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What’s something that’s valuable to you but no one else?


R. WRITES: When I think about my most precious possessions, they’re not the most expensive ones. They are things that are invaluable to me but no one else, a handful of books or pictures connected to memories or individuals. What are some of your most precious possessions that are worthless to others? Why are they so special to you?

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  • First of all, my art. I’m a kid who loved to draw…. and I can prove it with my three-inch binder filled with all my drawings. A year or two ago, I went searching around the house and gathered up all my drawings that I could find and put them in that binder. It is super special to me because it is like a part of me. I have drawings in their from when I was like five, and I have drawings from this year. My pictures tell things about me.

    Second of all, my writing. That file in google docs is one of the most precious things I have. Other people might just see it as words, but to me, it is a record of all the things that God has used for good in my life and the ways I’ve grown in my faith.

    Third, a T-shirt. It’s kinda strange… but I have this shirt, that’s says “Super Mufffinator”on it, and it’s special to me because my aunt made it for me when I was five or six and Muffy is the nickname that my dad used to call me.

    Fourth, notes. I have a stack of notes and things that I kept from my friends a few years back. The friends that aren’t my friends anymore… and yet the notes are still special to me, I guess because those friends were a part of me, even if I don’t have only fond memories of them.

    Fifth, a baby doll and blanket… yeah I know, embarrassing, but they are special to me since I’ve had them as long as I can remember….

    Oooh the sunset is so beautiful right now! Why yes, that was random.

  • If I had to pick one: My Bible…not that most people don’t like their Bibles, but I’ve had the same one since I was 6 years old and I have all sorts of marks, underlinings, notes, highlights, certain verse lists in the front of my Bible, and it shows many signs of wear and tear…I literally almost refuse to use any other Bible because mine is just so special to me…there are marks I made when I was 6 I kinda wish at times that I hadn’t made, but then again, it’s special! <3

    My Bible is by FAR by most prized possession! <3 <3

  • My Bible, because I’ve had it for years. Since I was six or seven. it’s pink and orange and has Disney Princess stickers in the Y and Z part of the concordance(thanks, Elise) and I’ve underlined probably half the New Testament and a goodly amount of Psalms, and there’s notes and… I just love my Bible. I’d be really, really sad if I had to give it up. I wish I was more comfortable in other Bibles because I tend to find things by underlining instead of verse references in my head, but I do love my Bible. It’s something special to me.

    Letters and notes that people have given me. Not the generic ones, but the really meaningful ones are very special to me. I’m a letter person…

    Other than that, my knitting needles and yarn. I’m bereft without them. I’m possibly the only person in my county that considers yarn as standard gear to have at all time.

    Out of curiosity, is it good to be attached to stuff? “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and were thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

    Matthew 6:19

    Do we put more importance in stuff- or in relationships? In our computer- or in time with our siblings?(I know I’m guilty of that one.) In our hobby- or in people? I’m not saying it’s bad to have stuff and enjoy it because obviously I have stuff and really enjoy it. But we need to recall that where our heart is, there our treasure shall lie and remind ourselves of what is important.

      • LOL, it ruins it if I can’t write in my Bible. There are some people who have a thing about that and some who don’t. I’ve underlined and made notes on a goodly amount of my New Testament…

  • -Letters from my best friend who is halfway across the country from me–those are our main connection in what has always been a long-distance friendship because we met at a week of summer camp. She is always encouraging and points me back to Jesus, and you can read her heart between the lines.
    -A Word document containing a short story I wrote called “Because the Gospel Changes Everything.” In a lot of ways it parallels my life and the truth that I needed to hear at that point.
    -A cheap, tarnished cross necklace that reads “Forgiven” across the crossbar. A reminder of God’s unconditional love in a home situation where I can never measure up. And a reminder that God doesn’t leave us where we are but transforms us.
    -The book of Psalms in a Bible that I marked up in some of the darkest times of my life. It was a lifeline.

    -And embarrassingly, a stuffed bear I’ve had for most of my life.

  • My baseball, my baby blanket, a couple stuffed animals, a box of letters and notes from my friends, my guitar, my trumpet, my Chronicles of Narnia books, and my autographed Chuck Black books.

      • I’ve read all of his books, except for the newest Wars of the Realm book, which I’m in the middle of reading right now. I only have the Kingdom Series books and the first Knights of Arrethtrae book, but all of them are autographed. I’ve met Chuck Black 3 (maybe 2, but I think 3) times at different years of a homeschool convention where I used to live. He was really nice and told me I could bring all my books of his and he would autograph them, even though I didn’t buy anything there.

          • Yes! I love how the second one gave such a different perspective on familiar thing!

        • AGGHH THE WARS OF THE REALM BOOKS ARE EAVEN BETTER THEN HIS OTHER ONES!!! I didn’t actually like the Kingdom books that much, but I enjoyed the first Wars of the Realm book. I own the second one… It’s on my booklist.

          • I’ve always enjoyed allegories, so I really enjoyed the Kingdom Series, but I do agree the WotR are way better!

        • Whoa! Wait a minute, he wrote more books? I’ve only heard of the Kingdom Series and Knights of Arrethtrae. Definitely have to check those other ones out! 🙂

          • I think the Wars of the Realm books are his best books, especially the 2nd one! They’re definitely worth checking out. They’re about spiritual warfare, from the viewpoint of humans and angels.

  • My Bible, letters I get from people, journals, my baby blanket, a stuffed animal rabbit that I’ve had since I was born, my books, pictures of family and friends that are really close to me, and a dried rose.

  • By reading some of the other comments I notice that most everyone says Bible, a few say letters, some say stuffed animals, and a couple say blankets. Those are all good memories and it is good to look back and remember all that God has done for you throughout your life. Personally I am not a person who is very sentimental (anything I have I use it for a reason), but I do have quite a few stuffed animals (over 30 maybe?) but I like to look at stuff and remember the first time I got it (too many things to say). All in all, mine must be the wisdom I get from my parents, pastors, and leaders (I know that is a very dull answer but in all seriousness it is true). In Christ alone.

  • Hmmm… Well, as others have said, my Bible is very important to me. It’s riddled with pictures, notes, and church bulletins and it holds so many memories.

    Also, I have a bunch of pictures from the photo booth at Chuck E. Cheese of me and my siblings. They make me smile 🙂

    And my piano books. From my beginner books to my falling apart Hanon, I have a small sentimental attachment to them 😛

  • Oh I love this qs! Ok so I dont have just one but I have this box in my room full of papers that are special to me. Old letters, things I wrote, my journals, etc. Just stuff I like going through on a rainy day 🙂

  • Wow… everybody seems to say their bible! Is it weird that the Bible I take to church is a random NIV that I found on one of our bookshelves one day and decided would do the job? No notes, no nothing, just a plain, navy blue bible.

    • My Bible is a NKJV that friend of mine got me as a present a couple years ago. But as ESV Psalms 119:11 says, “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” The physical Bible is not what is important is that you know Him by heart. In Christ alone.

    • Not at all! I mark up the Bible I use for my devotions, but I have another one in a different version that is a dogeared paperback and that’s what I read for most stuff otherwise. 🙂

  • I would say my journal probably. Which journal would be a harder choice to make. . .But one of my journals would probably the most valuable thing to me. I feel like with other really special things (including my Kindle, Bible, and books I really like) like I could get those back if I lost them or they were burned in a fire. If my journal suddenly disappeared there would be no way to retrieve it, and that would be really, really sad.

    Also, I really value old stuffed animals. There’s some many memories that go with them. Ok. That’s even weirder than answering a journal, but you know.

  • My bible, my journals, and my box of rocks I picked up along the way in the Holy Land. The rocks to anyone else may seem meaningless, but to me they’re so very spical because of where they came from and how I picked them up.

  • My study bible for sure. I have been a bit afraid to write in it, but I’m going to start underlining good verses.

  • My filled journals (there are a LOT haha); kind notes/cards/letters that people have written to me over the years, including crumpled notebook paper containing a few pencil scribbles from little ones; photo albums; and definitely my hard drive because it has everything I’ve ever written (there are lots of those too:)). I use Dropbox now to back up the files from my computer, but there are some on a flash drive from my old laptop that are a weird file type and I can’t them onto my new one.

  • My books and articles from over time they help me grow as,a writer and I can laugh about how bad I was at writing

  • My small gifts and tokens from old friends. When I moved I held on to those and they took on a whole ‘nother level of importance. Don’t hold on to tightly to them though. The memory is what makes you who you are. Those are the things to hold onto. Some things are tied to certain memories that are special to you. That’s what makes them mean so much. They’re sacred.

  • Definitely my journals from the past two years, and my book of song ideas. Letters from friends, those who I still have contact with, don’t have contact with, and the one who died. A headband given to me by a friend I no longer have contact with, but still love. Old photos of relatives I never knew. A jar of sand I kept from Florida to remind me of the beaches and of God’s innumerable thoughts of me. Old Keith Green records (mostly my Dad’s), and an old like 70s songbook. My chord and CD collection. Papers and stories I wrote, and the story beginnings that should have some purpose. 🙂

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