rebelling against low expectations

If your friends had to describe you, what would they say?


Last Sunday, I was sitting by myself after church and observing the people around me.

I found that I could look at almost each person and find something that I knew about them — the part of themselves that they displayed the most, something that defined them.

Some of my friends stood in a circle and I instantly picked out the popular girl who quickly became everyone’s best friend. I noticed the gentlemanly guy who loved playing football. There was the talkative girl obsessed with music, and the twice-as-talkative kid who made everyone laugh. I saw that one super-spiritual guy who inspired people with every word coming from his mouth, and the nearly-always-silent girl with the rough past.

Then I realized — each of those people had a definition of me, too. Who was I to them?

Was I the encourager of the group? The one who’s always there for you? The prayer warrior? The quiet girl who always sits by herself deep in thought?

I know who I want to be, and to be honest, I don’t really care about what people think of me. Well, not obsessively much, anyway. But does my group of peers’ definition of who I am match up to God’s definition of who I should be?

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children” (Ephesians 5:1).

“Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise” (Ephesians 5:15).

“Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:17).

I don’t want to be seen as the quiet girl who’s too shy to talk to strangers. I don’t want to be defined by my love of Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who. And I don’t want to be the person who listens to the powerful sermons and reads the encouraging blog posts and does nothing but nod enthusiastically.

I want to be the person who stands up. The one who jumps in head first, the girl who isn’t afraid to pray for others in public and share her deep thoughts online.

The kind of Christian who isn’t ashamed to sing loud and dance proud before my King.

“Put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” — Ephesians 4:22-24

And don’t take me wrong, I am in no way saying that you should change your personality to fit the “perfect Christian” mold.

But which side of you do your friends and family see more often: The youth excited for the Lord, or the kid who loves [insert other things you spend your time on]? Which side do you think the world sees?

Would strangers see you helping serve at the neighborhood picnic? Would they notice you being respectful to your parents and elders, and acting with maturity? Would God see a cheerful heart or a complaining one while you’re doing these things?

Even online, everyone has opinions of each other. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I’ve already got perspectives of most of you on this site! (All good things, I promise.)

Don’t hide the thoughts and prayers God puts on your heart. Don’t think, “I want to pray for this person, but how awkward would that be?” Live your life in the open, and be impulsive when God speaks to you.

I’m fine with being known as a bookworm, cat fanatic, and swimmer, as long as those things are only a small part of my self-image. Because I want my identity to be built on and always relate back to Christ.

Are you nodding enthusiastically right now? Don’t just leave an inspiring comment and walk away. Go do something about it and build your definition on God.

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About the author

Gabrielle Sequeira

is a 15-year old homeschooler who loves to serve on the worship team at her church, swim competitively, and write fantasy stories. She enjoys the many privileges of being the oldest of four kids, and above all, she wants to spread the news to everyone that they are loved by the Creator.


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  • Thanks for the article, Gabrielle; you really brought up
    some good reminders. I think it all goes back to our priorities. Is God first
    in our lives or is something else? It also reminds me of the verse: “By
    this all will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another” John
    13:35. However, I think that being a Christian sometimes does mean changing our
    personality (not the menial stuff like loving swimming– by the way, I am a
    competitive swimmer, too!) But I think that some things which we identify
    ourselves by can be sinful (like an anti-social attitude in my case.) I actually wrote a post on my blog about that
    called “A New Creation” (Link:
    What do you think?

    Thank you for the post, and God bless,

    (Another) Gabrielle

    • That’s a great way to put it! And I loved your article. I’m an INFJ, so we think almost exactly alike!

      Btw, I like your name. 😉

    • Including me, I think there’s about three people named Gabrielle!! Well hey, it’s an awesome name!!! 😉

        • Oh ok haha 🙂 I’m INFJ, and that’s the rarest type in the world, so I was like “did I find another one??????????” Lol 🙂 guess not. But we are probably pretty similar! What does the T mean?

          • Well, INTJ is the second rarest and is only 0.8% of the female population (rarest female type), so I get where you are coming from. The T stands for thinking, but it essentially means that I evaluate things from a logical perspective while you are more in tune with emotions. Essentially, we are both future looking and gather astute conclusion about the world, but in different manners. My mom is an INFJ, though, so I know a bit about you “empaths.”

          • Lol cool 🙂 I’m really a deep thinker, but I guess I am in tune with emotions too. Maybe I’m an INFTJ! Hahaha 🙂

  • Thanks Gabrielle! What an excellent reminder. 🙂

    I thought of something I would like to share. What you mention in the article – what others think of when they think of us – reminds me of Jesus’ words, “You are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). I think your words, “I want my identity to be built on and always relate back to Christ,” could accurately be rephrased as, “I want to reflect His light.”

    I often get discouraged with myself, sometimes feeling like my failures reflect on God. I suspect I may not be alone in this (right, rebelutionaries? right?), and so I wanted to share a verse that fights that:

    “For You will light my lamp;
    The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.” (Psalm 18:28)

    As long as we’re cooperating, God will light our lamp. My point being that, yes, we should strive to be a light, to project Christ to those around us, but when we get overwhelmed because we are human and we see the darkness inside of us, remember that it’s God lighting our lamp, not us.

    I hope that that makes sense, because I struggled in finding the right words 🙂

  • *writes inspiring comment and walks away* ;-P

    JUST KIDDING!!! But seriously, thanks for writing! Great reminder! =)

  • “I noticed the gentlemanly guy who loved playing football.”

    If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you were describing me there. He he

    This is amazing! It’s so important for us to reflect Christ so that He is what others see through us. Thank you.

    • I see both of you as strong young men of God who love to encourage others, one who’s skilled in technology and the other who loves football and runs his own blog, to sum most of it up! 😛 I know there’s so much more to both of you than what I’ve gathered from being internet friends, but I’m blessed to know you!

    • Well, I’m not Gabrielle, but still…
      When I think of you, I think of a young man who loves helping others to see God — helping Christians to see more of Him, and bringing non-Christians to Him. You’re also always encouraging — like when I said I need to get back to my 10-page Geography paper the other day, and you said “You got this!”.

      • Oh yeah, Sam! Well, Sam was the first guy to talk to me, so he seems talkative to me 🙂 Aaaaand I gotta go, I’ll tell you more later 🙂

  • Hmmmm… now i’m curious what people would say about me! This is a very thought provoking article. Thanks for writing it, Gabrielle! I read a quote the other day that this article kinda reminded me of. It said “If you were arrested on terms of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

    Thanks again Gabrielle!

  • What do people see?
    Tomorrow I’m going to church, which is the hardest place for me to be the way I should/want to be. I’ll keep in mind what you said here! Thank you!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing, @prayerwrrior:disqus! You are such a talented writer, well done. 🙂 I have been thinking so much about this of late, and so this was so good to read. Am I perceived as the talkative music fanatic (you sure that wasn’t me? ;P)? the flighty, jabbering, opinionated analyzer? the giggly teenager? the thoughtful quiet girl with a caring heart? a stuck-up shy person? Asking yourself that question really makes you re-analyze who you are, and test and search your heart to see if you need to head in for a check-up with the Master Auto-Repair Man for a Realignment of Purpose. (Which, of course, we are never Perfectly Aligned…not yet…He is still and always working on that…. That is why your reminder is so important. 🙂 )

    Thanks again so much, Gabrielle! Your article, here, and Jacquelle’s from 2 days ago were medicine for moi soul. I needed them so much!! <3

  • That’s a cool, thing to think about, I’m not very good at writing inspiring comments though, haha. But I will say that everyone has a reputation, whether good or bad. And whenever you’re in public people are always watching, especially if they know you’re a christian.

    “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.”

    – Proverbs 20:11

    • Ditto. I want to be known as the person who had an amazing walk with the Lord, and had a major positive impact on others’ lives. Unfortunately, I fear I am far from that. 🙁

        • Thank you so much. I so enjoy this site and it encourages me to see God’s work in young people who so love Him.

          God bless you and yours!

          • I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for both sam’s and your encouragement. I am going through a difficult time and your words help. Bless you.

            To God be the glory!

          • You’ve encouraged me often, albeit indirectly. I’m happy to return the favor!
            I’ll be praying for you; anything specific you want to tell me?

          • Thanks for asking. I lost a sister two months ago and another sister has terminal cancer. Not anything I would wish for, but God has been a lifter of my head. His Word is invaluable in keeping up hope when the road gets long and dark. But I pray always that His will be done and that He is with us always. I am learning another deepening of my faith for His glory.

            May God exceedingly bless you and keep you. You are so kind.


          • You’re welcome, Miss Jean. Praise God for helping you through this! I will be continuing to pray for you. 🙂

          • Ehhh, you said it on here somewhere. It was when Ethan and I were talking about how old we were, and I said I was sixteen and you jumped in and said you were sixteen too. Then you said you didn’t want to say what month you were — is this ringing a bell?
            But thank you, I didn’t even think about *how* I knew this, I just jumped in with my information. I’ll be more careful.

          • *sighs in relief* I was starting to wonder if I’d dreamed it… because you normally remember everything!

          • Wow, you would have figured it out because of Ramona?! It would take a lot more than that for me…

  • I wonder about this kind of thing all the time. Thanks for the encouraging article! I fall into wanting to be defined by the things that I like and attitudes I have for things often (such as fandoms, opinions, and so on) and it’s nice to hear about someone else struggling with being more Christlike in the midst of all of it.
    It’s great to think about Heaven where we’ll all find our personal identities in Christ perfectly and totally outside of the influence of everything else here 🙂

  • Yes – we shouldn’t be too confident that we know what someone’s really like. That said, I have to join in here: any opinions of me others would like to share? (Or not, since I’ve only been on here a couple of months?)

  • Wow this is exactly what I needed even though I didn’t know I needed it. Funny how God works that way. I found it this morning and it really hit me. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. Or atleast it shouldn’t make you change from who you are to please people. Be yourself and who God made you to be and He will shine through you

  • Hey thanks so much!
    I could understand what you said about seeing how others are but the part about how others see me as a child of God.. wow, that was new!
    You made me think a lot and I might be nodding enthusiastically right now but I am so not planning on leaving it there.
    God bless!

  • Great question and post!! I too have wondered what others actually see in me or about me. I think everybody in my life know certain things about me, not really everything. Some people see more my love for God and maturity level, while my family see a lot of my faults, struggles, and mistakes, but they see the good too, like my love for people and desire to see God’s Bride, the Church, serving him and growing! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Gabrielle! I really appreciate hearing from other Christian young men and women like me who love God and desire to please Him!! I love your name by the way!!! 😉

    • Hmm, I’d say that you’ve got a very fun, bubbly personality, and that you’re an expert in soaking up and spreading God’s love!!! But just like your (and my :P) name, which means “God is my strength”, you can be as tough as a rock when you’re called to be.

    • Fun, but fairly quiet. You don’t say much, but what you have to say is generally pretty thoughtful. You tend to be to the point. As Sam said, I’m guessing from just one conversation with you and a few other comments I’ve seen from you. Close?

      • Well, I talk a lot, but I’m not that active on here as some of you. Other than that though, you did good!! Thanks for sharing Taylor! 😉

          • My major is called History of Ideas (HOI is what we call it for short). I will be reading and studying a lot of great literary works and philosophers, but from a Christian point of view. The literature part I like, but not the philosophy part. 😉 Don’t ask me what I plan to do with that degree, because I seriously don’t know how God will use it in my life, but I feel certain that he does have a purpose for it some where along the way. 😉

          • Oh, and do you mind telling me where you’re going to college? I’m just getting into that position where I need to begin researching good Christian colleges, so I would like to start asking around on some of these blogs I follow.

          • Hopefully I will be done after two more year. I go to Bethlehem College and Seminary. To clarify, I go to the college part of the name, but there is also a seminary that is separate (some people think I am going to the seminary to be a pastor or something. That is why I like to clarify. Haha! ). I will warn you, it is located in Minnesota, so kind of far from Texas. Lol. But seriously a great college where you will learn so much educationally, spiritually, and in day to day life.

          • No, I figured you were going to the college part. Okay, that’s a bit far. We are looking at places out of state though too. Thanks for the info! I will look it up, if only to check it out a little bit!

          • Yeah, it doesn’t hurt to check it out, but it definitely will be far from home and family. There is at least one young couple there now from Texas, if that brings any comfort. 😉 Are you graduating this year or next?

          • Cool beans! You still have plenty of time to look into colleges too. There are lots of good Christian schools out there and I am sure you can find several that are a lot closer than MN. I will pray that God would lead you to the right school.

        • Yeah, you seem like you would be a pretty talkative person in real life. Just your profile pic gives me that…but you actually have a life, so you’re not posting all the time.

    • Wow!! That’s totally me Sam!! How did you know? 😉 Have we met before? Just kidding!! LOI – laughing on the inside!!

      • Take a look at my profile when you can. I’m on several blogs, and don’t exactly have the time to comment everyday.

        Yeah, you did great!!

        • LOI!! That’s funny. I only read two blogs that’s specifically for girls. 😉

          Well, a proper hug is simply a hug where you’re not totally against each other. I appreciate it when guys know how to hug girls and it not be a weird hug, but still kinda close, if that makes sense, whether it’s a front or side hug! Some guys are more comfortable hugging from the side instead of the front, but if you don’t know how to without it being awkward or inappropriate they both can be weird. Make sense @programguy:disqus and @mimeforjesus:disqus ?

          • So, right now I don’t get any email notifications of things that people I follow write, and maybe there is somewhere where I can see that on the Disqus website, but I hardly ever go there. I guess I was just wondering if there’s a way to get email notifications about the people I follow without getting flooded with emails. Get what I’m trying to say?

        • Well, i could be wrong, but you seem patient, and careful about what you say in a VERY good way. You seem observant. Maybe that’s the word i was looking for 🙂

          • I’m not so sure that I’m all that patient, but I generally am careful about what I say, sometimes! I am pretty observant. I’m a deep thinker for sure, and I can over think things at times. I can be quiet, and sometimes I’ll just sit back and observe, but for the most part I’m out going and I absolutely LOVE people. Most of the time I talk A LOT!! I’m getting a little better with not talking so much! 😉

          • Haha, okay! Well, i think you are super sweet and like i said, i really like hearing what you have to say!

  • True! I absolutely get your point. I also can’t help but notice, most especially, young people nowadays being so enthusiastic in casting out their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Like posting on social media, you know what I mean. I’m mean it’s not bad at all! But it would be even better if they actually compliment it with actions of the same kind. However, many fails to do so just that. (I’m also convicted, to be honest.) The thing is “actions speak louder than words.” That’s the catch. On the other hand, if we get to DO what we say (well, more like what the Bible says), then that is a way of being an open Bible to the world we live in. (Of course asides from sharing the Word by mouth.) Surely, God will help us if we pray and ask for His help. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Gabrielle. Appreciated it!

    • From reading your comments, I’d say you love God and your local assembly; you’re friendly, and quite thoughtful, and maybe a thinker?!!

    • Alas, I’ve not been around here much to see newbs. 🙁 Give me a few weeks and I can answer this! 🙂

  • *sighs* alright now, how would y’all describe me? 😛 Any thoughts on things i need to work on, too?

    • I love that your brother was the first to respond. 😉 From skimming through your comments, I gathered that you are one who seems to have a desire to grow in your love and knowledge of God. You are very sensitive about pleasing God and only wanting to do, listen, or read things that would be honoring to God. You seem to value your parents and there teaching (which is really awesome to see because that is not often the case in todays culture). You are one who is not afraid to speak your mind even if everyone else may disagree with you, but you also might speak or write a little bluntly, which can be a good thing, but also could be used in the wrong way too. 😉 Just my thoughts from reading through your comments. 😉

    • Hmmm… You’re a quieter type, but when you do speak, words of wisdom flow from your fingertips (cause you’re on a computer ;). From your blog, I’ve seen that you strive to do what God wants you to do, whatever it takes. I don’t know you all that well, unfortunately… Oh, but I do know that you have an awesome UK accent!

  • Gabrielle thanks for the post! I think people would probably describe me as the kid who loves “insert loads of things.” So this is a really good reminder! What are we showing people that truly matters? I tend to connect with people with the things I like and then don’t go deeper. Like you said it’s not bad that we are known to enjoy/like these things. They are part of our personalities! But I want my WHOLE identity built on Christ!

    And since everyone else is doing it…. How do you view me? (And I am sorry I won’t really have input for anyone. I would love to but I haven’t been on here that long/often to get to know people really well!

  • Thanks so much for posting! I find it so encouraging that you are thinking along the same lines as me, and we are the same age! And you are my sister in Christ! I definitely want to be known as someone who is sold out for God and loves to serve others! Thanks again!

    • Thank you, Brooklyn!

      (Starting to feel like a fortune cookie here XD) You always seem like you’re up for a daring adventure! You’re always ready for whatever God calls you to do. Most people have everything all figured out and planned for their futures, while you’ve given him your future to write His plans on. You have a gentle spirit, and talking to you or reading your words is always like a breath of fresh air to me. Plus, you make us all smile! :))

    • Ooh, Brooklyn! You’re wonderful, sweet, kind, outgoing, I can tell you love Jesus, you have a heart for orphans, you are really friendly, and funny. I feel like I know you even though we’ve never met! And I love your blog. 🙂


    A shout out to all of you all that I’ve at the privilege to talk to at one time or another!

  • Just so you know, all the discussions on this post are super cool…and not exactly what you would expect…but look there are already three comments by me at the top of the comments section, so I guess I should stop.

  • Since Finney Ongole hasn’t asked what we think of him, I’m just going to say a little something because he deserves it. Hey @finneyongole:disqus, if you happen to read this, I wanted to let you know that even though I haven’t read that much stuff by you, I can tell that your heart is for the Lord and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. You really encouraged me with what you said about prayer on a question I asked, so I want to thank you for that and encourage you to keep going strong. Thanks so much!

          • Yeah, I’m actually not getting the proper rest, and haven’t been for several months. The week of Christmas I was up late every night. I can be totally alert and awake at 2,3 am sometimes. It’s horrible. Going to bed early doesn’t really help. I’ve tried.

          • I’d love to talk all day but that’s too much computer time, plus I’m getting ready to leave the house. I really enjoy talking to you Sam! Catch you later. Have a great day!

          • Awww… I think you’re fun to talk to also! 🙂 I’ll try to get some long lasting sleep, but I’ll probably be up late tonight too, although not quite that late! Don’t know. We shall see.

            How was your day? Did you do anything productive or exciting? I’m getting ready to go out and practice driving with my Dad in a little while. Do you drive?

          • TC always does that to me. I always list off all the things I hit, “Two squirrels, a possum, a puppy, those two pedestrians, and a mailbox. Oh, and a lightpole.”

          • Lieutenant Laurensky, you are roughly the third person to do that. My taekwondo school guys jokingly called me “kid” while I was prepping for worlds.

          • I think I have you beat! If I am remembering correctly, I’ve hit a cat, a dog, possums, squirrels, a crate, another car, and probably other things as well and I almost broke into a torrent of tears every time. And all of that is the truth. 🙂 That’s not to mention all of the very close calls I have had.

          • You mean you really did hit two people?! That is the only part I couldn’t believe. I think you will need to explain that to me. 🙂
            Maybe I am just not a good driver, actually I know I am not. Haha! But in my defense, a lot of those times it was when I was driving back from work during night and driving along a bunch of dark country back roads and wasn’t able to see the creature dart out in front of me in time. 😉

          • Yeah, don’t learn any driving skills from me. Haha! But seriously I am thankful to be alive today because there are a couple times when things could have been a lot worse than it was. 😉

          • I’ll take your word for it. *note to self: never drive with Hannah!* 🙂

          • *note to self: never drive with Hannah!*
            *note to self: never drive with, near, or anywhere close to Hannah!*

          • I wasn’t productive on Friday, so I’ll have to do some school today and Monday. Yep, I’m still doing some school – just math, and finishing up my world geography. Almost done with that! I feel like hibernating for a while, and not do anything. I’d love to go somewhere away from everybody and everything and just spend time with Jesus everyday all day!! Just me, Him, some books and journals; do some blogging, work on the book I’m writing with my bestie, ride some horses, and just relax without any responsibilities or deadlines hanging on my shoulders. No technology, chores, etc, but rather long walks and conversations with God in the great outdoors. Being amazed and in awe of His awesome creation! Doesn’t that sound amazing, and refreshing?!!!!! I would miss talking to you though, and everybody else!!

            Driving went well. Haha!! No, I didn’t hit anybody! Everybody’s safe and sound!! 😉 I went today too, but this time I was on the streets with more cars. I drove through about 4 or 5 lights, and merged on a highway, but got right off at the exit. Driving is fun! Do you have your permit? How old are you?

          • Thanks…. I think! 😉

            I LOVE horses, and hope to have a few one day! I blog in a notebook for now when I can. My last ‘post’ was in March. It’s entitled “Courting versus Dating.”

            Hey, I’m 16 too, but who’s older? Hmm…. 😉 I’ll be 17 in a couple months. Why is it easier? You’ve hit stuff while driving the lawn mower!! Really!! How? Anyways, driving is easy, for the most part!!

          • Really! Interesting!

            Signing off for now, but I’ll TTYS. Have a great evening Sam! 🙂

          • Not going to sleep yet though. By the way I went to sleep around 12:30 this time instead of 2:30. Proud of me? 😉

            Signing off for real now!! BYE!!

          • *randomly (rudely) enters conversation* You’re 16? Huh, somewhere i got the idea that you were 18 😛 Haha.

          • Actually come to think of it I think my dad has said he was born a young child. Sounds familiar. Lol.

  • Totally, totally off-topic. But…

    MimeforJesus Yo GodsThespian, where are ya? Haven’t seen you around.
    GodsThespian Huh? *scrambles to shut off computer* I’m here, Mimey.
    MimeforJesus What are you doing? I told you to leave my computer alone!
    GodsThespian Ummm, well…
    MimeforJesus Were you online?! Mom told you to stop impersonating me! You have no idea how hard it was for me to fix it last time you took over my account — one guy took my old name, and then I had to tell him I needed it back, and everyone was confused about who I was, and why I was MFJ, then I wasn’t, then I was MFJ again, and who this other guy was if he wasn’t MFJ… It was a mess. Thesie, please tell me you weren’t using Disqus!
    GodsThespian Nope! I wasn’t using Disqus. But Expedia? That’s another matter. Really, Mimey, you should learn not to leave yourself signed in! Well, I think I’ve taught you a lesson… I just bought you a one-way airplane ticket to Michigan!
    MimeforJesus WHAT?!?! *clenches fist* If you weren’t three years younger…
    GodsThespian I think I hear my Mommy calling!

    Well, folks, it seems that I have a ticket for a trip to my sister’s house! I’ll be there for a little over a month, with very limited internet access, so as far as y’all will be able to see, I’m disappearing for a month starting on Tuesday. Have fun, keep encouraging, and stay Rebelutionary! 😀

    • Well here is a going away gift for you and for someone else as well:

      Along time ago, in a living room far far away, there was…

      The Yoda Dialogs

      On a theplanet of uncertainty in a house of weirdness, Yoda, the Jedi of Comedy andTrent, the Reluctant Roommate, talk of the current unfolding events… but not without the looming threat of the Sith constantly searching for their top secret whereabouts……

      Trent: Yoda, why must you continue breaking the refrigerator
      *Hears a soda popping sound from the kitchen*

      Yoda: (from kitchen) Because lock the door you do! *Walks in with Mountain Dew in hand*

      Trent: You really need to get a life.

      Yoda: Hmm…*sits down on large green chair* Have no life, I do?? One who locks the fridge, YOUare.

      Trent: I wouldn’t have to lock the fridge if you didn’t keep
      stealing the Mountain Dew for the party!

      Yoda: *shrugs indifferently* Buy more you can.

      Trent: I did. And you still managed to drink ALL of it.

      Yoda: Hmm… High metabolism I have. Need caffeine I do.

      Trent: What? The most physically exerting thing you do is
      walk across the street to the mailbox!

      Yoda: Hmm.. In nighty degree weather, very difficult this
      task is.

      Trent: *decides not to press Yoda further* Are you at least ready for the party tomorrow?

      Yoda: *coughs up Mountain Dew* Party? What party?

      Trent: The one we were just talking about, two minutes ago.

      Yoda: Hmm… Remember, I do not.

      Trent: Are you losing it Yoda?

      Yoda: When 900 years old YOU be, have this good of memory,
      YOU will not.

      Trent: Whatever. So the party?

      Yoda: *Squirms* For who, did you say this party was?

      Trent: It’s for Rachel Joy, you know, cause she’s moving out of state?

      Yoda: Hmm… *Looks puzzled*

      Trent: The coffee lady.

      Yoda: EEEEEKKKK!!!!! *Grabs toe*

      Trent: What’s wrong?

      Yoda: Stubbed my toe, I have!

      Trent: But you’re sitting down.

      Yoda: *Lets go oftoe* Oh…

      Trent: *rollseyes*

      Yoda: Judge not young Padawan!

      Trent: Anyway, back to the party we were talking about.

      Yoda: Hmm… No! Yes! No!

      Trent: What now?

      Yoda: Talking about it, YOU were. Drinking Mountain Dew, was.

      Trent: *Looks up* Why do I even bother?

      Yoda: Because WISE I am.

      Trent: Nut job.

      Yoda: *Finishes can of Mountain Dew and reaches for another one*

      Trent: Give me that! *Grabs and pulls on the can*

      Yoda: MINE! *Grabs and pulls back*

      Trent: *Lets go, sending Yoda falling backwards*

      Yoda: *Slowlystands up and limps back to chair*

      Yoda & Trent: *Silence*

      Yoda: Going where is she?

      Trent: Oklahoma.

      Yoda: Hmm… Scared she should be.

      Trent: Why, the tornados?

      Yoda: *Scoffs* No biggie those windy days are!

      Trent: They destroy entire neighborhoods.

      Yoda: Exaggerated the reports are…

      Trent: *Rolls eyes* Than what?

      Yoda: Afraid of The Virus she should be.

      Trent: The what?

      Yoda: Hmm… No cure is there. Once exposed, changes you it

      Trent: We should warn her! Maybe she can avoid it! *stands up*

      Yoda: Hmm… Sit down you must. Much more there is to discuss.

      Trent: *Sits down*

      Yoda: Spread by the locals, it is. Notice it at first you
      will. Over time, more invisible to you, it becomes. Changes you it does.

      Trent: What do you mean? What are the symptoms?

      Yoda: Hmm… Can turn even a northerner it can. Changes your name it does. Hmm… Even changes your dress style it can.

      Trent: And-

      Yoda: *holds upsmall green hand* Worse than all the final symptom is…

      Trent: What?

      Yoda: Start to like Country Music, you do.

      Trent: Huh?

      Yoda: *Nods head* Hmmm… Start to say crazy things she will! Turn into “Y’all”, the word “You” will. Even use “Pardner” she may. Replace sandals, boots and cowboy hats will!

      Trent: No… it can’t be… That’s impossible!

      Yoda: Hmm… Yes. A country girl, Rachel Joy will become….

      • Eeeek! YODA!!!!!
        Really, thank you so much! That was a great way to start my time at home after a bit of stressful shopping 🙂

    • Ah! One thing I’ve noticed… On SOG, when someone is not commenting in a good way, you correct them but you come off so not confrontational. It’s great how you do that 🙂

    • @trent_blake:disqus, here is how I would describe you just from reading some of your comments and glancing at your blog a few times. I see you as a young man who is hungry to learn more about God daily and desirous to obey and keep his commandments and live for his glory. Although, I have never met you, I see you as a real gentleman, kind, tenderhearted, soft-spoken but bold, gentle, and far more responsible than most guys your age. You also have a good sense of humor. 😉

    • Trent, Your passion for Jesus is so contagious! You do seem mature for your age, observant, and thoughtful. Your Yoda conversations are refreshingly hilarious, but more importantly you have a heart for your Savior. Way to go, man!

    • A mature, good-natured guy who loves the Lord and is able to see his own life in the light of God’s word. I don’t know you very well, but you have been a blessing to me.

  • Okay, I think your funny and smart.
    But, I don’t really know you very well. This is just what I observe.

  • Ha, well since I *DON’T GET NOTIFICATIONS OF GETTING TAGGED* (;)), I only just saw this…

    I don’t know you, that’s true, but I think I’ve told you before what I think of you. And there’s nothing glaringly obvious, so I got nuttin. Sorry.

  • So sad… I just unsubscribed to this thread so y’all don’t flood my inbox while I”m gone. :`(

  • I think this depends. I have people that would describe me very differently. Some positive, some not. I think more than just trying to get a good reputation, its important to focus on God. I often get trapped in the thing of, “Make everyone happy, right now.” That’s who I am, my personality. But I can’t always do that. I just need Jesus, nobody else’s opinion really matters!
    Just so ya’ll know, too. Me online is very different from me in real life. Me with adults is very different from me with teens or kids. So really, I just need to focus on God and his thoughts of me, otherwise I get way too consumed trying to make everyone happy and like me at the same time!

  • Just to let y’all know, I’ll be very busy for the next few weeks, so I won’t be on here very often, unfortunately!

  • HI everyone! I’m actually going to be here some of the time: ) I won’t tell talking as much as normal, but I’m not totally disappearing: D

  • Well I gues people would say that I am quite. I am not shy though. I get really talkative when people talk about something that I’m interested in. If that makes sense.

  • Just to let you know, I won’t be on here after today, I will be back maybe on Friday, or Saturday. My youth group has the privileged of going to Equip Camp in Nevada City. So prayers would be appreciated. Also, is anyone else going? It would be cool to meet one of y’all.

    • Sorry, I don’t think I’ve “met” you on here before. So, based on this question, I guess I’d describe you as someone curious. 🙂

    • Emma, i think you are a thoughtful girl with a sweet personality. I think you are representing Jesus well, Emma! Keep it up!

  • Words are so powerful.

    Although I’ve only been commenting here since this March, I’ve been avidly reading the posts here for several years, and thus I already had opinions of some of you guys before I joined. It’s amazing how what we say contributes to the reputation we might have even among people whom we don’t know are watching.

    • Wow, that’s such a good point, Samuel. I too read articles on here a lot before i started commenting. Haylie the online ghost has actually been around awhile 😉

    • Well, here goes…
      When you participate in the discussions, you have great feedback for all of us. You sound a lot like a brother of mine, actually; you pay attention to detail, and you grew up with a lot of sisters. You like getting to know people 🙂
      Sorry, I haven’t been around much to see ya, so this was the most I had for you.
      But I’d enjoy getting to know you better!

      • Ha! all true. I’m trying to be more active here than in some of my other places (i.e. the spotify troubleshooting community), so maybe sometime I’ll be as well known as, oh, say, @trent_blake:disqus!

        • You’re on Spotify? If you’re cool with it, I’d like to follow you… you could give me your name on there, or you could fine me — I’m mimeforJesus on there, too. 🙂
          Anyhoo… I hope to see you around, then! I’m pretty well known on here, although *everyone* knows Trent Blake.

          • My “July” playlist is still in the works… :^) Feel free to offer suggestions!

          • Okay! I’m not very up to date on music, I tend to be about three months behind everyone else, but if I have any July favorites I’ll suggest them!

          • Exactly! I mean, Christian music I know kinda well, within certain genres, but popular stuff? No, thank you!

          • I’ve listened to a couple of their songs, but I haven’t looked up the artist ever. Yet. 🙂 But what I heard, I liked.

          • Her. It’s *totally* not strange for a guy listen to female singers, is it?

          • *Everyone* knows you too. You forget how much I freaked when I heard you read my blog.

          • All right, all right. I give up, (almost) everyone knows me. Happy now? 🙂
            Say, can you tell me anything about your plans in restricted countries? I’m looking at missions myself, and it’s always cool to talk to somebody like that! ‘Course, I understand that you can’t talk about it much…

          • Yeah, I prefer not to say very much about what I want to do. You said you want to be a nurse?

          • I’m really interested in writing, so I might do something like be a teacher, but I’m not really interested in teaching English as a second language. I don’t know. Maybe I could tutor or something.

          • Well, that part came up in the past few days. But mission work, definitely. Nursing seems like a good skill to have in that line of work, and… yeah, I just think it would be good. Idk, that may not happen.
            This whole idea has only solidified in the last month, so I haven’t had long to think about any of this! I’m just thankful that God showed me what He wants me to do. I was beginning to get thoroughly bored, until this came up. 😀

        • @trent_blake:disqus, @programguy:disqus, and @mimeforjesus:disqus … the top commenters of all time. (Oh, and did I forget @GuitarwithArms:disqus)

          • M4J is #1, Sam is 2, Trent is 3. That leaves me as measly old #4 lol….so you didn’t have to mention me! ;P

          • Can you actually see who comments the most? @programguy:disqus would know. He knows everything computer related, but hey, @GuitarwithArms:disqus, you count as one of the top commenters. You comment at least once on every single post… I think.

          • I’m #20 @GuitarwithArms:disqus, so you have nothing to cry about! (Evil laugh) :^[

          • I just now found this… I’ve been around since December 19, so almost a year! 🙂 (Yeah, I’m looking through old Reb convos. 🙂

          • Yes, you go to where it says “the Rebelution” and click on “top commenters”. =)

          • Does it actually just look at how many comments people make, or does it take into account how many likes they get?

          • Really? Cause it shows some people that I know have more comments under other people that have less. That’s weird!

          • It’s just the number of comments on the Reb. It would be cool though, if they took likes and followers into account! =)

          • Piano is the best! I play piano, and I like singing. I’m more into classical music and improv, and I want to do jazz. But, I’m not experienced with like contemporary music. Are you? And do you do like techno stuff on the computer?

          • Me too, I’m mainly into classical! What pieces do you like?

            I’ve never done techno stuff no, but I’ve done a little teeny little bit with garage band. but not much. Hbu?

          • Hmmmm… I really like sadder, slower pieces, but not pieces that are all boring arpeggiations. Have you heard of the Sick Doll by… *goes and checks* *is too lazy to go and check* *sits on his bumb*… Tchaikovsky (asked my piano major sister)?

          • Lol, I haven’t actually. Have you ever heard of Chopin’s Heroic Polonaise? It’s definitely not a sad slow piece lol but it’s one of my favorites to play. =)

          • No. But of course, I have heard of Chopin. Have you ever heard of a “Chopin Liszt”?

            I am kind of a polar opposite from myself. I love sad, slow pieces and loud, fast pieces, just not boring, boring pieces.

            I think slow, rhythmic (as oppose to lyric) pieces can be some of the hardest. Although, long stretchy finger pieces are really hard too or if they are super fast.

          • Lol, yes I’ve heard of a Chopin Liszt, it’s what you use when you go Chopin and will be Bach soon! XD

            Lol, I don’t like boring boring pieces either. ;P

            Oh, here’s an interesting one if you’d like to look it up: Brahms Hungarian Dance #6 solo piano transcription, it’s so much fun!

          • I don’t do techno stuff, but my cousin does and he’s pretty good at it. I don’t really like techno stuff though. It doesn’t have the same life behind it that classical and even contemporary music has, and I hate really squeaky noises.

            I’ve recorded some really terrible stuff on garageband when I was younger. Now, I’m trying to compose some music though.

          • Yeah, I don’t like it much either.

            You know Sam G? He actually wrote a song, and I composed the music for it. So yeah, I’ve been composing some too! ;P

          • Who is Sam G? As I said, I’m not on Revive yet, so… the only Sam’s I know on social media are Sam S. and Sam W. Can you compose to my words sometime? *puppy eyes* If there’s one thing I love more than piano, (well, I guess I probably love more than one thing more than piano) it’s writing poetry. I also like analyzing it too (just not meter please).

          • Actually, I have seen @Sam G around, but I don’t know if I officially met him. I have a rebelution email now: [email protected]. So, you could email me, and then I could email you back with some lyrics?

          • Ah, ok. Ummmm, I’m not actually allowed to email unless you verify you’re a real person, and I read on that one article that you want to keep your identity private. =/ Any ideas?

            And listen man, I know you’re a real person, I just am required to verify that bc of parental rules, ya know?

          • No. I totally get where you are coming from. So, what exactly do you need for “conformation”. I would also confirm that you were a real person if I was using my none rebelution email. @programguy:disqus do you know who I am? ‘Cause if you can keep a secret, I can tell you, and then Josh A. would have my real name with my real email without anyone else knowing my name. But, the question is can I trust you to like not tell the whole reb?

          • Ok. So since anyone on here could be a stalker but you are the most likely to be a professional hacker and you already know my name… what if you emailed @GuitarwithArms:disqus my name, assuming he agrees not to tell the whole Reb, and then maybe that would be enough verification that I am a real person… and maybe you could email me his last name. I would still not feel comfortable with him having my real email, but maybe that would be enough verification.

            Also, maybe if Brett vouches for me, @Guitar with Arms doesn’t even have to know my name.

          • I didn’t mean for you to vouch for me, but you could email the guitar dude (who’s name I know btw. though not his last name) my name so that he knows I’m a real person, and then he could trust me and use my rebellion email and forget my name by deleting your email.

          • Hey Sam… on an old thread… again 😉 Umm, I was wondering if you would have any interest in swapping e-mail addresses. I’m a real person, btw. Heheh.

          • Also, do other people know who I am, or just you? The group I am a part of is a private group, that’s why I used my real name, but if people put this username and my real name together… I don’t know. Is there a way of changing your name on *you know where*?

          • Don’t worry, no matter what I wouldn’t tell the whole Reb. =)

            Well, the best system I’ve heard of to verify someone’s identity is to have them take a picture of a word of your choice, for example, you’d tell me, idk, “Minnesota” or whatever, then I write it down and take a picture of myself holding it. But you can’t post pics, can you? See it’s a lot easier on Revive ‘cuz there’s personal messaging.

            I gotta admit, I am truly stumped here. =/

          • Don’t worry about it, man! =) I got it! And I know your last name now btw. 😉

          • Got it! Dude, we have like the exact same glasses lol.

            Ok, I’m going to edit this out instantly, I hope you get email notifications: *removed* =)

          • Ok. So I emailed @programguy:disqus a picture of myself he can email you, and I have a sign that says Minnesota. The only thing is I was covering my face so you can just see my eyes. Hopefully that’s enough. Can you do the same?

          • I don’t. If you mean lyrics/poems/articles/etc. Nope, I am totally deprived of talent in regards to writing and art lol.

          • Music is art, lol. I just meant I have no talent in regards to art art, ya know? =P

          • If you do, I would be excited, but if you don’t, you can stereotype me as a bookworm/writer type.

          • How’d you get it to work. You’re just a technical genius, that’s how 😉

          • It’s hard to explain, but there are guitars with arms in it, so that’s why I thought of you. You should look it up on youtube! It’s like animations that go with music.

          • yeah, but I haven’t been on here in, like, forever. I mean, I’ll answer comments, but I haven’t commented regularly since before I went to my sister’s….

          • I’m like, #8 or something, which is funny, considering i don’t comment all that much 😉

    • You are a Biblically sound, strongly opinionated (in the best way possible) dude. You are friendly, but you don’t shy away from conflict. I think you’re pretty awesome!

  • I’m not even going to ask what people think of me on here. unfortunately, i am slightly obnoxious, overly opinionated, and a little too enthusiastic on here. Oops, I guess I went a little overboard. I would do it differently if I could again. But my parents did do for my sixteenth birthday party, have people write letters to me. It was so sweet and everyone was really nice to me and it was enough praise to boost my ego a bit. Thanks for sharing, Gabrielle!

    • Liana… you don’t come across slightly obnoxious, overly opinionated, and a little too enthusiastic, you have been great! 🙂 I love it when you contribute to the discussions 🙂

      • thanks, you’re sweet! I guess its just that since I am so quiet in real life, I feel way too outgoing on here. Dangerous ground for me. And I thought of you twice last week. So we went to my grandparents to see friends and family from out of town. We weren’t there two seconds before they started talking about politics. 😛 And then there was a day when it was rainy and humid. I am not kidding or exaggerating one bit, my hair looked like something erupted in it. It was seriously trying to mimic an afro. I almost considered snapping a selfie and sending it to you. My family laughed so hard when I came downstairs. It was hilarious!