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Christianity Isn’t Boring


Do you ever get bored with your Christian life?

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

Surely there is more to following Christ than merely avoiding bad movies on Friday and showing up at church on Sunday. And is wearing cross-laden t-shirts and carrying your Bible to school in front of your peers the sum of being the “Light of the World”?

Does it ever feel like God sucks all of the excitement out of life?

Does it seem like the gospel is all about not doing things? Or is there more to it all? Is there meaning behind the “don’t’s” and the “do’s.”

Because, if there’s not, what’s the point? Why stay?

Why not just walk away from it all?

Is this it? Is this the great call of the gospel? Is Christianity really this boring?

God forbid.

Christianity is as Boring as War

Christianity is about as boring as war, because Christianity is war. Yes, there are times when the training of bootcamp feels monotonous, unexciting, or trivial. There are times on the battlefield when the fighting lulls and the soldiers find it hard to keep their minds engaged and alert.

But war is never boring. And neither is true Christianity.

Satan loves to deceive us into believing the Christian life is relegated to the four walls of our gathering houses. He cripples us by presenting a safe but small God. He depletes us by dulling our divine cravings with food of the flesh.

He snickers when we congratulate ourselves for spending 10 extra minutes in our often disengaged “worship services.” We restrict Christ’s power in our lives when we limit “devotion to God” to mere minutes of scripture and prayer every day.

We are right to be bored with this level of Christianity. We are right to be frustrated with the lack of God in our Christian experience. This level of purpose, risk, and commitment is disappointing for a community claiming to know and follow the One who invented the universe.

God didn’t design us to live on the sidelines. He didn’t die on the cross so we can spend 10 minutes a day thinking about him. He didn’t create you–with all your strength, intelligence, fierceness, and giftings–only for your biggest ambition to be living in a comfortable neighborhood, with a nice house, a lovely church, and a sanitized group of friends.

Following God isn’t always fun, but it’s always an adventure. Day-to-day life for a Christian is sometimes monotonous, but the grand scheme, the big picture is never boring. It’s a war.

It’s dangerous. It takes dedication and preparation. It takes grit. It takes fierce men and fearless women. It’s daring. It’s grimy. It’s honorable.

God made you for glory. He made you for danger. He made you for adventure.

Are you ready?

As you think about it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

How do you think you should respond to this article? If you had nothing to fear, what would you do right now?

I would love to hear it! Let me know in the comments below.

Later this week, I’m going to share about some of what holds me back, personally, and what I’m going to do about it.

Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Bryan Thayer and Flickr Creative Commons.

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