rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMcKinley Ballantyne

McKinley Ballantyne is a 17-year-old blogger, fiction writer, and student, who loves to get lost between the pages of a good novel almost as much as she loves a day spent with her friends. She's been raised on Gospel truth and is eternally grateful for it. She lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. You can find her blog here.

The Solution to My Pride Problem


Sometimes my obedience to God comes with a side of pride. For example, if I speak graciously when angry words are at the tip of my tongue or get out of bed to spend time in the Word even when 6:30am seems much too early for anything, instead of praising God for giving me the strength to do those things, I give myself a pat on the back. Thinking this way flows so easily into comparison. As I creep...

Hope for Strivers—Truth for When You Don’t Feel Good Enough


Do you feel pressure to make up for your sin, or “clean yourself up” before coming to God? Even though you know that God’s grace is a free gift, do you sometimes feel unworthy of it? Or maybe you’re a slave to other’s opinions of you and need to be accepted in their eyes in order to feel okay. I have some news for you: you’re not good enough. And though this...

Why You Can (And Should) Seize the Day


Carpe diem: Seize the day. Recently, I watched the movie Dead Poets Society and it left that phrase, Carpe Diem, bouncing around in my mind. The saying challenged me to rethink how I live, because generally, I don’t seize the day. It seemed like something I should be doing. Something that would better my life and increase my impact on the world. But I wasn’t exactly sure how to seize the day, or...

Is Your Life Worth Imitating?


My 9th-grade high school band class had quite a variety of people. Some were dedicated to music, others only passed as musicians if you squinted a little. I like to think I fell somewhere in the middle. Despite the occasional dying-goose-like squawks, I played the clarinet decently. Not as well as the hardcore music student who sat beside me, of course. But certainly not as badly as the ‘I-only...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →