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How do you make a movie?


CHRISTOPHER WRITES: I have been thinking, rethinking, and overthinking about becoming a Christian filmmaker, but I don’t know anything about it. I don’t even know how to start learning about it. I’ve been looking for people to talk to who work in this field to get more information, but those people are few. They seem even more non-existent among teens, at least where I am.

Is there anyone out there who could help me? I’d like to make a film about spiritual warfare, but I have no idea where to start. Advice?

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  • 1st: I have no clue about anything about movies except that I like watching them. So please take any advice I may send your way with a grain of salt.

    2nd: Have you heard of the Kendrick Brothers? You might talk to them for advice- or at least try to get ahold of them. They’re the ones who did War Room, Couragous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. I love their movies. But they started out feeling called by God to make a movie, and they did! Flywheel was their first movie, and if you watch the movies they’ve made in order the shooting gets progressively better and better. So they could probably give you some words of wisdom.

    3rd: It seems to me that to make a movie people are required, so while you’re figuring this out go find people who are interested in being part of this! Go and find friends who want to act(though maybe you should weed out who can and can’t before filming) and someone who likes videotaping to be your cameraman, and a really tech-y friend to edit.

    4th: Figure out what equipment you need at the barest minimum(like camera, mic, whatever) to shoot. Then figure out how much those cost and how you’re going to pay for them.

    5th: This should go higher on the list, but write a good script. Since starting out your shooting probably isn’t going to be fabulous, make up for it with the script. Figure out your pollen, and your points and everything and then get some fantastic dialogue.

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Hope that helps, since I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • I have been trying to write and play music. So far it’s going better than I thought it would, but I know nothing about recording and editing and that kind of stuff. My other problem is that I need people to help with that kind of stuff and with actually playing some of the music. I can’t play guitar piano and sing all at the same time 😛

    So yeah, sorry that I don’t have any advice…

  • That is so cool that you want to get involved with Christian film making!!! I don’t know anything about it myself, but I can point you in the direction of some people who do.
    Joe and Jerica Henline are two young, but experienced Christian moviemakers. I’ve included links to two of their movies below:

    You can do it! Keep us here on the Rebelution updated. 🙂

  • Whoa dude! I am all over this! I don’t know if I’ll become a legit filmmaker in the future, but I am definitely a fan of film and have made films with my friends. I’ll give you what advice I can.

    First, develop a skill. Whether it’s camera work, directing, writing, acting, producing, learn something. Financiers and companies will never get behind a guy with no cred. It sounds like you want to go the directing/writing/camera work route, so I suggest taking some community college classes for those areas.

    Really, that’s the first step. Once you develop your skill, find ways to employ it. Make a movie with your friends. Try to get a job that will employ your skill. Then, try taking that first step into the world of filmmaking once you feel that you have something to offer. Make an offer to a producer or film company.

    I really hope you do well! Film is kind of my passion, so I hope I can be of help!

    • Yeah… the “skill” I want to do is kinda fuzzy right now… the truth is, I’m not actually sure what the plot of the movie is yet. I DO however have a… I guess you could call it a “style” that I’m adamant about. I think this might cause me to have to take the role of several jobs in the filmmaking business.

      You mentioned that this was your passion? Can you tell me more? What do you mean?

      • Well…let’s just say my backup career plan is to go into directing, writing, and producing films. I love movies. Some Christians may have a hard time with me liking secular films, but I try to find the good in every movie, whether the movie is Christian or not, be it acting, filmmaking, story, or scope.

        Last summer, my friends and I made a movie about teens setting up a youth group service. My brother filmed and edited it in the style of a “mockumentary” , since he has a knack for it and wants to make a career out of it. I wrote it with a friend who has a gift for comedy and loves writing, and a bunch of really talented friends acted in it. It showed me how much I enjoyed the work of making it, and how much I enjoyed the finished product. I will be directing another project with the same group of friends this summer, and we’re already starting the planning phase.

        What kind of “style” are you referring to?

        • Wow, sounds like you got quite a team already. Good for you!

          “Mockumentary”? Is that like a parody of a documentary?

          You like secular movies? I do too! What kind/which ones do you like?

          The style is… unique. And… odd. I want to do a movie about spiritual warfare, but the way I want to do it is unusual. Let’s just say there are a lot of Christians in the world who (whom?) are not my targeted audience.

          • Mockumentary is like a scripted documentary. It’s usually filmed in comedic settings, like The Office or Parks and Recreation.

            I like a broad range of secular movies. Star Wars. Mission Impossible. Avengers movies. Bourne franchise. War movies. True stories. Space movies. Westerns. New Star Trek. Man of Steel. Dark Knight trilogy. Thrillers like Signs and the Village. Period films. The only types of movies I don’t watch really are romance, horror, and rated-R comedies. Those usually have the most objectionable content.

            Have you ever read This Present Darkness? It’s about spiritual warfare from the points of view of the demons, angels, an unbeliever, and a believer. If I ever went into film-making, that would be one thing I would adapt into a movie. And I agree with you about the target audience.

            In my mind, the problem with Christian films is that they miss the mark that they are intending to hit. They say they want to minister to people, but no non-Christian would ever watch them because they’re usually so preachy and poorly done (with a few exceptions, like The Passion, War Room, Courageous, and a few others). If I ever made movies, I would make movies with subtle Christian themes, so non-Christians would be able to watch and learn from them. I think that’s what you want to do too, and I think you’re on the right track!

            Anything else you want to know?

          • No I haven’t read that book. I’ve read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis though. I’ll definitely check it out.

            Wow, you almost completely read my mind. Yes, they are too preachy. That’s almost exactly what I want to do, get non-Christians to voluntarily expose themselves to Christian themes properly. But I’m not sure about subtlety… what do you mean by that?

          • Like what you said. Not be too preachy, but make the movies from a Christian viewpoint, and place Christian themes in the story. Kind of like the Narnia movies.

          • Hmm, interesting. I was thinking more along the lines of being more “real.” Things like showing realistic portrayals of situations and examples of spiritual warfare. Ditching the cliches and exaggerations found in many Christian films and replacing them with thoughtful, detailed depictions of a walk with God. Too often I see movies essentially claiming that if you give your life to Christ, most of your life gets better, and unfortunately that’s not necessarily true. I wanna show the true joy that Christ can give people, but not be afraid to drive in the hardships of it. The ugly side.

            I know that the Kendrick Brothers are trying to be inspirational, and I understand that the real message in the Bible is love and hope. Unfortunately, unintentional or not, the films we see are too “rainbows and magic.” This causes people, even other Christians to take God and the Bible the wrong way.

            I also definitely agree with the “preachy” point you mentioned. I sure wouldn’t watch them if I were a non-Christian for that very reason.

          • So it seems to me that you want to make Christians movies, just not in the typical way that it’s done nowadays. Am I correct? So that’s where our views differ. I want to make movies that are not a part of the “Christian film industry” per se, but I want my faith and my beliefs to come out in them. Take The Chronicles of Narnia for example. Sure it was based on a book inspired by the Bible and written by a Christian, but it was not marketed as such. It was marketed as a family friendly movie that people of all ages could enjoy, and it was based on some critically acclaimed classic literature. It is now one of the highest grossing faith-based films, just under The Passion.

            No problem about the book. I’m just tired of seeing films that mean well but are poorly executed, which is the majority of the Christian film industry I’m afraid. There are a handful of good ones I know, but I don’t plan on being in that scene if I make movies.

          • Thanks! I see what you’re saying. However… I don’t think I would be on board with the “Christian film industry” either. In fact, it might not even be dubbed as “Christian.” The way I would do things would NOT be family friendly. It might even be… controversial.

          • Well hey! The Passion of the Christ was controversial, and it’s now the highest grossing R-rated movie ever made. So sometimes, controversial can be a good thing!

            However, it can also not be a good thing. Like for Noah and Exodus. Controversial, and not at all Christian.

          • However, I want to encourage you to go after your desire to make good movies wholeheartedly, granted that that’s what God wants you to do with your life!

  • Hmmm… practicing with zero-budget short videos has become a beloved hobby of mine because I would greatly like to make a Christian movie someday.

  • With a core group of five people, my sister directed a movie. It was our first try and supposed to be short, but it ended out over an hour and a half! We weren’t skilled in anything, but we planned the script together, incorporating many people from our little community. Our budget was zero, so we used Lightworks for editing (I’ve heard that imovie is good, if you have a Mac computer) (, filmed with our little camera and a cheap tripod someone happened to have, and used Incompetech music for free! ( We didn’t have any skills, but we were pretty happy with the end product. Before you recruit actors, make sure they know how much time they’ll be committing. We filmed almost everyday for a couple of months, often using our parents too.
    All that to say that we had no skill and no resources, but it was still possible with a lot of determination!

      • Well, it was about a bunch of girls (we had a shortage of boys) who basically spoke up against a corrupt and persecuting government. Now I would say that that is wrong. They should have just submitted and evangelized without rebellion, but I still love the movie because of the fun times we had making it!

    • Wow! I’m looking into film making, but of late I’ve been stuck… That’s an encouragement to me to press on. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve seen a fair number of Christian movies (a lot of them bad in quality, a couple of them okay). I think probably the best way to learn how to make movies is to approach them like how you’d typically approach a hobby:

    1) Learn. Learn all you can. Learn about screenwriting (I haven’t personally read it, but I’ve heard all sorts of good thing about the book *Save the Cat* by Blake Snyder), learn what makes a good movie, read books about filmmaking, etc., etc. Study movies and watch how they’re made. And you don’t have to necessarily learn from other Christian filmmakers; just learn from filmmakers in general. You can study the craft without imitating the content.

    2) Figure out what your mission is and who your audience is. Is it to bring people to Christ? Is it to introduce nonbelievers to the Christian perspective? Is it to challenge your viewers? Your mission will influence how you approach filmmaking, and your audience will influence the kind of content you’ll provide. For example, the Kendrick Brothers’ movie *War Room* didn’t do very well with secular critics, but it thrived amongst the Christian community. I read an article in which they stated that the reviews from secular viewpoints didn’t bother them, because those critics were not their target audience. Their target audience was people like us.

    3) Create. Even if you have no idea where to start, try writing a script and getting your friends and family together to film it. The more you watch movies, and the more you start to play around with different camera angles and forms of storytelling, the more you’ll learn. Again, I’m no expert. But this is just the kind of stuff that I’ve learned from having my own YouTube channel and from trying to learn how to write.

    4) Don’t worry about your future. Don’t worry about becoming a filmmaker. Just focus on what you believe God has called you to do, and do it.

    Hope this helps!

  • As a viewer I don’t know any of the technical stuff, but don’t be afraid to just make good art. I think a lot of film maker’s try to trick people into hearing the gospel or make Christians heroes. Both are unnecessary and hurtful — tricking people into anything makes them hate it, and Christians are disappointing if your expect heroes .

    If you are a Christian the gospel will effect everything you do but it won’t always be spoken. For instance, several of the big wigs in Marvel are Christians and their stories are making a very positive impact in pop culture. The gospel is never specified, but you can see it’s influence in characters who grow in conversion-like ways (Iron Man, Thor), how they are willing to die for each other, even in that they trust Good will win.

    The gospel is extremely important, but I don’t think film is the best medium for spreading it explicitly. It’s much more effective in everyday conversations.

    Anyway, I hope I made sense and that this helps. Good luck!

  • One of my hardest things with making movies – writing a good script. I’m really bad at brainstorming, and I just never know how to write a good script. It also doesn’t really help that I don’t know fully what I want to make a movie about… Thoughts?

  • I have personally written, directed, and acted in five films, three under 10 minutes, and two
    over twenty. Now this doesn’t make me an expert by any means, but I consider
    myself to be knowledgeable in the “WORLD” of film making. My advice
    would be… Just make a film. That might sound a bit vague and not useful, but
    I promise you, if film making is for you, just going out and making a film will
    be the launching pad to amazing things, especially if your goal, like mine, is
    to make films that honor and glorify GOD. I’ve personally done this, and I can
    say, just going out and making a film with my friends has been the biggest contributors
    to my passion for film making. I now plan to finish high school, go to Film
    School, and be a Christian Film Director.

    But if just going out and making a film isn’t an option for logistical, or
    other reasons, then I’d recommend checking out Film Riot on YouTube, or DSLR
    Guide. There aren’t to many good books or articles for beginner film makers,
    but googling “HOW TO MAKE A FILM” should come up with some good

    Hope that helps! God Bless!


    Here are some links to my work…

    First Film:

    Other Two:

    • Hey, would you be willing to tell me what you know? I don’t want to do a youtube video, I want to put it in theatres. I’d really appreciate help on how to learn how to do that.

      • Film school is exactly what it sounds like, it’s where you go to college and major in the art of visual story telling. There are several around the U.S., but if we are talking Christian schools, there are two that come to mind right away, and they are the two that I’m considering currently. The first is Liberty University in Virginia. The film department if led by a guy who worked with some of Hollywood’s greats (i.e. Spielberg and others) but kept his faith solid and has developed a very high quality program. It’s a University, so it’s pretty expensive, but is well worth it with considering the amount of opportunities they will give you. Another is Northwestern University in Minnesota. I personally live in Minnesota and have visited this University, and it’s a very good one. The film program is new, but it has already had several graduating classes and some very good film makers have come out in said classes. But again, it’s a University, so it is expensive, but ultimately well worth it in the long run.

        So that’s what I’ve got for Film School. I’m only a freshmen in high school right now, so film school is a ways out for me, but I’ve started my digging now so I’m as prepared as I can be once I graduate.

        • That sounds great. I will look into that more. Thanks!

          Hey, have you considered studying for the SAT early? I’m taking it in June so I’ve been looking for someone to study with. I can help you with Algebra and I’m a decent writer. If you want, we could help each other with that. It would give you a nice head-start since you’re a freshman, and I desperately need to get on it. Are you interested?

          By the way, what does your name mean? I checked your youtube channel, Trinity Film, and found your playlist “2020 Vision Studio Films.” What exactly is it?

  • Thanks for the answers so far! Some of you suggested things like short films, and “improv” if you will (grab some friends and have fun). Let me just clear something up: I don’t want it to be amateurish. I want to actually put this in theatres, advertise on TV, and really produce a well made movie. I’m willing to put years of study and learning into this. If I went that rout… does anyone know where to start?

    • Even if you don’t want to be “amateurish” no matter how hard you try your first few projects will be “amateurish”, so you really need to get out there and make a few short films and practice a ton, before you will have any chance at making a feature film. Best place to start would be YouTube and the filmmakers handbook. It takes years of practice to get good enough to produce something like a feature film. are you hoping to be the director or the producer or what? another thing you need to understands is even the lowest budget features take at ;east 30,00$ to make just with cast, crew, locations, and equipment…

      • How on Earth did you find this thing? I wrote this a year ago. Very surprised someone found it again.

        Since I wrote this discussion, I decided to go to film school, and I think I’ve officially chosen Biola University. It’s starting to seem like I want to do writing, directing, and producing. Hopefully, God led me to the right place.

        I’ve been watching your channel. You have some good stuff! Nice job with the adventure scene you made a while back! How long have you been using Hitfilm? You seem to be good at it. I have the program too, but I have no idea how to use it. I’m not even sure I can because it’s slow on my laptop.

        What are your plans for film? What kind of a filmmaker do you want to be?

          • And how did SHE find this?!

            Honestly, at first, I was taking the advice of a current filmmaker near me. He suggested that I focus on my core education (math, science, other essentials) and then leave real film production for grad school. That way, I would be less distracted, and more free to concentrate on the subject. I would also be able to learn the necessities without constantly getting side-tracked by moviemaking.

            Unfortunately, my first choice college for that rout, Pepperdine, waitlisted me (not denied, but essentially the same thing). I did not get accepted to any college except Biola, so I decided to go there. I suppose it’s God’s answer to my prayer asking Him to make my decision easy.

            I did not shoot for Northwestern because, as I’m sure you know, it does not have any kind of business classes. This surprised me considering their reputation as an elite school. Filmmaking is a business. If I can’t learn how the business works, or at least how marketing works, no amount of skill or talent will get me anywhere. There are a lot of filmmakers who go to USC for their film program, and come out without knowing how to handle the industry. They never end up doing what they really wanted to do because they don’t know how to navigate the world of Hollywood. I don’t want that happening to me.

            Why’s that your favorite scene?

            Is that how you learned? I doubt the videos were enough to master it.

            What kind of movies would you like to make?

            I’m 17. I’ll be 18 in a couple months.

          • lol, I don’t know.

            At first? I hope you stopped taking his advice… If you did that then you would be depriving yourself of years of experience, even if you were not able to to concentrate on it much!

            OK, yeah he did save you a lot of time and anxiety. 🙂 I meant Northwest, its a smaller school in Washington State. Yeah that’s definitely true, but i would still suggest going to a school with a good film program, the other school i considered was Florida Sate. You can always learn business through experience, an common sense. but yes, learning to handle businesses is an important skill, but its not necessary to to go to college for it.

            Probably because it was my favorite to film and i really liked the pacing of the scene. Also it’s always fun to use shaky cam.

            I leaned the basics of the software for there, but i was already fairly familiar with software like Adobe Premier and After Effects. But the main way I learned was through lots of trial and error, or giving my self a deadline and an end goal and just having no option but to finish it and figure it out in that time.

            All kinds, I don’t really have a favorite yet, and i think having a favorite at this point would hamper me more than help me because I wouldn’t be as good with other the techniques, But i do have to say i really enjoy filming fast paced films. for instance I’m going to finish another fast paced short film this Monday.

  • If at all possible, get expert advice. I don’t mean to negate any of what’s being said here, but I think the reality is that unless we’ve actually made movies successfully, our advice on the process will be mostly speculation. I have no experience with film-making, so unfortunately I can’t offer you any specific advice… But my experience with music has shown me the importance of listening to those who do it full-time. People who simply find music an interesting thing to think about or discuss sometimes do have fascinating insights, but they never offer you the same sort of practical help as those who actually do it every day. I suspect the same goes for film.

    This is an exciting thing to be aiming for! Keep at it, and may God use you for His glory.

  • lookup film schools, they are out there. Do you want to be like George Lucas and be the person with the ideas, the producer, or the camera man?

  • Yeah. A friend of mine and I are planning on making a movie that we’re projecting will be between 1-2 hours. We have the script ready and edited but getting actors that both look the part and have the time is the difficult part.

  • Beyond the other advice on working on scripts and such, get an editing software like Final Cut Pro, and practice now on any videos you have. Nothing is more of a killjoy then doing all the work and fighting software to get the cool edit you want.

  • While I have no I idea about film making, my advice is that the only place you can go is up. Hope this helps. In Christ Alone.

  • Hi I’m new. Were do you live Christopher? I live in Mississippi. God has called me to make a movie about spiritual warfare too.

    • Hi there. I’m new too. I live in Indiana. Can you tell me more about how God wants you to do that? What kind of movie do you mean?

      • Well, I think its going to be called The Spiritual Realm. I only know a little bit about the story. But its similar to Narnia in that kids experience another “world”. I don’t know how God will make the movie happen though. But He knows!

        • That sounds cool. Does it also reflect The Pilgrim’s Progress? It’s similar in concept.

          I wanted to do a more serious film. Something that shows real life spiritual attack.

          • It’s not really an allegory. It would show real spiritual attack, but not through the physical eyes. It would show it from the spiritual eyes. Does that make any sense? Its a hard concept to explain.

          • Hmm. Possibly from an angel’s perspective?

            Yeah, the one I want to make would actually be relatively intense. And I want it to be realistic too.

          • Sorta. Except the kids are the main characters, not an angel.

            Would yours involve characters casting out demons?

          • No, I don’t wanna do any creepy weird demonic stuff. For this movie, I want to do life challenge. Things some teens deal with in life, and how spiritual warfare relates to it.

          • So it will be intense, but not that kind of intense. Do you have a basic story outline yet?

          • Not a very conclusive one, no. I think I do want the protagonist to be a girl with some unusual, but easily understood emotional issues. It’s going to be based on stuff I went through as well as friends of mine. I also want to portray a shorthand, easy to understand way of seeing what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling. Probably with signals of some kind. Like a certain sound effect and/or color around the screen that consistently occurs when she’s feeling suprised or angry etc.

            But as far as a basic story, no not really. I have events I want included, but no straightforward idea of a script. I DO, however, have a certain “style” I’m adamant about.

            Yours sounds like you want to have the story view the kids from the Holy Spirit’s perspective. Is that it? Do you want God Hilmself analyzing/commenting on the situation? Or maybe it’s from the human spirit’s viewpoint? The soul?

          • The latter. It’s kids looking through their spirit eyes’ view.

            Sounds like you have a few ideas. I know that actually coming up with the plot can be pretty flabbergasting! I don’t know if this will help much, but it is a basic outline of story plot. You want to #1introduce characters, setting and the main character’s issue, #2show the big problem that the characters need to overcome, #3show whether they win or not, and tie up loose ends. DO NOT end a story abruptly! It is not the professional way to do things. Don’t worry, God will help you through every step. And you’ll grow a lot because of it!

          • Thank you. That’s quite helpful!

            I know God will help me through every step, but I feel kind of alone right now. I need a friend to do this with, and found no one so far 🙁

            That’s an interesting concept. So, their souls are portrayed as separate beings? Or is it them, just a deeper version?

            You also mentioned a different world? Would that be the body?

          • You have some tricky questions! The soul is not separate. That would not be realistic. I guess it’s a deeper version. Different world just means different surroundings. The kids can see demons, and angels, they have swords, and things like that.
            I’ll be praying that God brings someone with some experience and a heart for making that movie your way.

          • Yeah, I ask a lot of tricky questions 🙂

            Thank you for praying. I just wish I was less scared of telling my parents about it at least.

            That should make an interesting adventure. Do you know the title yet?

          • I’m pretty sure it’s called “The Spiritual Realm”.

            You know God says not to worry a lot of times in the Bible. Just try telling your parents, they will probably be more open than you think. Remember that bravery is having faith that God is in control.

          • That’s a good name. 🙂

            I’m not very brave. You seem to be strong in the faith. Good for you!

  • I have wanted to make a movie for a while now and I am so happy to hear that others are as well. I thought I was on my own.:)

    All the research I have done has been mostly in the library. and I have found if you just write ‘how to make a movie’ into the library search engine you will end up with quiet a few different books, and some were very useful. ‘Save The Cat’ is the one that the Kendrick Brothers suggested to me, although I haven’t read it yet.

    Speaking of the Kendrick Brothers, I emailed them with questions about movie making and they replied with some very good advise, so I would advise asking them.

    A book that I have read about spiritual war fare is Chuck Black’s “Wars of the Realm” trilogy, it is not like the story you want to do but it might be helpful,

    Thank you for asking the question, I found a lot of the answers helpful in my film making walk.

    Good Luck and God bless.

      • I sent them an email. it took them about a month and a half to get back at me but it was worth the wait. I think I got their email address off their website.

          • I’m sorry, it wasn’t the Kendrick brothers it was the Burns family. I sent an email to both if them and forgot who answered. I feel really bad for giving you the wrong people.
            Here is what they said:

            1) Study other films, using the book SAVE THE CAT.

            2) Look for other filmmakers to partner with to make short films; you can meet like minded people at events like

            Shoot short films to hone your craft – you don’t need a fancy camera,
            any smartphone with a camera on it, or an ipad will work just fine to
            get started!

            4) Pray and seek the Lord with all your heart!

  • Hi Christopher,

    Ive already made a few short films and i am working another one now. I have a YouTube channel at where i teach some filmamking techniques and effects every Monday. Another great way to learn if filamaking is Film Riot and DSLR guide on YouTube, they are where Ive learned almost everything i know about filmmaking. The Filmmakers Handbook is also a great source of information…

    My number one piece of advice would be to just go out there and make something! if you don’t have a camera borrow a friends or use your phone, if you don’t have phone use your parents, there is no better way to learn filmmaking then to just go out and make something. don’t get caught up in all thew equipment and techniques you need to have and learn, those will come with time.

    There are some great free software you can use for editing, here is a list of all the free assets I use:

    Very capable editing and compositing software:

    Free script writing software:

    Free Color Grading software and 4k editing:

    Film Riot:

    DSLR guide:

    I hope this was helpful? 🙂

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