rebelling against low expectations


Laptops vs. Learning


“Could you repeat the question?” That has become the most common response to questions I pose to my law students at Georgetown University. It is usually asked while the student glances up from the laptop screen that otherwise occupies his or her field of vision. After I repeat the question, the student’s gaze as often as not returns to the computer screen as if the answer might...

Bringing It All Together


The purpose of this post is to bring to your attention three points that encapsulate what I believe is an appropriate response to all that we have learned over the past several weeks. Each of the last three installments have included examples from my own life of practical application. Today, I hope to define more clearly an appropriate mindset with which to approach the issue of multitasking...

True Love Meets Multitasking


Imagine a movie where the noncommittal boyfriend finally gets down on his knees, looks up into the eyes of his sweetheart, and solemnly intones, “Darling, to signify how important our relationship has become to me, I am now removing the second earpiece of my iPod.” Soaring orchestral music rises in triumph as he reaches to his ear, never taking his eyes off of her, and in a radical...

Multitasking May Harm Memory


An interesting addition to our series on multitasking. By JOANNA SCHAFFHAUSEN ABC News, July 25, 2006 People who learn something new while multitasking are less able to recall what they’ve learned later on, researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles found in a new study. They tested subjects on a simple memory task while at the same time asking them to count the number of...

Mental Obesity


“The pursuit of maximum moments drives many a multitasking life and an often-distracted mind,” writes Carolyn Curiel in her recent New York Times opinion piece. “We think of America as a sleep-deprived nation, but we are becoming deep-thought deprived, too. A closed door does not stop interruptions, because we are packing the weapons that can shatter concentration or quiet...

Doing Less By Doing More


For many of us multitasking is a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. “I usually finish my homework at school.” says Piers Cox (14) in an interview with TIME Magazine, “But if not, I pop a book open on my lap in my room, and while the computer is loading, I’ll do a problem or write a sentence. Then, while mail is loading, I do more. I get it done a little bit...

Generation M, for Multitasking


Our generation multitasks constantly. Chances are that some of you won’t even be able to finish this article without checking your email — while others are already listening to music or IMing a friend. In fact, a recent Yahoo! and OMD conducted survey says that you’re probably doing three to four other tasks while surfing the Internet. Though multitasking has long been...

rebelling against low expectations

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