Christ is to be scripturally saved and allowing Christ to love others through us by the indwelling Holy Spirit.
    Again thank you for posting this Ad and bringing this as a topic of discussion.

  • I first saw this on Stacy McDonald’s blog, and was immediately impressed.
    Even if the company is only running this ad for the money, I think that it will affect some people in a positive way, and help some men to “step up to the plate and be a man!” God has a plan for everything right?

    The ad isn’t trying to say that women should wear skirts all the time. (though maybe if you got that impression out of it, you are a girl who is feeling convicted about wearing pants?) Most men aren’t men anymore. I am in the process of getting a divorce from someone who has been physically/verbally abusive to me. Perhaps men like that “feel manly,” but a real man is someone who treats a lady with respect and kindness. We need more men like that. Men should treat women as the weaker vessel that we are-and we should gladly let them. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard too…men and women have different roles. Doug Wilson’s books are an excellent read if you don’t understand that.

    Thanks Brett and Alex, for sharing this!

  • I think this is one of the coolest campaigns I have seen in a while. I hope that they keep coming up with encouraging and appropriate ads and that we as consumers recognize and reward their ads. I personally am sick of the inappropriate ads that so many people watch and say are funny when really they are so so so diminishing and inappropriate. My suggestions post this ad on your facebook or something pass it on..

  • Well, it is very unfortunate, but what they have to say is very true…. men have stepped down from their leadership position and now the woman are doing the jobs and running the house because men have forgotten or lost what they should be doing and are caught up with the latest video game, movie or etc.… and the list goes on. When are we as men and boys going to show that they are mature!!!!
    The little old ladies as its talking about in the advertisement are still standing on the street corners because we as men have forgotten that we should be the protectors and help those who are weaker than we, and are more worried about
    their ipod, cellphone, or its to far to walk… to help that lady load her van, its to cold, I’ll do it later…
    But what does it say in Matthew 5:16
    Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

    Samuel Wearp

  • Way to go Dockers! Although I definitely don’t agree with some of what Levi Strauss and Co. have done–I think the “wear the pants” campaign is an interesting wake up call. It may have started as a secular campaign to get people to buy pants but the idea obviously sends a person’s thoughts to a deeper level. The campaign’s evaluation of the situation is incredibly accurate, but I agree with the many comments noting the one thing this campaign is missing about real men–they have Jesus Christ. I’m waiting for one of those kind of men!
    I’m not saying that women should be utterly helpless–we shouldn’t. I’m saying that maybe we (the women) should take a step back sometimes and let the gentlemen be…gentlemen (in the chivalrous, ‘wear the pants’ sort of way)! =)

  • If pants could sell manhood then I would wear docker’s, but since people influence manhood I will wear Jesus above all else. I will let him determine a man and a woman and the complementary roles they have when working together for God’s glory. I’m not fit to wear his pants, but If I could grab hold of his belt loop and ask him for his help defining these character traits and how to be the best I can be for him, and his people then i will hang on for dear life,a nd I know he will help me because I have asked.

  • It’s awesome to see so much discussion on this topic. Wow! I’m really excited by the Manifesto! That’s so great! It’s amazing that a secular company is. so bold. I agree with the wear the pants mentality. I won’t go into the discussions that have been going on but I definitely am for the men stepping up, but also for the women letting them and embracing femininity. I won’t go into definitions (others already have) but the Biblical mentality is the best. Sure, some women were mistreated, but most understood their God-given role and were happy with it.
    Keep it up, guys! THANKS for drawing this to our attention!

  • This is a good idea. Sometimes it gets depressing waiting for guys to take the position God has for them. Hopefully guys will rise to the challenge and become the godly leaders God has designed them to be.

  • I just clicked on this discussion becuase I am interested in joining the rebelution other than in my everyday life and actually be apart of this awesome community! I think chivalry is unfortunately in its decline only because women wanted independence(not saying that is a bad thing) and Men got offended and backed off. I think that God’s love is more than beg enough to show his people a balance between men and women that is described in the bible! women submit to your men but men should listen to your women the second part should never be forgotten it would be unwise! and it would lead us to a repeat of history… And I think we are here because we want something different!

  • Women and girls alilke are drawn to the real kind of men described in this advertisment. And we need fathers who will be fathers and show boys how to be men. Women feel like true women when in the presence of true men.

  • I know many guys who work out daily, who have huge career goals, who are intellectually brilliant–and I can appreciate each of these. However, to be honest, there’s only one man (my age) that I’ve found to hang out with who is INTENTIONAL small things, like opening doors. And, let me tell you, it makes a difference.
    In many ways, the advertisement captures that. For me, the idea is being intentional. You can be brilliant, strong, and ambitious, but its a waste if you’re unwilling to embrace Godly manhood; or, as they say, “wear the pants”.
    Of course, this is an advertisement, and not perfect (who says salad bars are unmanly and that khakis are the epitome?), but I like the general thought.
    While I’m in college, I long too see more men who intentionally bear their God-given burden of manhood, and taking up leadership–even if its in small things, like opening doors or escorting any lady who is in need.
    Meanwhile, I ask for God’s help by cultivating feminimity in my own life.

  • Awesome. As a girl, I think they really got to the point. And the poor little old ladies DO need someone to walk them across the street : )

  • This advertisement does get to the point of the man doing things he ought to do, though it leaves out the primary point of being a Godly man, husband and father. My other problem with it is when I look at it (anyone else?) just under the Man-ifesto ad is an ad for GQ, Men’s Fitness, and Esquire. Contradiction or what?

  • I think the root problem of religion is perfectly demonstrated in the Khaki’s ad as well on this message board. There is no predetermined role that any human being must ascribe to. If a man wants to wear dresses, and that makes him happy, who is anyone else to tell this man that he cannot. Do not force your religion on others as it only makes you look pathetic. The Nazis told people what to do and look how that turned out. Facists christians and their pre determined roles are ruining the world! Abortion RULES!

  • YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! That is what this nation needs to hear!!! We as Men have fallen so far from where we started. We no longer are leaders of any kind, NO offense to the Ladies but from the time of Adam and Eve it was man’s job to wear the pants. It’s time for the guys to put the pants back on and be leaders not only in there home’s, but also in there jobs, and in the Court house’s and in THE CHURCH!!!! Enough is enough, and I for one am sick of this. I desire so much for Men to be like those before us, those that had Integrity like, Patrick Henry or General Robert E. Lee, or Stonewall Jackson, or even George Washington, how about George Whitfield, I could keep going on. Let’s change the World.

  • Even if it is only an ad to sell pants, it is refreshing to see Godly standards being reintroduced, even though that wasn’t necessarily the intent of the people behind the man-ifesto. I do believe that many can see the need for “manly men” , and deep down many girls would like to see the return of chivalry – it really makes you feel more important to have a young man (or any man) get the door for you, or help you carry something heavy, than to get it yourself, though feminism would have you think you are happy to glory in your own ‘ability’ to get the door, the truth is that that small act is showing honor to a lady. Sure, we could get the door for ourselves, but it would take away that opportunity for a man to show this honor- this God-given responsibility to the weaker vessel, (1 Peter 3:7).
    As Sofia said above, I feel most like a true woman in the presence of true men. I love it when my younger brother proudly opens the door for me and mom when we go out – he also thoroughly enjoys the shock and surprise on the faces of other ladies when he takes a second to hold the door for them as well. They almost always respond with smiles and a thank you – after the shock wears off. ; D
    If girls and young men start seeing this in our example- brothers getting the door for their sisters, young men helping little old ladies across the street- would it not give them cause to think?
    This is a bold move for Dockers – way to go! Maybe other companies will begin to follow- wouldn’t that be a blessing to see more advertising that builds up Godly manhood instead of putting it down!
    Thanks for posting this!

  • Great ad campaign Way to go Dockers for saying what needs to be said even though its not “politically correct”.

  • Wow, that’s really good. I like how they recognise that cities are crumbling and children are misbehaving because men will not take charge or discipline their children. Although of course, in some cases women may have to raise children alone, it has been proven in countless studies that children are much happier and grow into more law-abiding citizems if they are raised by a father figure. I don’t think it’s derogatory to suggest that men should open doors for women, I personnally like ebing allowed through dorrs first etc. Getting off the bus in the morning and having twenty guys push past you before one lets you out is not a nice experience. It also challenges men who are living with off their parents or on benefits rather than going out and getting a job, getting married and growing up. I like this, it’s very good to see this, especially in such an almost anti-chistian-views country as yours.

    Hannah – Nothern Ireland

  • OK so we’ve been talking about how the men need to man-up but…HEY LADIES!!!!! I dont wanna sound like a feminist but we have a job to do to…and of course it’s not to take the lead but to be the Help-meet..which is very important! Just wanna make sure that as we go about our day to day lives that we are praying for our men! That may sound weird but guess what….ITS TRUE!!! Pray for your fathers,brothers,uncles,cousins,pastors,and even ur best guy friend.ANd GUYS!!!! Dont worry because we’ve got ur back! Keep it up!

  • Hey,
    Seeing Dockers give this ad made me think:
    Look at some of the ads for Aeropostale, American Eagle, and those kinds of stores. Everything that the people in the ads wear is the same, and, unfortunately, trying to appeal to those of the opposite gender. How many people do you see wearing khakis? How many do you see wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from Aeropostale? We are living in an age where everyone is the same, and us as Christians need to stand up against it.

    Wear the Pants! 🙂


  • Oh yeah, concerning the gender discussion:
    God created man and woman differently. If He wanted man to act like woman, then He would have made us that way. Plus, He gave man responsibility first. Us guys have fallen off the boat. We need to get back on, shake the sludge of failure off, and get back to being men who defend our faith and treat women with respect.

  • This made me laugh, IT’S TIME TO WEAR THE PANTS. 🙂 But seriously, I’m glad this was posted. This generation needs to grow up, I believe (this probably has nothing to do with the topic, but oh well). This generation is, dare I say it, lazy. I’m still a teenager, and over the past year, I’ve seen a lot going on. Most of it has to do with laziness.

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  • I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You’ve earned it my friend 🙂

  • This is the proper blog for anyone who desires to seek out out about this topic. You understand so much its nearly exhausting to argue with you (not that I truly would need…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, just nice!

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