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The Mark 16 Challenge— An Invitation to Share the Gospel


Maybe like me, you’ve been looking for a good way to share the Gospel with your friends. Maybe they haven’t had much experience with God or the Bible, but you think they might really be open to it if introduced in the right way.

But how?

I’ve been wrestling with that same question for a while now. As a homeschooled teen, I don’t find myself around non-Christians very often—but when I do, I feel burdened to reach them with the truth of God and His Word. My heart aches for them to come to a relationship with God like I’ve been able to experience. When I open my Bible and read passages explaining the miracle of the Cross and all that God has given to us through Jesus, I think, “If only they could read this, they’d understand.”

Why Mark’s Gospel?

It was during a time of study recently when I felt like God gave me the idea of the Mark 16 Challenge. I was reading about all that we’ve received in Christ, and once again, felt the burden to share this message of hope with someone.

I started thinking about the gospels of the New Testament and the picture they paint of Jesus as a teacher, a compassionate and caring Man, yet one who isn’t afraid to call people out on sin and hypocrisy. The unbelieving world today has so many distorted perceptions of Jesus, and it makes me wonder how many of my non-Christian friends even have a grasp of who Jesus is, or fully realize the hope presented in the Gospel.

I’ve been reading through the gospels lately, and while the gospels are all equally important, something caught my attention about the way Mark gives a clear portrayal of Jesus and His sacrifice without being overly long for a new reader. While reading its pages, reminding myself of who Jesus is, I was impressed by the conciseness of Mark’s gospel. Mark beautifully captures the essence of Jesus Christ, His teaching, and His actions while He was here on earth all within 16 chapters. The narrative points clearly to Jesus as the Savior that this broken world truly needs.

Mark captures many key points of our faith in a short book, one that might be less overwhelming to a seeker than the 28 chapters of Matthew or some of the complicated theology found in John.

As I realized this, I thought again about people I knew who might truly be open to hearing the message of the Gospel. Maybe if I could invite them to read through Mark with me, it could spark conversation and give them an accurate picture of Jesus—maybe a first step toward surrendering to God.

The Gospel in a Day

Listening to or reading the gospel of Mark on average takes an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your reading speed or the translation of the Bible you use. With most teens and young adults being awake and active for at least 14-16 hours a day, it didn’t seem too overwhelming to invite some of my non-Christian friends to participate in a challenge with me—to read through the entire book of Mark in a single day.

I’d schedule it on a day during the weekend so there’d be even more available time for people—and maybe, if I offered to do it with them, it’d strengthen my faith as well and give them a chance to see what Christianity and the Bible is really about.

In their book Do Hard Things, Alex and Brett Harris challenge their readers to pursue dreams that are bigger than what one person can accomplish alone. As I prayed about my idea for challenging friends to read through Mark with me in a day, I realized that maybe this could be bigger than me and my small circle of non-Christian friends.

Maybe, as Jesus says in the end of the gospel of Mark, we could take this message to the entire world.

Will You Accept the Challenge?

So, I want to invite you to join the Mark 16 Challenge with me and invite your friends who might be genuinely open to the message of the Gospel.

I want to invite you to join the Mark 16 Challenge with me and invite your friends who might be genuinely open to the message of the Gospel. Share on X

The current date is set for October 29th, 2023, and I will be posting a link within the next few days to the official page for the challenge. This will be the link you can share with friends and will be geared more toward non-Christian readers that may be invited (e.g., ways to find a Bible, different translations to read, context of the gospel of Mark and who Jesus is). There will also be a box near the top of the article you and anyone you’re sharing this with can click to say you’re participating in the challenge. I’ll also try to post a page of resources for studying the Bible more in-depth.

The goal of the Mark 16 Challenge is to build a bridge of opportunity, to expose non-Christian friends to who Jesus really is and provide a chance for you to have spiritual conversations together. It’s powerful to read through an entire gospel at once, and I hope that you’ll consider joining this challenge with me on October 29th, 2023 and inviting those you believe may be open to the Gospel.

Through the power of God and His Word, I pray that we can go into all the world and share this good news (Mark 16:15).

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About the author

Kira Chapman

is a sixteen-year-old daughter of God. She loves spending time with her family, playing guitar and piano, reading, and writing fiction novels. Her heart is to create meaningful forms of art that encourage others in their faith and point those who don’t know God to the hope of their Savior.


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  • Thank you for writing this because I am also homeschooled, and I can’t figure out how to show my non-Christian Christ, but this would a step on that road. Sadly, I won’t be available for the Mark 16 Challenge, But I do encourage anyone else reading this to join in on that.

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