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6 Ways To Achieve Your Dreams


Chances are, you have an idea, passion, or dream that you have no idea what to do with. Young people are especially excited to do something valuable with their lives. Have you ever recognized the amazing opportunities God has prepared for you to take part in, but wondered, How in the world do I get there? Be encouraged; your dreams are within your reach.

Deciding what to do with your personal dreams has the ability to haunt or inspire— leading some to do the impossible, yet crippling others in fear. Young people around the world carry stories of fearless attempts to break free from an apathetic generation.

What if we don’t have to wait until we are 45 and “experienced” to start chasing our dreams? What if our concept of moving toward our dreams is all wrong? What if we lived with expectancy, in full hope that our dreams would become the reality rather than a glorified possibility?

At the age of 16, I was confident for the first time God had given me a dream bigger than myself and he wanted me to act on it. I was being called to start a ministry bringing the youth of the city together to pray, worship, and change the world as one body. I was expectant God would move.

However, as I prayed, I began to doubt the vision God had clearly given me. I was 16 — still in high school, not a professional, not a graduate, not a pastor, not one who had the “work free set-up” to see my dreams become a reality.

As I expressed my fears to the Lord, I vividly remember asking, “Don’t I have to be older? Don’t I have to have a college degree?” His answer was simple: “No.”

No? What? But… My excuses were nearby and nagging. I was doing my best to remind God of who I was not, and He simply reminded me of who I was. I was His, and so were my dreams, and so was the process of watching them become my reality.

Over the next several years, I learned about myself, the Lord, and following my dreams as I saw the Lord perform miracles. I would take one step, and He would take one, which was usually much larger than my own. There have been several times in my life where I have trusted God, tried hard things, and seen God fulfill dreams. It is possible and not left to luck or fate.

The following are basic steps that may help you journey toward seeing the dreams in your heart become a reality in your hands.

1) Jump

Never be afraid to start something great. If you are diligent, honest and hard-working, you will be shocked at what you will accomplish and learn. If you succeed, great job. If you fail, you learned. If you sat, you neither learned nor succeeded. Never start moving without counting the cost, but when it comes to jumping in or staying put, ensure the reason you are staying put is not fear.

2) Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Some of the biggest lessons I have learned are from my mistakes. Embracing those mistakes, writing them down, and not letting yourself forget them is key. Never beat yourself up, but embrace and learn from your failures so you can become a more responsible steward in the future with the dreams God has given you.

3) Face Your Fears

Identify your fears and recognize they are real. Writing down what is holding you back, and why you are afraid will help you identify the true problems. At times, you may be held back because you don’t feel you have the qualifications, degree, or experience to accomplish your goal. But you can still invest in preparing yourself for that dream.

When you are not doing anything about your dreams because you are young, because of what people will think, or because you are afraid of failing, you know these are all fears that have been spoken to us by the enemy, who does not want us to succeed. By identifying our set-backs, we can determine whether or not they are legitimate or not. Evaluate your obstacles, step back and continue to pray and learn.

4) Pray

The most significant difference you will make will be on your knees. Commit regular time to praying specifically about the dreams God has given you.

5) Never Stop Learning

What we commit to learning will determine what opportunities we are prepared to take in the future. Surround yourself with opportunities to learn about subjects related to your dream. Meet people doing similar things, go to conferences and seminars, read books, write, watch documentaries…the opportunities to learn are endless. Do whatever you can to learn as much as you can about what God has called you to.

6) Find A Mentor

Find people that are older who believe in you, and hang out. Simple. At some point in our life we will realize we need the support of mentors and leaders to succeed. The earlier we embrace it, the better. Find people older than you who can be completely candid and trustworthy. Find someone who loves the Lord, who believes in you and commit to spending time with them regularly .

At the end of the day, your dreams are in God’s hands. But God has chosen to fulfill his dreams through your hands. Most people watch their dreams fade away or die. Don’t watch from a distance, pursue them.

If you have a passion, an idea, or a dream that lines up with God’s redemptive plan for this earth, commit to prayer, learning, and never be afraid to jump in head first. When you fail, you learn and are comforted by an amazing Father. Let yourself be encouraged and challenged by mentors as you run the race you were created to run. Your dreams are within your reach.

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About the author

Seth Silvers

is committed to inspiring a young generation to pursue their dreams with everything they have. Seth was a part of founding two youth movements in his teenage years including Thirst United and a campus prayer movement. Seth currently works as the Marketing Director for Heartwork, helping to encourage and inspire a youth to live for the sake of others in need.


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  • I’ve been trying to decide which dreams to chase, and which would serve me best. I think God might be calling me to serve him in the orphanage my little sister was adopted from, but I don’t know what to do now to prepare for that now.

    Right now I’m planning to start an Etsy shop for my knitted patterns and items, and pursue my writing and music.

    Thank you for this article.

  • thank you seth! everyone who has dreamed, and been inspired by others who accomplished them, has struggled with the issues you outlined above, me included:) Really appreciate the tips, insights, and encouragement you’ve shared. May they help many others too! 🙂

    • Ci Chong, I am so glad you were encouraged by these lessons. All of them were learned from the experience of trying to follow the dreams God has given us. Stay encouraged and confident as you push forward and never get discouraged when it gets tough!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • When I was 19, God gave me a dream of leading a big ministry. Because bigger ministries mean more people are being blessed and being led to the Lord. But I still have not successfully led even a single person to the Lord. How can I even lead thousands to Jesus?

    Then my faith in God became lukewarm and that dream faded away. I moved to another church because I felt suffocated in my old church. I had forgotten about that dream.

    While I was reading this post, God reminded me of my forgotten dream. My spiritual walk with him is still weak and inconsistent. He reminded me that He still wants to use me to fulfill that dream. He still wants me to lead a big ministry that will lead thousands to the Lord and disciple thousands. But I don’t know where to start. I’ve lost the excitement that I once had when God gave me that dream. I was so discouraged. It’s like I’m back to Level 1 or something. I have poor leadership skills, and worse, my people skills are so inadequate.

    God assures, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13). Since God is not giving up on me, I should not give up, either. I can still fulfill that dream, but not on my own. I need God’s help. Thank you for your encouraging message, Seth.

    • Janine, that is an incredible story and I am encouraged this article could help you to realize God wants you to continue moving forward towards your dream. Dreams go through different seasons, sometimes we are supposed to nurture them and pray, other times we are meant to go and do it! Don’t be discouraged…ever. God is with you and will guide you.

      The things that you mentioned you don’t feel good at, I encourage you to be intentional about developing those! Read books, talk to people you know that are good at them.

  • Wow. This is great! Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I agree. if we sit back and do nothing, that is useless. If we don’t fail, ever, then we aren’t doing enough. But, if we go all out, we can accomplish ALOT. Awesome article, Seth!

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