rebelling against low expectations

Everyday Ways to Rebel Against Low Expectations


If you have read Do Hard Things you probably are wondering where to start. How do we change the low expectations society has for teenagers? Not all of us have the time, opportunity, or ability to graduate early or be a teen campaign manager; but there are basic things everyone can do.

What will we do differently? You may want to brainstorm, but here are a few ideas:

  • Be less dramatic. This is one of the key things people think about when they hear “teen”.
  • Act older. This one is not all that hard. It is pretty easy for people to think you are a couple years older. Simply imitate the manner of people older than you — people who are mature and responsible.
  • Spend your time more wisely. Suffering grades are not impressive; and they certainly do not show maturity. Nearly everyone would rather be with their friends, or watching a movie, but take the time to study, it will be worth it. Managing your time wisely not only shows maturity, but responsibility, self-control, and competence.
  • Don’t be too loud. Ever passed a group of teens talking loudly; with everyone else else just looking at them and shaking their heads? Don’t be a part of this problem. Keep the volume at a respectful level.

There is a multitude of other things. Go ahead, make a list — you may be surprised. This is what we can actively do in our everyday lives.

We can also encourage others to join The Rebelution cause. Imagine, multitudes of people rising above low expectations and doing hard things — little things, big things; while helping the world and changing the view of other teens, parents, youth workers, politicians, teachers, etc.

It is time to take action. When people notice your high maturity level; tell them about your cause.

Let’s say there are 25 million teens in the United States and that 50,000 of them decide to join The Rebelution and rebel against low expectations. If each of those 50,000 teens were able to get 5 people (of any age) to join The Rebelution this year there would be 250,000 rebelutionaries next year.

If those 250,000 did the same thing there would be a total of 1,250,000 people living out the Rebelution message! If this happened yet again; in five years that number would rise to 156,250,000 — almost half the population of the United States! I think you get the point.

It is estimated that the average person meets 100,000 people in their lifetime; so this should not be too hard.

Even something as simple as being friendly to the cashier or waitress, or reading Do Hard Things while waiting in the sitting room for your doctor’s appointment can work.

Personally I love to read, and I find it very common for people to ask me what I am reading. It makes a great conversation starter; and a time to explain your cause.

This is the generation of change, what will that change be? Change comes from people; so I will quote Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So go, take a stand, spread the word, and change yourself.

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About the author

Brittany Collett

is an ambitious 14-year-old striving to rise above the low expectations with the help of the Lord. She is currently planning to graduate high school 2-3 years early; and plans to become an industrial engineer while doing part time writing and speaking. She loves school and is especially interested in math, psychology and science.


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By Brittany Collett
rebelling against low expectations

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