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A Letter to My Younger Sister


Dear Younger Sister,

You know, it’s hard being a big sister sometimes. I always feel like I have to act perfect, look perfect, be perfect in order for you to appreciate who I am. And yet, when I think these thoughts, I need to remind myself that I am human – and so are you.

Sister, please don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. I’m here to guide you through them, but sometimes you have to do things on your own. I can’t make decisions for you, I can’t walk your path – although there are many times I wish I could help carry you.

I apologize for the times I’m rough, cranky, and sharp around the edges. I want to be perfect all the time, laughing and flipping my hair in the wind. But perfection isn’t attainable, so never break yourself in trying to reach it – like I did.

Don’t make yourself someone you’re not just to please the public eye. Remember to be yourself. Don’t spend time staring at the “flawless” supermodel. Did you know she’s probably photoshopped?

Never forget who you are. When the world tells you that you are nothing, remember who He made you to be. Loved. Cherished. Honored. Beautiful.

There may be times when you look in the mirror, wishing you were skinnier, prettier, more attractive. You will wish that the mirror would transform to make you look like what you want to see. Let me tell you something: we don’t live in a magical world. Mirrors can’t transform.

But you can.

What would happen if you looked in the mirror and transformed the way you look at it? What if, instead of seeing the imperfect girl, you saw a masterpiece? The girl that God created you to be?

Don’t live this life searching for what the world can offer. Search for what God has already offered. Believe me, I’ve searched for worldly things and, in the end, I came back empty-handed, tired, bruised, and defeated.

What God has offered you is healing, love, joy, and all of those Sunday-School miracles. Even though those ‘miracles’ and stories made sense to us when we were five, six, seven… now the words seem so drowned out and watered down because we’ve heard them a thousand times. But here’s the funny thing about them – they’re all real.

And the same God who created them is here today. He wants to be inside of your heart, guiding you to who you are meant to be.

You see, what this world has to offer will never be enough. You’ll always hunger and thirst for more. But, what God has to offer you is something that will satisfy you forever.

Don’t turn into someone completely different just to please a guy. Did you know they fall for the heart and the mind? Who you are on the outside doesn’t often matter. Do not step out of bounds for the wonderful humans that God created to be a man.

Believe me when I tell you that… most of them aren’t worth it. Don’t go changing who you are, what you do, what you look like in order to catch that special someone’s attention. If he’s meant to be yours, in the end, he will come to you. But, dear, why bother yourself with love right now, anyways?

Intimate love is for marriage, and you can’t get married as a teen.

Don’t waste all your fodder on someone who might never notice you. Don’t go seeking to please. You will only come back empty handed.

And please, dear, do not get discouraged when he turns you away. For love is eternal- and maybe you haven’t found the right one quite yet. But if God wills, there will be one day when he comes and sweeps you off of your feet and you will be so thankful that you saved your heart for him.

And through it all, the ups and the downs, I will be there for you as a friend. There will be times in this life when you have no one to be there for you, and when that time comes – please remember me. I will be there for you. Not just as a sister, but as a friend.

That way, I can guard you against mistakes – even if sometimes you don’t want me to.

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