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How can I be content in my singleness?

ANONYMOUS WRITES: How do you keep natural God-given desires for a romantic relationship someone of the opposite sex at a healthy level? How do you keep from entering the lustful and impatient stage? I know God gave us those desires. I know having feelings for someone is natural and isn’t a sin in and of itself, but I’m not keeping it at the healthy level anymore.

I’m old enough to be in a relationship and married in a year, but sometimes I’m in too much of a rush! I’m not even twenty yet, and sometimes I feel like the right guy will never come along. Then I wonder why I am in so much of a hurry. I want to stay entirely pure until marriage, and I even want to save my first kiss at least until engagement. Sometimes the lustful desire is there to forgo saving my kiss, even though deep down I truly want to save myself.

I often feel discontent and long for a boyfriend/husband. I know deep down that a relationship isn’t what fulfills me, but on the surface I feel like it would. I’ve always wanted to be married young and I’ve always had the desire to be a wife and mom. I know God gave me those desires, and most of the time they have remained healthy desires, but I’m going through a phase where my desires are stronger than ever and often in that lustful state…

Any advice?

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