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Christian Teen Group’s Video “The Thaw” Goes Viral


PolicyMic • May 9, 2013 • T. Chase Meacham (Photo Credit: YouTube)

A new video released last month by the Christian youth group “Reach America” calls for teens to join a “Christ-centered counter-culture,” or “C4.”

They claim their traditional opinions on abortion and gay rights have put them at odds in an increasingly secular and accepting society, resulting in anti-Christian bullying in schools and persecution because of their religious beliefs.

“The Thaw,” which went viral on Monday jumping from a few hundred views to almost 50,000, begins with a montage of Christian teens bemoaning a series of questions: “Why can’t I pray in school? Why do I have to check my religion at the door?

“Why am I called names because I believe in marriage the way God designed it?”

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Wow. THAT will sure get you pumped up. 🙂 That’s so encouraging to know that other young people DO care.

      • Denise, your comment demonstrates exactly why many people dislike fundamental christianity – “show the world who is boss”, guaranteed to get a counter-reaction from the more balanced people out there.

        • Yeah, rethink your wording, Denise. Also, check this stuff with the Bible. I am a humble Christian, not someone of another religion trying to disprove u. I think they’re wrong in their conception of physical battle recommend you find what the Bible has to say. I can’t remember exactly where, but in one of Paul’s letter is an entire passage on “The Armor of God”. Sorry to be so inaccurate. I think the battle is against our own sin and Satan, to allow the Holy Spirit living through us to lead others to salvation. Period. End of story.

  • These teens are to be commended for standing up for what they believe is right, however I feel they may be misguided on what both our laws and the Bible have to say about these matters. First of all, our nation is not a Christian nation. We’d like to think it is, but it is not. It is a secular nation. We point back to the pilgrims as martyrs coming for freedom to practice their religion, and this is so. Our constitution also was based on Christian principles. For this we can be grateful. Now however, both the people and government of America are secular. These young people seem to be fighting for a return to a Christian nation. I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen. Some things, like abortion, can be changed. But in a world where people do not want God, there will be no Christian nation.
    Secondly, the court cases of ’62 and ’63 do not prohibit students from reading their Bibles or praying in schools, it prohibits teachers from doing so during class. I realize that this has been misused against students occasionally, but that is the exception not the rule. Errors in facts such as this discredit believers and their movements to non-believers.
    Third, these young people are asking “why” they are being bullied for their faith and choices. John 15:18-25 sheds some light on this. I’ll include verses 18&19 here. “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” The reality is that Christ told us over and over again that people will be prejudiced against us, bully us, and persecute us. We have had it so easy for so long in America that even the slightest little bullying upsets us. And yes, I do believe what these young people mention is just the “slightest little bullying”. I’m currently in India as a missionary kid teacher, and believe me, you have seen nothing as far as persecution goes. I realize that if possible we should try to stand up for the “rights” given by our country while we can, but the truth is that Christ never guaranteed those things. We should be so grateful that the “persecution” we’re getting in America is as non-problematic as it is. We still have the freedom to worship and to evangelize–what more could you want? The rest of the world would be glad for those freedoms. I know. Life is a lot more complicated in the rest of the world for believers. My friend Laxmi (from here in India)met some Christian friends in college who began talking with her about their faith. She became interested and started hanging out with them all the time. Her family was very concerned and ultimately told her to leave these friends or leave home. She left home. Her friends brought her to the missionary family I’m teaching and they took her in. Eventually, they led her to the Lord. When her family learned that Laxmi became a Christian and was marrying a Christian man, they forced her to sign a paper agreeing never to speak to any of her family again in exchange for not being harassed by them. None of her family attended her wedding or has spoken to her since. Many young girls who become believers are married off by their families to older Hindu men and beaten into submission to the Hindu religion for the rest of their lives. Really ya’ll, do you honestly think you have it that bad?

    Finally, Public Schools are just that-public schools. If you want the right for Christians to speak out about their faith in schools you’re going to have to be okay with that being the same for Muslims, New-Agers, and Atheists. I don’t think many people would be okay with that. You have the option of choosing a private school or homeschooling if you want more freedom at school. If you want to stay in public school in order to change the culture then you should probably check out what the New Testament says about persecution (Start with the John 15 passage) and be prepared for what comes instead of whining about it.

    The way to change the culture and the world is by making use of the freedoms we have–evangelism, media, churches–to point people to Jesus rather than wasting our time fighting for what is lost.

    • I see your point…however, if John Wesley had said that the evil in England was too much for him and that he would just wait for God to take care of it, there would never have been revivals in Europe and America. If people say nowadays that this is the end and lets just wait it out until Jesus comes, nothing will get done in the world in the context of Christianity. I know the world is evil and will continue to be so until the Lord returns, but how can we just sit by and do nothing when the world needs people who are willing to stand against the crowd?

      • She isn’t saying to do nothing, just don’t be overly protective of what we have. While it genuinely hurts us, we appear selfish and reactive trying to keep what we have had. This would hurt our witness for Christ but if we were selfless, though not passive, being wronged, some would look and wonder how we are different. I think it may be for the better that this is happening. We have these freedoms but never take advantage of having them to share the Gospel openly, without fear. However, whenever there is persecution the Church seems to thrive, which is because we must rely on God. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” In Acts 5 the Apostles were rejoicing they were counted worthy to be persecuted. I agree we shouldn’t be complaining about this so much but as Tanya aptly put, “be prepared for what comes instead of whining about it.”

    • Thank you for voicing this perspective! Far from “sitting by and doing nothing” this is a call to focus fleeting time and energy on that which lasts for eternity. We simply cannot afford the mistake of pointing lost people towards a moral or political stance in the hopes that there they find Jesus Christ!

      It is my prayer that teens in the trenches of political persecution would pour over God’s word to get HIS perspective on their situation, embrace the chance to show unbelievable love to their enemies, and see God transform the hearts–as well as the behaviors–of their classmates.

      The passion these teens have to fight for what is right has great potential if they continue to surrender it to their “Commander” for direction.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Thank you. Also, I think they misunderstood biblical militant views. The Bible says to win your victories with love, not spend all your time zeroing your guns. I think they confused Christ’s Battle with Satan and our Battle with sin as a call to become aggressive, defensive, and unloving.

    • Each of us have it bad in our own way… at school I am taught that religion is something we have to break out of, a box that holds us from the outside world. That we are enclosing ourselves in our own minds with things that aren’t true. That the Bible was made up by a group of people just so that they could have SOMEONE to believe in.

      It may not be like persecutions in India, but it does affect what young people thing about God.
      Not everything is lost! We’re with God! The creator of the earth! The creator of all people!

      I have learned that we should not lose ourselves in things we can’t do… but with God, everything is posible! With God we can always be prepared for what comes. Stand up to it. We have to DO HARD THINGS!

      I am a missionary kid in Argentina, it’s not India, but it’s a country that has a corrupt government… I go to a PRIVATE school and that’s what they teach me!

      Last month I stood up against Halloween. It was the first year my school was celebrating it. I got insulted and teased because I was NOT going to dress up as Devils and Goths like every other kid in the school. That was my chance to do hard things! I told my Atheist teachers about the gospel… their shyest little student from was actually speaking to them! WOW!
      They listened to me and asked questions…
      I’ve been told to break out of my box. But all I want to do is expand it! Show people what’s in the inside! How lives can be changed like so many I have seen here! How a teen from a public school, who cuts himself, can come to church and realize “Hey! I can actually talk to God! He actually hears me!” And I have seen huge changes in kids like that! He didn’t come from a Christian family or school, but he understood what it is like to be loved by God!

      Everyone needs Gods love! So we can’t give in! Because God does hear us! He is with us! I have realized that an easy life is not worth living, because with God… anything is possible!!!

    • I’m not saying that it’s the same everywhere, but where I live every religion but Christianity is allowed. It is only people who hold Christian beliefs that are told to be quiet when they ask questions about the legitimacy of the THEORY of evolution. It is only Christian students who get points off on essays because they included a line about how God got them through their struggle. I am perfectly okay with other religions being allowed to share – because they already are. I want an equal chance.

  • I think their heart is beautiful- that they want to stand up for what they believe in. BUT we do have to expect persecution and God says the world is going to get worse not better as His Return approaches. I think that if we try and convert America back to a Christian nation, we WILL fail because this world is under the sway of the wicked one and we are not living under God’s rule on earth (aka. millennium reign). God never promises that America is the hope of the world or the light of the world- His church is.

  • While I applaud the passion of these children, I’m concerned about some of the activities and articulation which perpetuate some of the sterotypes of “conversative, home-schooled, red-white-blue Christians. There are no inalienable rights – period. Our founding documents simply and only provide a few privilidges reached by consensus. Lets not confuse the call of duty to the eternal Kingdom with our aromas 13 obligation to submit to the kings of this age. Our calling is to pursue holiness, expect suffering and persecution, and engage our culture by being in while not of it – RELATE TO THE CULTURE. Don’t see how “different” you can be in the name of Christ. We have an obligation to prayer, but not a right to it. Paul understood well the notion of rendering to the king (President & government) what falls under that sphere. Again, great passion. Lets direct that passion to ministry that will equip us to engage our culture while being at peace with all men.

    • What do you mean by relate to the culture? Also, the Bible says as much as you can, be at peace with everyone so it will not be possible for us to be at peace with everyone but we must strive for it.

      • Thanks for the spelling correction. Yes, I did mean Romans 13.
        By relating I mean that which Paul likely meant. He went out of his way, particularly in language and metaphor, to relate to his culture. As opposed to an antagonistic disposition, we might ought to find points of connection, ask lots of questions in our discourse (see Bahnsen), and retort softly to turn away anger. As believers we’re not in the business of defending America (Rome). Rather, we ought to be attacking the underlying presuppositions that lead culture away from the truth.

    • When they were speaking of inalienable rights, they were quoting the Declaration of Independence. One of the founding documents of our nation. Our nation was FOUNDED upon the idea of those inalienable rights. And they were stated as inalienable rights in the Declaration. And as far as the Romans 13 “obligation to submit to the kings of this age”, that doesn’t mean we have to be meek little servants for the nonChristain leaders in our country. When Paul was prosecuted, he worked the system. And preached the gospel while doing it. Romans 13 is not a call to stop trying to make things better or bring people to Christ – it is (see Romans 14, especially verse 15) a thought that maybe it would be easier to preach the gospel if we weren’t all sitting in jail cells and thought of as criminals, as well as a reminder that God won’t put anything in our way that will stop us from spreading the message. The commandment to obey God trumps the commandment to obey your parents, and it certainly trumps the commandment to obey your government. And we are called very clearly in Matthew 28:19-20 to make disciples. (And see 2 Peter 3:8-9. He wants everyone saved.)

  • Hey guys, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but I found a link to a video that “disproves” and makes fun of this video a couple days ago. It was of course biased and slanted towards atheism but if you guys find this video, what do you think of it? How can you disprove some of the statements made in it?

      • I’m not saying that it’s wrong. I agree with every point they make. Edit: I agree with every point they make in the Christian video of course…

  • Also, a group of people that spews hate towards minorities (like homosexuals) has no right to complain about bullying.

  • The teens should be ostracized by the US government for making US teens look extremely dumb. There’s no oppression of Christianity in the US, just reduction of it’s irrational hold over US culture for the betterment of the nation in creating a level playing field for all cultures and religions. A private Christian school would end their pain. From here on the other side of the world, we are glad these teens don’t live here and lower our average IQ. Especially the boy who demonstrated by his comment that he is a member of one of the dumbest, most idiotic groups on planet Earth, namely the Intelligent Design/Young Earth Creationist fraternity. My Christian scientist sister left the room in disgust as soon has she heard his comment. Just don’t let those teens over here, we value our high IQ average.

    • I am a teenage student from the same nation as the teens in this video. I happen to have an above 4.0 GPA if intelligence matters here. I mean no disrespect to you, but I feel like the video has true statements. Perhaps it’s different where you live, but I personally have been sent to speak with the dean of students/director of school discipline for simply telling a fellow classmate that I was praying for him. Not being able to express my religion in a place where I spend roughly 40% of my time each week is a painful experience. Again, I mean no disrespect and understand that you have a different opinion and your own culture with different laws. I just personally can strongly relate to these teenagers.

  • lets remember Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • I don’t know why I cried while watching the video. But one fact remains, not only in America that every youth shall stand for God, but unto the ends of the earth.

    Hopefully, our country too, the Philippines, which they say is a Christian country, but missing the heart of Christ would and will be change…

    Youth Power in Christ!

  • I’ve read most of the comments made by others in favor or against the previous article/video. To me personally their message is correct. Although we do live in the last days, it is still truly important that we desire to let others know our stand for Christ; because if it is not evident to you, everyone seems to be trying to push Christ out of every equation. Personally, i do not live in America itself but in one of its territories. Everyday I see the ridicule of Christians who stand up for what they believe in. Sadly, its becoming more frequent. As a teenager myself, i want others to know Christ is truly important to me. Some previous commenters referred to the fact that Christians cannot say they are being bullied when they bully others themselves. I find America has become a place where being politically correct is preferred, but in reading Scripture Jesus said what he had to say whether it be wrong or right. On the other hand, i find many Christians put certain sins in higher “categories” than others, condemning others for their sin when they should be really treating the disease and not the symptom. We are all sinners in need of God’s divine grace. When we focus on showing others our love for Christ and how He can change your life forever, instead of looking at the sins of others, that is when we will see people start to change. I know, that is exceptionally hard in America right now when God is the last thing some people want to talk about, but we definitely need to show them anyhow. As teens living for Christ sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zones to really stand up for Christ. Not a fan by Kyle Idleman for teens is an amazing book about just that that has changed my life forever. To those who believe Christians try to belittle the views of others to make everyone believe there own, If i could ask for their forgiveness I would. I am sure some Christians have but I have never seen it personally. Every time I have seen someone give their own personal view to a Christian, i have seen that Christian accept it and give their own personal view without anger or hate. So overall i liked the message it portrays even though some may have their own opinion of it and may take its message out of context.

  • I agree that Christians are put under the belt in America even though THAT is unconstitutional not the bible but different people respond to the belt differently they either take it or rebel against unjust action please respond which side you choose

  • I like the vedio and the discussion that followed, just remember that when satan took Jesus up and showed him every nation that would be and told Jesus he would give them to him, he never disputed with satan, satan is the god of this evil age we live in, he controls the nations, remember his desire is to be like God, many people worship the enemy and don’t know it, “in vain do the worship me/Christ” “but Lord didn’t we……depart from me you workers of iniquity…..” this nation will never turn back to the real truth, remember it was the religious people of the day that claimed to know truth that crucified our Lord ….. There (Jerusalem) They (priest and religious people) crucified (the worst death imaginable) our Lord (God in flesh), and they are doing it again today

  • abused, bullied, hated. Six years I spent in America was nothing but evil. Fourth grade to 8th grade bruises, tears, and hopeless was conquering me. Until I heard about Christ. HE showed me the way, He forgave me, and most of all HE LOVE US. The six years of pain is now gone Christ comforts me, I am His follower.

  • What you all are doing C4 is amazing, and I believe that if you all keep it up. A huge difference can be made within our generation. Stand up for what we believe, no matter what obstacles there are in this world.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  • WOW nice job using scripture and the Constitution. I totally agree i was public schooled for two years and was made fun of for wearing something modest.

  • We can change are schools we can change are state we can change are country and are world one teen at a time.

  • I have just recently graduated college. I know I am no longer a teenager, but this was how I felt in highschool. I am struggling to find a way to reach the christian teens in my area and support them in a mission exactly like this! This film brought tears to my eyes! Keep fighting the good fight. God is a good God!

  • This may have been almost exactly how I felt in high school and middle school when I was an awkward teenager who thought I knew everything, but watching this made me cringe. I’m so sorry. This is sarcastic, cliche, and exactly what you’d expect. This is now what Christianity is about.

  • i may not be in highschool yet but i still see this in middle school. even tho i go to a christian private school i see this!! i agree with this! we should all fight!!

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