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Student Group Uncovers Planned Parenthood’s Lies


Twenty-year-old Lila Rose and her pro-life student group, Live Action, have been hard at work the past three years uncovering the medical lies and manipulative counseling offered at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain.

“They will do or say anything in order to sell more abortions to more women, whether it is covering up sexual abuse or lying to women about medical facts,” says Rose. “Our team has visited dozens of Planned Parenthood clinics undercover. Planned Parenthood, while claiming to support patient self-determination, operates with an ‘abortion-first mentality.'”

The video is the first in Live Action’s “Rosa Acuna Project,” a multi-state undercover audit documenting Planned Parenthood’s abortion counseling. Planned Parenthood has come under fire recently after Live Action’s investigations found them willing to conceal sexual abuse and accept donations targeted to abort African-Americans only. Videos of abuse cover-up prompted state investigations of Planned Parenthood and diversion of the abortion giant’s public subsidies.

Take the time to watch the video (above), share it with others, and support Lila and her team with your prayers as they continue their new media movement for life!

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • That’s tragic. I recently did a research report on procedures and psychological effects of abortion, and some of the lies they use to sell them are disgusting. It’s good that someone’s getting out the word about this. The only thing about this way of spreading the truth that bothers me is the questionable ethics behind lying and hiding a camera to uncover another lie.

  • wow. this is a really good video. I’ve been interested in refuting abortions at more political levels, and this was so so helpful! it’s so sad that women are deceived by these doctors and nurses, and that doctors can be doing it for so long, and not feel guilt. For anyone interesting “The Silent Scream” is a real eye-opener. However, it’s only for people who are not faint of heart!

    thansk for sharing this, alex and brett!

  • Okay, please ignore my angry rage, but I have to say this.
    IT”S A BABY FROM THE MINUTE IT EVEN BEGINS TO DEVELOPE!!!!!! Not just some little blob! That makes me so mad that they LIE like that! And WHY do they hide the fact that the BABY does have a HEARTBEAT so early?!
    Maybe all the Mothers need is to KNOW that that BABY is ALIVE! For all we know, it could cause the Mother to suddenly bond with her unborn child, and decide NOT to have an abortion! It’s so sad! Those babies are being murdered, and those so called ‘doctors’ don’t even care! Because to them, it’s just a little blob of junk that is just THERE, until forty weeks. Then SUDDENLY it’s a baby! I MEAN COME ON!!!!

    They go to such extreme measures to keep from having the word “baby” said, that it just sounds ridiculous! Honestly, until now, I didn’t know that a PREGNANCY could GROW INSIDE of you….wow… *Rolls eyes*

    They are PRESSURING those poor girls and women into KILLING THEIR babies!!

    OH MY…..! Ok seriously, yes women die having babies…..but how rare is that? And do they seriously think that scaring the poor women is going to make thing better? Cause what if they decide to have the abortion now, then in five years they want a baby. Now they have those ‘doctors’ words stuck in their head “Women die having babies.”
    Hello?! Just living is a risk! We could die on our way to work! There’s a better chance of that happening, then a women dying from having a baby!

    “I’ve been killing babies for forty years.” And that’s something to be PROUD of?! WOW!

    Again, please forgive my rage, but I cannot stand that! ABORTION IS MURDER! And these people are making people PAY to have their babies killed?! WHAT?! It’s insane!

    It’s one thing if the baby dies during the delivery, but this is a whole other topic.

    UGH! I JUST HATE IT!!! >:{

    God Bless

  • Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit.

    I will be sharing this video on my blog later. I think people need their eyes opened to the lies behind abortion.

    I just think , what would happen if Mary had lived during this time in life, and decided to have an abortion just because ‘she was young and not what society would refer to as an able Mother’ Wow! We’d all be in BIG trouble if that happened!

    Thank you so much Alex and Brett for sharing this video.

    God Bless

  • Thank you so much for sharing – after watching this movie (and during it!) I feel like crying; The people at planned parenthood are LYING to these women — and these women accept the lies.
    Thank you again for sharing, and may God Bless you both!

  • Yes, I don’t know how many of these videos I’ve seen or how many of these talks I’ve listened to, but it still breaks my heart even thinking about it.

    It is encouraging at times, though, to see videos like this because they show how “on the edge” everyone is. It doesn’t take that much effort to convince a woman to not have an abortion. Thank God He’s created them that way.

    We might be fighting an uphill battle politically, but on an individual basis, I think abortion is far from an uphill battle.

    Thanks for the reminder,

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • Wow. That is so sad. The truth needs to be exposed. I can’t belive the way those people are lying just to sell an abortion. Like a dishonest sales man who is trying to sell a bad product, but this a doctor trying to sell an abortion – trying to get paid for killing a baby.

    Thank God for what Lila Rose is doing.

  • This is great that they are exposing the lies. Great work Lila! Abortion is truly a tragedy. It is awful that so many innocent lives are taken. It makes me want to cry.
    And, I know this is off topic, but my grandpa has been at the ER all day. Could you please pray that’ll he’ll be okay? I would really appreciate it.

  • What an incredible, and tragically sad video! I just can’t fathom how anyone could believe that the ‘fetus’ is not human!! Does it somehow magically become a baby at some unknown point?? I wrote a persuasive speech on ‘Why Americans Must Protect the Lives of the Unborn’ this year, and think the first point applies to this issue. (this is taken from my speech)

    Is the unborn child truly a human being? Oftentimes, pro-abortion activists will point out that the baby is not alive until birth. After all, the child in the womb really isn’t viable, or is it? In 1995, Joycelyn Elders, then United States Surgeon General said, “America needs to get over its love affair with the fetus.” “America needs to get over its love affair with the fetus???” The callousness of this comment shows all too clearly how popular it has become to simply dehumanize the unborn. Yet if the baby is not alive in the womb, and he – excuse me ‘it’- is truly just ‘a fetus’, then when does life begin? Is it at 25 weeks? No, because babies are routinely born younger than 25 weeks and live. Or does life begin during the passage down the birth canal? Think of the millions of children born via C-section. Maybe life starts with the first breath? What about children that require resuscitation at birth? Are they not alive until they begin to breathe on their own? You see, when we start to guess when life begins, we find that there is no logical answer other than this – life must begin at conception, for no other explanation makes sense. Professor Hymie Gordon, chairman of the Mayo clinic once stated, “By all criteria of modern biology, life is present from the moment of conception.” And Dr. Alfred Bongioanni of the University of Pennsylvania says, “I have learned from my earliest medical education that human life begins at the time of conception.” But it is not only doctors who tell us the baby is alive in the womb. Many mothers who have actually gone through the abortion procedure testify to the viability of the unborn child. Shantel Garcia shares her experience in this way, “I was only 18 and had no reason to even think I was pregnant. [But] when the test came up positive, I got scared. Friday March 9, 2001. I was about to let my baby down in so many ways possible. As a mother your job is to protect your child; make sure it’s safe and feels loved. I denied all of that responsibility. When they took me into the O.R,. I took a deep breath and went to sleep. When I woke up; I just felt so empty inside. One minute I had a life living inside me, and 20 minutes later – nothing. In my life I have never felt so much pain like that day. It still hurts like it was yesterday. When I think back to that day when I was sitting in the room alone, I wish I’d the strength to walk out.” But why would Shantel feel this way if the unborn child were truly just a mass of tissue? After all, if the baby was not viable, abortion would be no different than having your appendix removed, or your wisdom teeth pulled. Why, then, is there this emotional pain and aching heart? Could it be because the baby is alive in the womb? The testimony of this woman is simply one out of millions. Both scientists, and the very mothers who underwent abortion will tell you that the unborn child is a living human being, and thus needful of our protection.

    Please understand that I am in no way trying to glorify my speech in any way – God has just really laid this topic on my heart, and I wanted to share it with all of you. The baby IS ALIVE in the womb!!!!!!!!!!! We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made – and fully alive from the moment of conception!! Praise God!!! We NEED to tell this to others!!!!! Way to go Lila – may you be blessed as you reveal to our nation the TRUTH about abortion!!

    Through Jesus,

    (I’m sorry for such a long post, but I really wanted to share what was on my heart!!)

  • UGH this is absolutely aweful!!!! TO SAY A BABY IS NOT A BABY UNTIL IT IS BORN?!?!?! oh my word! They will literally say ANYTHING to scare those poor women into having an abortion! How sick and disgusting!

    Thank you so much for sharing Brett and Alex…will be posting on blog this week!

    Great job Lila and whole Live Action group!! Thanks for revealing the truth and don’t ever stop!

  • Thank you for what you are doing. Hopefully this will stop someone from succumbing to the lies like I did and regretting it for the rest of their lives. They also don’t want you to know that if you go through with it you will most likely suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, have diffidulty forming healthy relationships and will also likely have severe self-esteem issues! Please look at the reality of what you are doing before getting an abortion, speak to a crisis pregnancy counselor at a place that does not do abortions. The clinics who provide abortions are only there for one reason…to make money and this is how they do it. They don’t care about your well being, your emotional state, or your future! To them, you are just a part of the herd that they harvest from. Take it from someone who has been there!

  • WOW! Thats heaps awesome what they are doing! Good one em, I watched the video, that poor man, doing abortions for forty years, just think how many that would be! I bet he keeps count on how many he’s done and proudly tells people, they certainly have my prayers, thanks so much Alex and Brett for sharing!

  • Oh WOW. “So when does it become a baby?”/”Birth.” WHAT???? So two seconds before it’s born it’s not a baby and two seconds later it is? Hello!! This makes me so mad.

    Out of curiosity, did anyone notice that the abortion doctor was twirling his thumbs the whole time? Isn’t fidgety hands one of the unconcious signs of lying?

    This is a great quote made by Kathy Ireland in an interview: “I called Planned Parenthood and begged them to give me their best argument and all they could come up with that it is really just a clump of cells and if you get it early enough it doesn’t even look like a baby,” Ireland said. “Well, we’re all clumps of cells and **the unborn does not look like a baby the same way the baby does not look like a teenager, a teenager does not look like a senior citizen. That unborn baby looks exactly the way human beings are supposed to look at that stage of development.** It doesn’t suddenly become a human being at a certain point in time,” Ireland argued. “I’ve also asked leading scientists across our country to please show me some shred of evidence that the unborn is not a human being. I didn’t want to be pro-life, but this is not a woman’s rights issue but a human rights issue.”

    Great job everyone who is involved in this.

  • That is just terrible!!! I just counldn’t believe how, just, just, rude that lady seemed about it. Telling her that it was *not* a baby until the day it was born. And stressing the word ‘heart tones’ over ‘heart beats’. What a LIE!!!

    And I found myself laughing at the doctor. He kept starting to call her baby something and would change it to ‘the pregnancy’. I suppose he didn’t know what to call it. This is seriously messed up the way these people are murdering people, doing it legally, and sweet talking and lying to women to get it done!

    Anyway, Lila Rose and everyone else did excellent work! Great job, guys, keep up the good work!!!


  • I need some help – after watching this video, and going to this group’s website, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind! I feel like the Lord is trying to point me in the direction (and I have been seriously praying about this). But to be truthfully honest, I am scared; At work this year, I was teased for having political interests at only age 14 (and for being a girl!).
    I’m scared that people will make fun of me even more; and yet, I know that (eternally speaking) these things do not matter – I am called by God to obey him, no matter what the cost.
    One of the first things that the website says to do (to start the fight) is write an editorial to the local newspaper. (*Blush* I don’t even get the newspaper) Does this mean that I write a letter to the editor, or do the 30 seconds thing????? Thanks!

  • Ludicrous, lies, bunk, hypocrisy. It’s all in there. I heard two different times as to when the fetus “becomes a baby”. Then I heard the doctor say women die from having babies. This is the 21st century! We aren’t in prairie times here! I also love how they danced around the questions. Those doctors can dance rings around Fred Astaire! This kind of stuff makes me angry, sad, sick, and also fires me up to the fact that we are in a spiritual war and truth is being attacked. Let’s defend the Truth of Jesus Christ!!!

  • Wow! I just finished reading all of these comments. These are powerful words! We need to get out there and share it with everyone! We need to pray for the girls who are getting persuaded! We need to pray for the doctors who perform these abortions! we need to pray for a change!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • The most shocking thing which I don’t think has been said here is that they are killing the innocent for profit. They try to persuade people that they are doing good things to help people, but they are doing it only for the money! How sad will it be on judgement day for that doctor when God asks him why he murdered 100,000 (whatever the #) of His innocent, defenseless creations. The doc is proud of it now, but what will he say to God on that terrible day??!!

  • Abby, remember what Jesus said, “they hated me first”. When you stand up for what’s right you will make the prince of this world (Satan) mad, you will be ridiculed and persecuted. But in the end, it will be worth it. Paul counted it an honor to be persecuted for Christ. Talk to your Pastor and get some wise advice first but don’t ever not do something because of fear, action cures fear! Kind of like Nicole Nordeman’s song “I Will Be a Fool for You” Be strong, God is with you!

  • every human has rights and by killing a ‘fetus’ as they call it is MURDER. it is a human who just cant speak to you yet. would you kill a child who couldnt speak and was unable to communicate his wants?

  • they never said the word baby unless it was brought up. see there know they are doing the wrong thing. if they were okay with it they would be able to say baby without hesitation or any uncomfortableness. they are trying to make it right in their own minds

  • That. Is. Sick.
    Remember that we have the responsibility to fight this, not just to be disgusted by it. And make sure that you’re disgusted int he right way (that is, righteous anger, not self-righteousness. Way too easy to fall into the latter.)
    Abby: praying that God will give you strength to do His will. Remember that God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control (II Tim. 1:7).
    Thanks for digging into this, Lila and company.

  • He can just calmly say he has been murdering these children for 40 years…may GOD deal with him as he sees fit.
    When will the murder stop?

  • Abby, I think it’s awesome that God is calling you to take a stand. I’m only sixteen (and a girl), and there is definitely a lot of stuff people can say to put you down. I strongly recommend Pro-Life answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn. It’s an incredible book, and a strong argument for why we believe what we believe. I’ll be praying for you and for anyone willing to take a stand. Personally, I’ve been working at the Life Choices Pregnancy Center in my area. It’s just folding, sorting, and giving out baby and maternity clothes, but there are many jobs that need to be done. Pray about it, talk to a parent/guardian about any ideas, and research Pro-Life causes in your area.

    Oh, and in the interest of open discussion:
    Does anyone agree that it is wrong to lie about yourself in order to show a larger lie? We should get out the message on the lies abortion providers are spreading and the hidden biases there, but is lying about ourselves really the most honorable way to do God’s work? I notice that I’m the only one to bring this up thus far, and if anyone has any comments (positive or otherwise) I would be glad to hear them.

  • OK WOW!! I didn’t know that they went that far! THAT’S IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS! Seriously! I still am in shock! That is just soooooooo worng! Soooooo wrong!
    Thanks so much for posting.
    God Bless!

  • Abby,
    I know just how you feel!!!! God has really laid abortion on my heart lately, too!! (I’m 15, so we’re not too far apart in age!!!) One thing I did that has really blessed me was order Life Bands off the Bound 4 Life website. They don’t cost very much, so my whole Bible study group went in with me. The bands are real simple – just red rubber with LIFE printed on them. But what you do is every time you see the band on your wrist is pray for the unborn of our nation. It’s a simple, yet effective way to start getting involved in the pro-life movement. Also, I couldn’t agree more with Corrie – Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments is by far the best pro-life book I have ever read. Randy Alcorn’s answers to abortion arguments are profound, yet incredibly easy to understand.

    I’ll be praying that God opens up doors for you at your work, too!!! I know it’s hard when you’re rejected and mocked because of what you believe, but the Bible says that you are blessed when men persecute and revile you!! Just keep your mind focused on your goal – protecting the unborn of America!!! We need more young people to take a part in the pro-life movement – we can’t just leave it all to the adults!!! May the Lord continue to give you boldness as you take a stand for LIFE!!!!

    Through Jesus,

  • All life, no matter how small and supposedly ‘insignificant’ should NOT be toyed with in any way. Abortion is ‘toying with’ a life- and I highly doubt that God takes this issue lightly!!! Seriously, is abortion the way to handle a new life? May God continue to use people to open others eyes, and shine His light to expose the lies and deceit which is in our world today!

  • That makes me so sick.

    So sick!

    I could NOT believe what they were saying on this video, feeding the woman a bunch of lies! HOW could they not look at themselves and see their own heartlessness?? The doctor claims that he’s been mudering babies for FORTY YEARS. That IS a whole lot of abortions. And that makes me both ridiculously angry and impossibly anguished.

    America’s mentality is: Clean the environment! Go green! Save the trees! Kill the babies!

    No matter what kind of false light they shine on this sin, it IS murder, and nothing else. Each time she said, “This is not a baby,” it filled me with such anger at our country’s blindness! They don’t open their eyes because they don’t WANT to see!

    At the very moment — the very SECOND — an “embryo” begins “its” life, it is a diploid cell with 23 pairs of chromosomes. Its gender, eye/hair color, height, personality traits, and mental ability were created immediately! EVERYTHING he would need to develop into what he would become was THERE!

    It is NOT just a lump of tissues growing within the mother! It is a LIVING CHILD, with its own rights to life! We’re going to sit here and watch millions of precious babies be destroyed each year, claiming the mother decides whether or not it should live? No! That’s GOD’S decision, and His decision alone!!

    “The placenta is the organ that transfers nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood vessels to the baby’s. The baby is attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord, which holds the arteries/veins that carry the baby’s blood to the placenta, removing wastes as well. ONLY water, nutrients, oxygen, and wastes leave the placental tissue that separates the bodies of the mother and child!” — a Christian science book. Their blood supplies NEVER come in contact! It does NOT share the source of life — blood — with the mother; it is its own life! The only things it depends on from its mother are helping it perform functions that it’s not developed enough to perform on its own — just as any healthy, born baby would! So we just call it an unbiased part of the mother??

    “As a healthy baby grows, this tiny, fragile human being — starting life at only two incomplete cells — develops all the necessary organs… a heart, brain, lungs, bones, and all the other parts of his body! He can sleep, move, swallow, blink, hiccup, stretch, yawn, and even suck his thumb! He can HEAR his mother’s voice when she speaks or sings to him! He can hear her heartbeat!” He is perfect and precious in every way! What if we saw babies as God, the Creator of all people, sees them? As wonderful, indescribable, pure humans, with such innocence and naiveness that none of us can compare! They are so special to him — each one! All of us were babies once! Are we not grateful to our own mothers for not ending our lives as well? Will we tolerate the murder of creations that are like we once were? It happens on our own soil, for goodness’ sake! Whatever happened to “the land of the free, and the home of the brave”? Does courage mark these tragedies? A baby is NOT free to make its own decisions in this country! He’s a prisoner in the womb, unaware of what could happen to him! What has he done wrong? Why should WE have the power or decision to kill him as we see fit? God giveth and he taketh away! The Creator has the right to decide whether or not it should live! Our OWN lives are not even our own — we owe them to Him! So we should take the lives of others?

    “In 1973 the Supreme Court decided in the Roe vs. Wade case that an unborn baby was not a human and did not have the right to life. The majority ruling in this case declares, ‘A fetus is not a person under the Constitution and therefore has no protection under the Constitution.'” … What? America now doesn’t even protect its most fragile citizens? What has become of us? Surely God looks down and is overcome with grief as he watches his beautiful works of art being discarded as if it were no more than trash. George Bush, after he was elected President, said abortion was a “national tragedy.” I couldn’t agree more.

    I have a burning passion in this area. I hope to change this someday, along with all the others who stand up for what’s right. Thank you, Lila, for showing us all what it means to be a Rebelutionary! Thanks also to Rebekah and all the rest of you for exposing your feelings in this area. I hope this will cause people to stop, think, and save the lives of their children.

    In Christ,

  • By the way, I looked up “abortion” on an online dictionary, and it came up with:

    abortion: the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus; especially : the medical procedure of inducing expulsion of a human fetus to terminate a pregnancy

    Wow. It is just terrible.

  • Wow – thanks everyone for such wonderful imput!! Y’all make me cry – so thanks for all of the prayers, and all of the great ideas. I still do not know what I am going to do (except PRAY PRAY AND READ, AND PRAY SOME MORE) but I am trusting that the Holy Spirit will motivate me to do the right thing and take a stand!

    may God Bless you all ~

  • Scientists determine if something is alive if it:

    #1 Contains DNA

    #2 Can sense changes in its surroundings and respond to those changes

    #3 Can reproduce

    #4 Can extract nutrients from its surroundings and convert it to energy to sustain itself

    From the moment of conception the cells of the baby have DNA.

    People are finding out more and more how early babies can respond to sound, movement etc. They can respond to loud noises at even nine weeks

    If the cells of the baby could not reproduce, it would not be growing inside the womb.

    Obviously, the fetus receives nutrients from his/her mother and converts it into energy so he/she can continue to live and grow.

    So what kind of scientists are these people that say babies are not alive till birth when they are ignoring the facts!

  • Yes, that is true, but remember Stephanie: Science CAN NOT prove anything. (I learned that last year in school — and It still doesn’t make sense to me!)

  • This video made me so sick to my stomach!
    The lies they feed women are terrible, and horrific. It makes me so sad to know that girls believe these lies, believing there is no better answer to their situation.

    Just because you can’t breathe on your own, means you’re not human? How about all those people on life support at hospitals? Are they not humans also?

    My youngest sister is adopted, and my family also fosters babies while mothers make their decisions about adoption, so this is something I feel very strongly about.

  • I really don’t understand how people can do something like that. tell something like that. I wanna know what is going on in this people who are working there. I don’t think they are doing this out of no reason. there has to be something that brought them to the point, that they can stand there and tell lies. Maybe telling this lies so often that they even believe it.
    People don’t “hate” babys…or better, let babys die for no reason, without having something back in life that brought them to that point.
    I don’t want to protect them!! Really! I think it’s terrible and terrifying too! i work with kids and i totally love all of them, but I think we have to look at both sides. Why are they doing what they are doing? How can they kill those little babys?
    Maybe I’m too sentimental, but I could cry every time i hold one of this little ones in my arm and life is just such a miracle!
    Do I sound too psychologically? I don’t care =D. I think the people who work on this really do need help too! Also if it’s just to let a cold heart thaw!

  • Thank you for posting this. My first thoughts are obviously ones of anger and indignation at the lies coming from Planned Parenthood, but after reading all these comments a thought struck me… I can easily get carried away in my righteous anger at pro-choice advocates, but it is very hard for me to actually come to my senses and realize that no matter how many murders these doctors and abortionists have committed, they are still made in the image of a God who loves them, just the same as the babies they slaughter. Please God, give us hearts both of anger at wrong-doing, justice to obey Your will, and love to those who persecute us and Your babies.

    God bless Lila for her obedience to God and the way she displays His courage.


  • Martina, valuing life is not sentimentality. I believe you’re right. People don’t kill babies unless they are disturbed, deceived, or both. To deceive others is cruelty, to deceive yourself is tragedy.

  • Thanks SO much for sharing this movie. Abortion is a terrifying tragedy. And the lies people are willing to tell in support of it is just as tragic.

    May God change the hearts of the doctors involved, and the hearts of the expectant mothers.

  • corrie, valuing life…..that’s a good point. I think, if we would value another more it would change the world. If the people, in this specific example the women, feel that there are people who care about them. Who care about the need they have. For their situation they are in. Give them the respect they deserve. Love them as they are. I believe it would change so many things in this world. I believe it would even change the abortion problem.
    I think that our society lost the right way of treating each other. We can see it in TV, hear it in Music, see it on the streets. In Job. It’s everywhere. Our society is so self-involved (I hope that’s the right word! =D). If we would learn new, to stand up for the people around us. the people in need. If we would take our chance and speak for the people who can’t for themselves. If we would really start to see everybody like jesus sees them, then we would treat them the way jesus does.

    Love changes everything! we show them gods love. Gods Love changes everything.
    Not everyone want to take it. But there are so many people out there who would. And it’s our responsibillity to do it!

    We can start giving value a higher standard!

    Martina =)

  • here is a quick fact: if you got a abortion and donated half the money that you would have spent of you child to starving kids you could save 99 1/2 kids from starving to death.

  • Oh! An idea regarding ways to fight against this:
    Here’s the deal: the way to stop abortion isn’t so much to get abortion clinics to stop performing abortions. I mean, you could try, but it’s not very likely to get far. I’m thinking the way to go about it is to get to the women who are considering having an abortion done.
    The way I’ve thought of to do this is pretty simple, but I think it could have a huge impact. Get a book, like Randy Alcorn’s “Pro-life Answers to Pro-choice Arguments” and get it (or more than one copy) into your county library system. That way, women can get the material for free. Alcorn does a fantastic job in that book of addressing a lot of the classic issues (“It’s not a child” “It’s not fair to the woman” etc.)
    An idea. 🙂

  • I just read the front page of my local (Wisconsin) newspaper, and this story was covered. The article said that over 3,000 babies were aborted in 2008 in Wisconsin alone. I nearly cried. Thank you all for the work you are doing. Hopefully you will be able to save some lives.

    Soli Deo Gloria,
    Chanel V.

  • Gabreil, so if you killed one child, you would be able to save others. Have you ever heard of a principle called “the greater good”? It suggests that it’s okay to kill or lie as long as it would prevent the deaths or uncover the lies of others. This is morally acceptable by all the world’s standards. Good thing we’re going by God’s standards, otherwise, we would twist all the boundaries of absolute right and wrong. We should care for starving and thirsty children, and there are organizations that allow us to do just that in a way that is pleasing to God. If you’re interested in helping children in other parts of the world, I would strongly recommend you look into some of these. Dollar for a Drink is a good one that you can find on this site.

  • Alex and Brett-

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Words can’t express the sorrow in my heart after watching this. I think I now can understand better what God’s justified anger is. I just can’t grasp how “lawmakers” put people behind bars for murder when these people get paid for it, even supported for it. One quick question I had was how do you find a list of stores or companies that support abortion?


  • Right now, I am feeding my 1 year old baby sister ( I am the oldest of nine) and I can’t help thinking: what would our family be like if my mom had been told that, because of her age, it would be easier to have an abortion instead of going through with the pregnancy? Thankfully, her midwife is a Christian and didn’t even consider it!

    I feel so sorry for the people who perform these abortions; they honestly think they are helping our society. We need to be kind and compassionate to them, and pray hard that GOD will show them their errors.

    Thanks for showing this, guys!

  • It doesn’t matter what a doctor tells you abortion is still murder and that is illegal in the U.S. and it is wrong in the eyes of God doctors may have told patients that the sooner you get abortion done you dont have to worry about health risks for you other children but i know from talking with doctors this summer that if you go through with an abortion that your other children will have health problems and or birth deformities. On top of that the doctors that lie are not doing their patients any favors because they are putting themselves at risk because they could lose their license and their patients are also at risk.

  • God put these babies here for a reason and this is what people do to them. They don’t even have a chance to live………… if the parent didn’t want them they could at least give them up for adoption! Would you go and murder your friend would you? I don’t think so! Then why why why would they kill their son or daughter? God bless these people for they don’t understand like we as fellow rebelutionarys do.

  • I live in the Dominican Republic as a missionary with my family. We had the honor of having part of the Live Action team come here.. It was a blessing to have them here to help us win the fight against the legalization of abortion.. Thank God the new Dominican Constitution was passed that defends the right to life from the moment of conception to natural death.
    Thank you Live Action team for all your help!!!


  • If more people knew the history of Planned Parenthood and its founder’s ideas about reducing certain populations Planned Parenthood might not be so strong as it is now. PP not only promotes promiscuity and murder, it is fundamentally racist.

    Abby, my prayer is that you continue to do God’s will even if people make fun of you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you are too young to make a difference or too much a girl to be anything. YOU ARE A REBELUTIONARY! You are God’s warrior. The world doesn’t get that…but don’t let that stop you.

  • I was looking through the other day, and I typed in “Destiny” and in Thesaurus..Destiny is a Synonym of Pregnant. I thought that was really neat!

  • By the way, Abby, I am praying for you! You CAN make a difference with God’s help! We all can! I know just how you feel, because I sometimes have so many of the same thoughts! I’m young, and I too feel kind of useless sometimes, like there’s something He’s calling me to do, but I don’t know HOW to do it, or I’m too scared to try! Don’t give up! You’re strong with God behind you! Don’t let anyone discourage you, no matter WHAT they say or do!

    Elizabeth: That’s a really great idea! It’s true that it would be much harder (and possibly less effective) to target the clinics/hospitals, but if someone could reach the broken women themselves, they might be able to make a larger impact! Because really, the women need to hear about God’s love. Maybe there could be some way to visit them at hospitals when they’re considering abortion and speak to them, or give them a book — like the one you mentioned.

    I’m really praying about this, and want to do something! Please pray for Abby and myself that God would show us His will and that we wouldn’t be afraid to do it!

    I will ask Him to be with you and strengthen you, Abby, as you seek after Him!

  • Wow. This is so sad. Those ‘doctors’ are lying blatantly in order to get more money. It is so sad.

    Thank you for posting this, Alex and Brett.


  • abortions are absolutely sick and wrong in my opinion. If you’re a pregnant teenage mom who is scared to death about what to do and is only thinkning of how much a baby would mess up her life right now then it’s so easy to buy into the lies they feed you when you walk into the clinics. Doctors know when they literally syck the life out of women that they are killing their would-be kid! They know that if THEY didn’t kill it, it would live to be someone someday. They just can’t make killing babies legal by saying “We’re going to kill your kid and possibly damage your organs, but hey now you don’t have to deal with it anymore!!” They have to make it sound fine and wonderful. I agree with anyone who states that this is a bunch of balogney. It’s not natural to get your baby sucked out of you, or cut out of you, or burned to death. This is another example of how messed up our nation is. This is obviously going on worldwide, and the more people that are told the truth, the more like it will be closed down.

  • Thanks for posting this. What a good reminder of the reality and presence of sin. To think I have been saved from such a perverted way of thinking–it’s humbling. But isn’t it wonderful to know that the glorious gospel of God can change anything? The the glory of the gospel is that Jesus Christ saves–and not just human lives, but eternal souls as well. Do we not feel compassion for the doctors, for the women who have undergone abortion? I think we get so caught up with fighting the evil (even altruistically) that we forget to look deeper and see that the real power to change is only in the gospel and the glorious grace of God. Thanks again for the post.

  • Wow. This post literally left me shocked. Killing innocent babies for profit is simply barbaric. I mean what right does anybody have to do that? A baby isn’t just some mistake that can simply be erased or aborted. It’s not just a blob of tissue, its living, it like us is made in the image of Christ. My heart literally tears knowing that some people see nothing wrong with the MURDER of a innocent little baby. Thank you so much for making us aware of this injustice. I wish the best for you and pray the Lord continues to bless you with a spirit of boldness amongst ALL adversary.

    God Bless,

  • This video is so disgusting, and heartbreaking. This is a subject that really irritates me…I even talk with women about how birth control is an abortion…

    It was scary how calm the doctor was, while he was lying. I wonder if he really believes what he is saying? It seemed like he would argue his ideas without giving up. This is so horrible…

    I once saw a bumper sticker that said:
    Choose life-your mom did.

  • Hello Rebelutionaries-

    I am looking for a reliable source of stores/companies (such as Target) that support abortion. I want to stop buying things that fund this terrible practice. Can anyone help me? Thanks for any help you can give!

    Under the Mercy,

  • Hey everyone,
    I know that everyone has been talking about how horrible this is, but do you know that you can help? One way that you can help is to go volunteer at a pro-life clinic where they tell women the truth about their babies, and give them support and counseling. Some ladies in my church are extremely active in pregnancy centers here in Las Vegas. The center has saved hundreds of unborn lives and brought many of their mothers into the Kingdom of Heaven! This video gave me a new sense of horror at the lies that are derived from the Father of Lies himself! So if you want to help, that would be a great venue to get involved in!
    In Christ,

  • I’m not going to lie, I became nearly out-of-my-seat angry when the video mentioned they want women to get abortions because it’s GOOD FOR THEIR BUSINESSES!! Hello? Is anybody taking a hint here? Abortionists (is that the correct term?) are slaughtering helpless, unborn BABIES (please, let’s say it like it is. We’re all mature individuals who can handle the truth) to make a buck. All politics and business aside, this is wrong. I found it very interesting that the dr. mentioned that at twenty weeks or thirteen weeks or whichever later date she would come in for the actual abortion it would be harder for her. I’d like to know what he meant by that. Would she regret her decision? Would she have to think twice? Ugh! This is one of the reasons I plan to go to college for Biblical counseling. I want to counter these foolish lies and help the women struggling with them.

    You know, if you believe in evolution then abortion is actually a logical conclusion. Think about it, if we really did evolve then people are the end result but not necessarily the intention – the process managed to complete itself by the time we rolled around. A baby is the intended result but while it’s in the uterus it’s still evolving and would be just a mass of cells waiting to become a child. So then the whole “not a baby” thing flows pretty naturally from evolution. That wasn’t well or eloquently argued but you understand what I’m trying to say.

  • Does Target really support abortion? That is awful!

    Pregnancy centers are a great place to start. I do “The Walk for Life” every year…but am considering volunteering at the center in my town. Thanks for mentioning this Victoria!

  • That’s right by my home. I called there asking for an interview for a project my freshman year and (I believe it was the first lady they talk to) hung up on me after I explained that I was only 14, not pregnant, and notcalling to schedule an abortion. She was angry. I was disgusted then, I’m even more so now.




  • so sad to see how many people are given misimformation and led to wrong decision.
    People are under the darkness and Satan’ power. But, we have the true light, the light that darkness could not overcome!!!
    Let us be the light in this dark world. Tell the truth!!!

  • Hey Everyone Reading This,

    People who are going to planned parenthood ARE bein mislead and well even if they have an unplanned pregnancy they should not abort their baby it is murder this is a forming moving breathing child and in the bible it says God has a plan for every life even the unplanned ones so I mean why question Gods authority he knows that people are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant without planning to and he has a plan for that and the life being produced out of it do NOT question God he is almighty and so aborting these babies is murder and going against God….yes you will go thru hardships but lifes not all easy and Gods glory will shine in the end thru the situation….just my two cents

    Under the Blood,

  • This is horrible! Thank you guys for sharing this with us. As soon as I got done watching this video I shared it with every one I knew. I had to……that was so sad and shocking. We all need to help with this because abortion is such a widespread and horrible thing. Support the cause! God Bless.

  • Thats awful! and the thing that makes me upset is that they weren’t just giving the facts, they were trying to convince her into having, an abortion. It’s sickening that people are willing to kill, to get money.

    I’m definatly praying for this ministry

  • As a student nurse I’ve always wondered how they define what is a “baby” and what is a “fetus.” In order for a fetus to change into a baby, you’ve gotta have some notable physical or chemical change. Otherwise, it’s the old “you say to-mah-to and I say to-may-to.” Like on the video: “When does it become a baby?” “Seven months.” Well, what if they’re born early? Does that mean it’s a fetus until it reaches its due-date? My grandpa was born 3 months early – was he just a fetus for four weeks, and then all of a sudden he was a baby? These doctors just don’t think it through – there is no notable change that makes a fetus into a baby. Except birth, which really doesn’t change the fetus at all – birth is a process, not a change. Keep up the good work, Lila!!

  • I can’t believe that they call the infants a “tissue” (or “fetus”)! If God made the “tissue” just to be killed, then why would God make them at all?! I personally cannot believe that people think that a infant is not alive until it’s completely born! If it was that way, then how else would infants get to the point of “aliveness” as one put it. I even heard that one Christian doctor was fine with abortions. Why? Because she believed that a baby wasn’t alive until it took it’s first breath. To her, that was when it was born. We just need to pray that God will open the eyes of more people to see the beauty of what he has created. After all, prayer is the best kind of help. But- I still want to do SOMETHING! This is nerve- racking!!!

  • Thats really scary! They are doing everything they possibly can to get theses people tokill their unborn babies.

  • What do thaes Pro-Chose think is the diffrence between a Unborn BABY and Ya’ll. Let me tell you
    L:levele of dependency
    E: enviroment
    D: devlpoement
    none of them seperate human from non-human? think about it whats the difrence read SLED again and youl see not “not much difrence”
    And also did ya’ll know that abortion is a main a part of Euginics! please say YA’ll know what that is.

  • Excuse me, but in philosophy, life requires consciousness. Is an embryo conscious? Not that I know of. You must also understand that your language is most biased. And really, are all abortions done because people do not want children? How about the 11-year-old Romanian who was abused? And should an INDEPENDENT group not study this isntead of people from either side?

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  • Advertise the Open Forum to students. Tap the resource which is the leaders of Pupil Organizations. Donít make it so damn difficult to do everything that needs performing on this campus by burying me inside a mountain of paper.

  • The abortion clinic that they did this in is only like 15 min. from my house!!! I am extremely angry that they tell these women this. I can’t believe that anyone believes that after taking biology, it is perfectly clear. The Bible also shows that it is a baby way b4 it is born. John the Baptist leaped in his mothers womb, she was around six months pregnant at the time. WOW!

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  • OK, so not to discurage people from wanting to stop this horrible act, but shouldn’t we be more concerned with the kids that are starving and homeless that are ALREADY here? I mean, yes, it is bad, but I think we should help kids that are already HERE….. not kids that aren’t…. plus, that girl LIED. That’s In the TEN COMMANDMENTS!!!!!!!!! I just dont really support what she did.

  • Thank you for posting this video alex, these people are CRAZY!!!!this video is so eye opening. I noticed they kept repeating. ” but its nota baby, it’s not a baby” THEN WHAT IS IT?!?!?!!!! And the doctors like, um it’s a thing in your uterus come on! Seriously?

  • *Sniff* This is so sad. Seriously, how would you feel if you were just hanging around, sleeping or something, then BOOM! Mom decides, “u know what, I don’t think I can handle Bob living here anymore. Bye-bye Bob!” And then ZAP! You get kicked out of the house and thrown in a garbage can with no warning or choice. Oh, wait, one difference….You’d still be alive!

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