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How do I exercise to the glory of God?

JOHN WRITES: I care about being attractive, to the point where I bring up my height and how buff (or not buff as is more likely the case) I am in most of my conversations with my friends and have a hard time not comparing myself to other people. I feel like my desire for other people to find me attractive has grown to the point where it is now an idol. This really puts me in a hard spot concerning exercise.

I know I should exercise, and I want to be healthy. But at the same time, I know that the only reason I want to exercise is so I won’t get fat and so I’ll be buff. Trust me when I say, if I could have a six-pack with no effort whatsoever on my part, I wouldn’t work out at all.

How can I have a godly view of exercise, and exercise for exercise’s sake rather than for the sake of my looks? Is it wrong to care how you look?

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