Published on August 26th, 2016 | by Trent Blake

Stop For a Moment Today, And Just Be in Awe of God

Have you ever just stopped to breathe in the awesomeness of God?

As I sit and write this, I’m listening to a song by Bethel Music, called “Wonder.” I sit and think about how we so easily lose perspective of God, how we so easily lose our reverence for His glory, and how we so easily lose our wonder.

And yet, all around us, God’s jaw-dropping, beautiful creation surrounds us, testifying to His amazing complexity, creativity, and stunning ability to show off just because He can.

He created the sun to keep us warm and give us light.

He created all those billions of stars, all in immeasurable sizes, temperatures, brightness, and verity.

He created the cool breeze that blows against our skin on a hot summer’s day.

He created the food and water that sustains us.

He created life itself, so we can have a personal relationship with Him.

His glory is so stunning, so spectacular, so remarkable, so extraordinary, so amazing that we truly can just sit back and take it in… in awestruck wonder.

Have you ever just stopped to think about that? To think about how much bigger God is then our circumstances? To consider what He has in store for you, even when nothing seems to go right?

As a Christian young person, I’ve spent many years without truly stopping for the sole motive of admiring God’s beauty. But the more I grow in my personal relationship with Him, the more I realize how amazing our God is and how much He deserves our wonder.

This is a practice Jesus had during his stressful and overwhelming time of ministry. Over and over again we see Him withdrawing to a quiet place to take in the beauty of God. And through these quiet times with God, He was able to endure the toughest of times and the hardest of circumstances.

I believe we can do the same if we consistently take time out just for the purpose of admiring our great and wonderful God.

This is my challenge to you today: stop for just a moment just to take in the beauty of God and his creation. Just for a moment, be still. Forgot all the anxieties of this life, all the future responsibilities, all the past failures, and all the stressful circumstances around you. Just for a moment, be still. Be still and know that He is God.

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