Published on February 3rd, 2015 | by Daniel LeTexier

Don’t Get Desensitized

How do you look at the world? How do you make decisions? How do you perceive and make sense of what you see? All these things are part of one thing, and that is your worldview.

People have all sorts of worldviews. They are based off their basic beliefs and they determine, well… their view of the world. For example, a humanist only believes the material world. How do you think this would shift and decide his actions and thoughts?

As Christians our worldview should come from the Bible. The Bible provides us with a manual on how we should progress, travel, view, and think about the world. We should have a worldview rooted in the Bible and what Jesus did for us.

The great enemy of the biblical worldview is, well… everything that is not biblical. We are exposed to these things every day, usually whether we like it or not. This can result in what I would call desensitization.

Think of how you have sinned and how others around you have sinned today. How many of those situations did you actually feel really bad about? It is likely some, if not a majority of them, you just did (or observed) without thinking.

For example, in a school, maybe you lie when you tell your teacher you want to go to the bathroom, but you go to your locker or check your Facebook instead.

Here’s a personal example, one I can say is desensitization through over-exposure. In fifth grade I went to public school for the first time, and I was exposed to a lot of cussing. After a while I found myself swearing under my breath and/or saying them audibly. I knew it was wrong but I became “accustomed” to it. That summer I realized it was wrong and stopped gradually.

You are probably wondering how the topic of desensitization has to do with worldviews. I think that when you are desensitized to something you come to accept it as acceptable. I have seen that happening in many cases, especially in teens who have been influenced by their music, friends, pop culture, race, or location so much that unbiblical worldviews have replaced/modified their original biblical beliefs.

Have you ever noticed this happening to you? One way to deal with this is to replace those negative things with similar things that have a positive impact on you.

For example, I was really getting into rap. I loved Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop.” I got a clean version of the song and listened to it many many times. Sadly, the clean version was really just like a fill-in-the-blank puzzle.

I knew I couldn’t continue listening to it, so I researched Christian rap artists. I wanted an artist that I didn’t feel was “cheezy” or was just a “Christianized” version of a bad song.

Eventually I found artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Canon, and Tedashi. And I have found other hip-hop artists like them and love their dope music that points me to Christ and reinforces my biblical worldview.

I would sum this up with one question: How can you strengthen your biblical worldview today by eliminating cultural “norms” that are desensitizing you to God’s truth?”

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