rebelling against low expectations

AuthorTrent Blake

is a 24-year-old evangelical Christian, author, and apologist. His passion is to glorify God through a life lived in light of the gospel. Trent is the editor-in-chief of and the author of Consider Christianity: Using Evidence to Examine the Religion of Jesus - a concise evangelistic tool perfect for giving away to skeptical friends and coworkers. Additionally, Trent has authored over a half dozen free e-booklets on theology and apologetics.

Questions To Ask When You Feel Distant From God


Have you ever felt abandoned by God– like He’s not even there? Or, even if He is there, it’s like He doesn’t really care? I’ve felt this way before. Multiple times, actually. I’ve often wondered why God wasn’t speaking in my life. Or if He’d ever really spoken in my life. I’ve thought to myself, “God… do You really care? Are You really even there at all?” To put it another way, I felt… abandoned...

3 Steps to Confident Evangelism


I have a confession to make: evangelism used to terrify me. Knocking on doors, giving out tracts, stopping random people on the street – it all felt so awkward. I felt like a newborn giraffe with wobbly legs doing nothing more than making a fool of myself. Plus, people certainly weren’t coming to know Jesus because of their encounters with me. If anything, I had this nagging suspicion that I just...

3 Simple Methods to Prove God Exists


Have you ever tried to share your faith with someone, and they told you they don’t even believe in God? How did you respond? New Atheism has become more popular since the early 2000’s with the rise of four prominent atheists: Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. Two of these men have since passed away but have quickly been replaced in influence by agnostic...

Four Signs that God Might be Calling You into Full-time Ministry


Editor’s Note: Throughout the years, TheReb has published thousands of articles, each challenging and encouraging Rebelutionaries to do hard things and seek God. But among these posts, some have especially resonated with you, our readers. So over the next few weeks and months, we’re bringing back these classics, reposting our most popular and well-read articles every Thursday. May they encourage...

The 5 Principles Behind Doing Hard Things


Do Hard Things. It’s something most of us have heard said so many of times. It’s a motto. It’s something we say to motivate each other. It’s a catchphrase– a saying. But if we’re not careful, that’s all it is. The Rebelution movement first began years ago by two teenagers wanting to break the status quo and truly do something meaningful. They made a choice to break past the low expectations...

Your Life Has a Story—Choose the Story Well


Your life has a story. Every choice, every step, every decision…is part of your story. It’s the story you’ll one day tell your kids, and the one you’ll eventually tell your grandchildren. It’s your life. It’s your story. Back in the days of Israel’s second king, David, a very perceptive young woman understood this truth. And her choice to act on it, is something we can all learn from, even today...

True Friendship is Committed


Have you ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated with your life? I definitely have! Just recently, I received a call from my best friend, where he told me I could have his car for a mere fraction of what it was worth. It was an answer to prayer, because in about a month, I would be heading off to school, and didn’t have a method of transportation (other then asking other students for a ride). And...

When Someone Else Succeeds–And You Don’t


Have you ever had a friend who seemed to have everything come easily to them? Maybe they were really popular, had a rich family, were the most athletic, or even just the best looking? Maybe they were the smartest in school, or the most promoted at church, or the funniest at parties. Maybe they just always seemed better then you. I know I have. In fact, I’ve had my fair share of experiences on...

God Looks at the Heart, Not Success


Four years ago, God called me into ministry as a pastor. I was fifteen, and before then, I had actually wanted to be a lawyer– a prosecuting attorney to be specific. The plan was to graduate college, go to law school, and then just… start. But then God changed my heart, and instead directed me into the ministry. At that moment, I thought to myself, “You know, I don’t know how this is all going to...

Finding God’s Will for your Life


Have you ever asked yourself that question, “What’s God’s will for my life?” For many of us, it’s a drastically important question that– for some reason– never seems to get a clear answer. We want so desperately to do what God wants us to do. We desire so deeply to follow His specific calling on our lives. But, we just don’t seem to get an answer. For so many this question has become a paralyzing...

rebelling against low expectations

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