rebelling against low expectations

The Moon: Reflecting Light in Dark of Night


The dusk,

We feared to enter in as it foretold a foreboding gloom.

As the night curtain fell,

Darkness was our doom.


Yet, lo, with holy halo crown

The moon gently shines down

To where you are prone upon the floor

And sweetly whispers to your lonely core,


“When you feel alone in the dark of night

It is important to know that the moon still shines–

A reflection of the shining sun you forgot

And fretted all your hope in the dawn was for naught.

There yet beams a white smile from the moon,

A foretaste of the golden light coming soon.”


The dawn victoriously melts away the night;

Such sweet friendship we have with the Light!

New, brand new, is now our story

In mercies of sunlit glory.

The sun never stopped brilliantly beaming

Regardless of what the night’s lies had you believing.

The moon was proof that the hope still reigned

By simply reflecting the light that it gained.


So if the sun is Jesus, the source of our Life,

Will you be His moon for someone’s hard night?

Faithfully reminding the lonely they are never alone

Till the final dawn beckons you home.

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About the author

Janelle Walter

was born as the youngest of 11, and born again into new life by the grace of her Savior. The day of salvation was when she first welcomed Jesus as her Savior and everyday since He's faithfully worked on her to take His throne as Lord. Janelle is 20 years old now, working full-time while blogging and YouTubing on the side, wanting to bless others through service and for her written words to be used by God for His glory beyond what she can reach.


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By Janelle Walter
rebelling against low expectations

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