rebelling against low expectations

AuthorKristin Renfer

(21) has a passion for God’s Word and encouraging other believers to deepen their walk with God. You can read more of her writing on her devotional blog/website So I Fix My Eyes… Kristin also enjoys cooking, blessing others with music, and drawing believers before God’s throne through worship.

4 Ways To Thrive As a Young Adult Living At Home


Did you know that being counter-cultural doesn’t stop when you exit your teen years and enter young adulthood? Oh no!  Going against the grain of culture and the world’s expectations is a lifelong endeavor. As Christians, God calls us to be different, to stand out and stand up for what’s right– to be counter-cultural.  So just because you’re no longer a teen doesn’t mean that doing hard...

What Will They Say At Your Funeral?


It all started at a memorial service I recently attended. The woman whose life was being celebrated and remembered came to its conclusion sooner than most would expect. But it wasn’t the life cut seemingly too short that struck me, but the stories and testimonies people were sharing. She was a believer in the risen Lord; however, few mentioned or noted her faith and living hope. All memories...

4 Lessons For Teens Struggling with Sickness or Physical Suffering


Editor’s Note: This article is longer than most that we usually publish on TheRebelution. Yet Kristin’s piece is unusual – she tells her deeply personal and difficult story of physical suffering and requested we publish it as one post. I encourage you to spend the extra time to read this incredible testimony. — Jaquelle (Editor-in-Chief) Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion...

rebelling against low expectations

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