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Win A Free Trip To Kenya With Generation Next


I often hear people say, “I’d love to serve on an overseas mission trip sometime.”

However, it is usually followed by, “I’m just not sure I can raise the money.”

What if I told you money wouldn’t be a problem this time?

What if the door you have been so patiently waiting for is finally open?


My name is Riley Banks-Snyder and I am the founder of a non-profit called Generation Next. I’m also the author of the memoir, Riley Unlikely: With Simple Child-Like Faith, Amazing Things Can Happen.

Our ministry serves in Kibwezi, Kenya and our aim is to educate and spread the gospel to the people in this area.

I started this organization when I was 13-years-old after my first trip to Kenya to visit my uncle who was serving as a medical missionary at the time.

One of the biggest needs I saw during my time there was the lack of educational supplies. Schooling isn’t free in this country meaning most kids are not in school and of those who are, many do not have the money to buy basic school supplies.

Our organization helps meet these needs by providing school supplies to schools in the Kibwezi area and providing hygiene products to high school girls to keep them out of prostitution.

We also have a school in one of the most rural areas of the Kibwezi district that provides free schooling for 70 students. We have been in the same area for over seven years and have been able to form lasting relationships with the people there.

Generation Next takes a group of people to Kibwezi every summer to serve with us and for our Summer 2018 trip we are doing something special.

We’re raffling off a free two-week trip to Kenya!


This includes food, lodging, and travel — plus a safari!

What?! How do I get to be apart of that?!

Well, here’s all you need to do to enter:

STEP 1: Purchase a copy of my book, Riley Unlikely, from the Generation Next Store by August 4th.

STEP 2: Wait for the winner to be announced on the Generation Next Facebook page.

STEP 3: Jump around and shout if you get picked!

Buying one book puts you in the raffle to win the two-week trip to Kenya (including a safari!) to serve with the Generation Next team next summer (2018).

So, if you’re ready to have lots of fun, immerse yourself in an incredible culture, make some amazing overseas friendships, and love like Jesus, then now is your time. We would love to have you on our next trip!

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter and if you have any questions about the give away or about our organization please email me at: [email protected].


Simply purchase a copy of my memoir, Riley Unlikely, to enter the raffle!


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About the author

Riley Banks-Snyder

took her first mission trip to Kenya at the age of 13. Falling in love with the people and the country, Riley started her own non-profit at the age of 14 called Generation Next, which provides school supplies and hygiene kits to young kids in Kibwezi, Kenya. Her organization funds and oversees a school, a thrift store and food pantry, and will soon open a 7,000 square foot community center in Kibwezi.


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