rebelling against low expectations

AuthorAnna Hicks

is a teen author, blogger, and aspiring travel journalist. She enjoys writing inspirational and historical fiction and reading any genre but science fiction. Although Anna is hoping to one day publish her current novel-in-progress, currently she’s focusing on using her talents to share the Gospel through her posts here on theReb and on her blog, Anna Kay. You can find Anna online on her blog or on Instagram.

Why “Growing Up” is Scary (And 3 Ways to Battle Adulting Anxiety)


“You’re going to be an adult in less than a year.” I’ll never forget the day I realized there were only a few months until I would turn eighteen. Only a few months until I would be a legal adult, which meant I needed to start acting like one. I needed to “grow up.” For some, the idea of “growing up” means freedom–you can do whatever you want, no longer under parental restraints. Personally...

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rebelling against low expectations

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