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What are some tips for going back to school?


J. WRITES: It’s that time of year when most of us are hitting the books again. What advice do you have to get our hearts and minds ready for school? How can we make this the best year ever?

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  • Getting up early really helps. Spending time with Jesus and getting to know Him more. I’ve been struggling to get up early now that I’ve started school. I’ll definitely admit it’s not easy. But taking time in the morning, getting up earlier, really helped me last year. It was a way to just give everything to Him, to let Him take control of school and anything else going on.

    I hope that helped somehow, and I’m really looking forward to seeing other comments on this question.

    • I am glad to know I am not alone in struggling with getting up early. I am going to have to move my alarm clock across the room! The snooze button is my enemy this year haha!

      • It’s so true though! I haven’t been able to get up. Even today, and I had like three different alarms set… I’m starting to think I need to ask my older sister to come in my room, dunk a cup of freezing water on me, and leave… haha

  • No matter how busy you are you have to be in the Word. We can’t live as Christians without the bible. Its our lifeblood.

    So get up early to read a few chapters and find the truths you need, (both the exciting and uncomfortable ones) and let them challenge you and deepen your love for God. Also if you write a verse on your arm, you have help right there when your tempted (ect.)

    Hope this helps!

  • There really is no better advice than making sure you are continually cultivating relationship with your Savior by being in His Word, and your relationships with other believers, even in the business of school. And I’ll be honest, this is really hard for me. But it’s so vital that we don’t lose sight of what is truly more important than our studies.

  • Try your best, but don’t be too much of a perfectionist. And remember to take time to be social and to enjoy life!

  • I think the best thing that you can do to get your heart and mind ready for school is to incorporate time with Jesus into your routine if you haven’t already. If we start prioritizing our quiet time with God while we are still young, it’ll be like second nature to us when we are adults. Secondly, I think it’s also vital that as Christians we view our campuses as our mission fields and take the command from Micah 6:8 seriously. Even though it may seem like you’re just a face in the crowd, people are watching no matter where you are. Now that doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, but we can show our peers a better way of handling stress and conflict by getting through it with Jesus.
    I hope you have a great school year! 🙂

  • I’m homeschooled and teaching myself most of my courses this year. Any advice on how to deal with spending all day, Every day, alone doing school?

    Id appreciate anything anyone has to offer.

    • Joy, I’m homeschooled too! I actually have a major extracurricular activity through the in addition to my senior year of highschool (and yes, I pretty much do my school on my own too). Over the summer I’ve been working on getting up earlier, and I take about half an hour or so to do some Bible study; meditating on the word throughout the day is super important too – it helps if you can memorize something, and then recite it back to yourself while doing chores, etc., even if it’s just one verse. Also, make time for friends and family; I’ve been very guilty in the past of basically ignoring the rest of my family, and I don’t want to do that this year.

    • Same here. 🙂 I love being alone all day because I’m a major introvert, but sometimes I do get kind of down and disappointed at my non-exciting life haha. I pray about school a lot, and I take breaks to play games with my brother, go on a run, or FaceTime friends to break up the monotony and get some encouragement!(:

    • GUUURL, SAME! I guess my only advice is not to get stuck in a rut. Like schedules are good and everything, but don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit! Do your English homework outside (or in your little siblings playground treehouse… I may or may not have done that ;p). Make yourself coffee for math class. Flip flop your “schedule” so you’re doing subjects in a different order. That helps me a LOT! If I do the same thing by myself day in and day out I get super bored. Even just changing dumb things, like whether or not I write in print or cursive helps me. Serious.

    • Okay, your teacher might not be okay with this, but sometimes I’ll give one day to math, do the weeks worth and then be done (I’ll do all my science the next day, ect.) It’s not very sustainable for the whole semester, but it works as a bit of a break every now and then. 😊

    • Thanks for all the advice you guys! You’ve definitely given me some ideas and things to think about. Thanks so much!

  • The struggle is very real. For me, it was helpful to make a schedule and stick to it. I would spend too much time on one subject and not enough on the other and I would realize at 2pm that I still haven’t showered or done my hair or makeup. But if I have a schedule, I’m better about getting things done and having balance. That’s what helps me 😊 On the flipside, don’t get married to the schedule. Switch things up, mix subjects around or just take a break. But there’s my two cents 😀

  • Stay strong in what you believe is right. Understand that school is something everyone has to go through and you are not the only one going through the stressful time.

  • To be honest? I believe that when it comes to school starting again, Yes, continue to study God’s word and listen to what He has for you everday. However, I want to encourage everybody to also Obey God in what he is telling you to do at school. If the Lords like “Hey (put name here), how about you go sit next to that person at lunch?” or if He says “Hey (put name here again), how about you ask __________ how they are doing today?” You should totally go for it! Yes, it might be scary or you might be a little nervous at first, but you never know how talking to that person could change their world! So yeah! We are here to not only here to go ALL IN with God and go depper in a relatioship wih Him, but we are also here to go ALL OUT and reach people for the kingdom!

  • There’s also a quote by Elisabeth Elliot that helps when school starts feeling mundane and pointless to you.

    “This job has been given to me to do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it is a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness.” -Elizabeth Elliot

    I have this printed and hung up by my desk. It’s a good encouragement.

  • Hi, as a 16 year old girl with peer pressure everywhere, I’m having a hard time not caring about relationships, what I mean by this is; none of the guys at my school are christians and I don’t want to compromise just because everyone else is, all my friends have boyfriends or are constantly talking about having a boyfriend.. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remain above all of it and wait for the man God has intended for my life?

    • Hey girl, one thing i reccomend is prayer, pray for your future husband, I am also single right now, and this can help you not settle for less. Think of the future, God has better in store for you!! Even though you don’t see it, we live by faith and not by sight. Jesus has the perfect christian man for you. Journal to Jesus, tell him what you want him to be like, pray for him that he may be protected daily, this could really encourage you in your waiting process, enjoy the single life! Because one day you’l have a family, you won’t be able to go back. Enjoy this season you’re in and make the best out of it. Joy comes from the Lord, not from having a boyfriend. Strive to be a better woman of God daily so that one day you’l be a blessing to your husband, read proverbs 31, meditate on it. remind yourself how rewarding and amazing it will be to be with a christian guy, the christian guy that the Lord will specificaly put in your path, he’l also be striving to be more like Jesus. U don’t want to be with an ungodly man.. Like i said think of ur future. meditating on scripture is good aswell. God bless you!! Stay strong in the Lord:)

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