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How do you rest when you’re constantly busy?


CALEB WRITES: I’m not new to or its concepts. I love what Alex and Brett have done and continue to do. But I have been noticing lately that I am more and more tired. My quiet times are not as refreshing as before and I’m always working ninety to nothing. What with a family, ministry, church, classes (dual credit and high school), a family business, and much more, I live fast-paced days. How can I find time to rest and how should I go about it? Thanks!

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  • I think rest is key, but if its just one of those crazy busy seasons of life maybe incorporate spiritual rest into your day. For example, I’ve found that car rides are a great time to pray and listen to worshipful music. You could even use a bible app that reads it out loud to you, or audio devotionals. There are a lots of options out there. Being busy isn’t always a bad thing, but without God it can be very hard. He never intended for us to carry big loads by our self(Matthew 11:28-30). He’s there to give us rest and strength to carry on our responsibilities and live all out for him.

  • Ok – WARNING! – this advice is coming from someone who hasn’t figured this all out! I will be the first one to admit I am a workaholic. I love to work. I like to write. I love to study. I like being busy. But at the same time, if I continue to work and work and work, I will be burned out. I need to rest. (and by the way, if it’s any consolation, God says we need to rest! He says, “Be still and know that I am God.” This girl is very bad at being still and resting.

    There are a couple things you can do. You can take a vacation – like Grant suggested. Plan some time to do nothing. (I know that’s REALLY hard. :D) In that time find things you enjoy doing – for fun. Though I love to work, when I finally have free time, I feel lost because I don’t have something to do. What have you always wanted to do and have never done? Is there something you want to study for fun? Maybe just watch a goofy movie!

    If taking a vacation is not for you, evaluate what you are doing. It is okay to say no. Ask God how He wants you to spend your time. However, sometimes I run into the dilemma – both options are equally good. In that case, consult your family. My mom has told me that sometimes either option is equal in God’s eyes. If you are tired, and one option means staying home – take that option.

    I hope this helps!
    Your fellow Christian in need of rest,

  • Well! Like @disqus_C8N1vN40wm:disqus , I can’t say I have mastered it. However, I’ve had an entire year of practice this year! It’s been absolutely crazy, but somehow I survived. And I think that is due to a few things I’ll share here:
    1) DAILY QUITE TIMES. I know you’ve said you’re QTs aren’t as refreshing as they used to be. I can’t tell you why that is, but I can say, stick at them!! God comes first – before all the thing that are making you busy. For me, making a commitment to at least half and hour of time with God was an absolute must, and definitely something that helped me rest – rest in God, in fact – in the middle of my busyness. So keep at it!
    2) SABBATH. For new-covenant Christians, the Sabbath is not something we are commanded to keep (Colossians 2:16-17). However, God did design the concept! Our family keeps one day in 7 (Sunday) as a day of rest. For me, that looks like not doing school (no matter how behind I am), not doing extra chores (like mowing), and taking time to do things I love – email, dance, read (and read and read :P), draw, call friends, or whatever. This has been an absolute life-saver for me. I’m certain I coped way better this year than I would have if I had not chosen to keep the Sabbath.
    3) SLEEP. One of my friends who was likewise busy pulled many almost-all-nighters throughout the year. She coped to – but I would say less than I did. Choose to go to bed at a reasonable time. Sleep helps. Trust me. 😉
    4) OTHER SPIRITUAL REST. @disqus_qiwTGfQI5P:disqus said it – bring spiritual rest into your day. Things like car trips are great, I agree. I’ve used audio readings of the bible when doing jobs, and it’s great. Or play worship music. Little things. Just make the most of ‘time gaps.’
    5) LEAN INTO GOD AND TRUST. Oh boy, did I have to learn this this year! I had to trust He’d get me through. At times, I looked at my schedule, and said, “God, there is simply NO WAY I can do this in my strength!” As long as I chose to honour Him first and buckle down (no procrastinating!), God came through. EVERY TIME. Ask the Lord for supernatural productivity! I have stories sprinkled through the year of times I fit a full day’s school-work into about 4 hours after praying and committing the day to God. Don’t start worrying – that kills rest dead on the spot. Trust God instead.

    Hope this helps!

  • Everyone else said it well already, but I will add one thing: make sure you also have a Sabbath day each week. It doesn’t have to be Sunday. I suppose it could be part of a day rather than a whole day, just do what works. God instructed the Israelites to have a Sabbath day set apart for breaking from work and resting in Him every single week. He created humans to need rest– both physical and spiritual. Does God still want us to be hard workers? Absolutely. But it’s only wise to take a break now and then so you don’t get burned out in the long run.
    Happy rebelutioning! [I decree this is now a word]

  • Well, I know what I’m going to say has already been said, but why not say it again. 🙂 First , it’s really important to set aside some time each day to spend with God. This does take some discipline, and it’s been something that I’ve had to work on , but It’s completely worth it. He can refresh you and give you the strength you need to do your daily jobs. Take a day of rest and do nothing or do something fun. Relax, watch movies that you haven’t seen in ages, read a good book or go outside( these are also great stress relievers). Make sure you are getting adequate sleep; that’s very important. And also don’t forget to just enjoy life! Jesus gives us life, and He wants us to be joyful and live abundantly. Rest in Him and enjoy what He has blessed you with. Hope this helps, God Bless

  • So, I have been looking at this question for a while, asking God what to say. Then life happened and I wasn’t able to post as soon as I had wanted to, but here we are now – and I have to trust that God’s timing is in control over this.

    First off, I feel you. I have been running empty for a few months now.

    Rest as in a good night’s sleep or time where you aren’t rushing around is good and needed. However, just those things alone are not going to get us through life. If they were, then all the secular world could make it just fine and the Christian lifestyle of walking with Jesus through every day wouldn’t be important. The rest that we need and long for is deeper than what we can see and touch in this world. We need the rest that only Jesus can give. Think of rest not so much as a thing that you do, but as a lifestyle that you live.

    We find that rest by going to the One who gives it to us – the One who wants to cover us with that rest. So instead of typing out a mile of Bible verses, I am going to send you to find them yourself 🙂 Even if you know them by the reference, go dwell there for a while; ask God what He wants to tell your heart!

    – Hebrews 4
    – Matthew 11:25-30
    – John 4
    – Isaiah 40
    – Psalm 139
    – Psalm 119 (yes I just said that 🙂 go read it!)
    – Psalm 43
    – Psalm 46
    – Psalm 91

    Read these over several days, and see where God takes you. The Holy Spirit will guide you to what He wants to tell you. Meditate on the passages that grab your heart. Make moments to listen to God – in the car or getting ready for the day are great times. Dwell in His presence.

    Loved and Never Alone,

  • When I think I this question I say, “I never rest, only at night.” But I do spiritually rest in Jesus. He gives me peace when I am extremely busy, when I am tired of constantly doing things. Since I know Jesus I have rest. “Therefore my heart rejoiced, and my tongue was glad; Moreover my flesh also will rest in hope.” Acts 2:26

    My business is why I have not been posting on this site recently…

  • Well, My teachers are much like you they work insanely hard. When I ask them how they manage to do it they always say “I just get a change of scenery, whenever I feel tired I do something else.” I have tried this at times and it works wonders. Also during my morning devotions with friends We spoke about how we should have at least 8 hours of sleep daily. I mean even Jesus rested because he knew how important it is for the body. Hope this helps.

  • I can relate to you, Caleb. I don’t think I’ve got any sort of solution, but my family takes Sundays to just rest and be together. Also, I usually try not to do homework on Saturday, but that sometimes doesn’t work.

  • M’name’s Faith and I can understand what you’ve gone through and what you’ll probably go through again this upcoming year. The hectic college-level classes, time managing every activity meticulously in order to allow time for homework and whatever else may be sitting hot-and-ready on your plate and most important of all, honoring God by giving Him time out of your crazy day and just talking to HIm as your Father, God and Friend. It hard to face the challenges of the day and to go above and beyond but I guess that’s what Brett and Alex wrote their book “Do Hard Things” about. I literally picked up the book this morning and almost immediately I was hit with how much it related to the storm of my sophmore year, of which I am still recovering from. This past year I noticed how teens were happy to make seventies (which is the equivalent of a passing “C” in my school district), were untroubled with cheating with the teacher in sight and recieving an honor-roll award for it and were speaking endlessly about sins as if they were idle things of this world (which they are), a few Christian friends of mine included (whom I am praying for). So to go back to your question, how do we rest? How do we feel calm and allow ourselves to trust in God while the world’s standards are screaming at us that we need more “me” time or that we need to grapple with presenting ourselves with the illusion of perfection in all things? I know that’s not exactly your question but sometimes these topics can become tagged onto teens and even adults as we wrestle with our expectations. While it is good never to underestimate what God can do through you, sometimes He is telling you to take a time of rest. God told the Israelites to take a day out of their week and set it aside for God’s glory and He even told the Israelites to allow their fields to rest. If God wanted them to let even the fields they worked rest, then why would He not wish for us to rest in Him? So, here’s the part you’ve probably read my whole “novella” (I use that term loosely) for, my advice would be to perhaps take a day out of your week or even a couple hours and just sit down in a quiet place and have a devotional time with God. You can even get a change of scenery as was mentioned before while you do your devotional. But most importantly, talk to God about it. Ask Him where He wants you to direct your time and your efforts. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to try and pursue the challenges that God presents you with but at the same time He wants you to turn to Him. If you have ever read the book “Little Pilgrim’s Progress”, you will know that God purposely provides “rest stops” in your life because He knows that we are not invinvible beings that can push through life without taking a breath of the sweet air He has created and appreciating everything that He has done for you. And here’s one final saying: Sometimes we have to stop and listen to hear God. Sorry for the lateness of my message and the long-windedness but I hope what God has placed on my heart reaches yours.
    Everthankful to the Ruler of my Heart,

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