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The Rebelution will be at the National Bible Bee Competition!


Hey Rebelutionaries! This is a Public Service Announcement to all our readers who will be attending the National Bible Bee Competition in Kentucky this November that a few of us from our editorial team are going to be attending as well! We’re very excited and grateful to the Bible Bee for inviting us and giving us a table on Thursday the 21st (the last day of the competition). We’re also planning...

3 Things to Remember When You Fail


I’m sitting at my laptop, waiting for the list of Bible Bee qualifiers to come out. We may have crashed the site in our haste to find out who moved on and who didn’t. All the more suspense for when we actually pass, right? It comes. My name isn’t there. My. name. is. not. on. the. list. I scan the list, thinking my eyes aren’t working. My friends are on there, practically...

Truman Falkner: 2nd Place at the National Bible Bee


My name is Truman Falkner and I competed in the National Bible Bee in Washington D.C. last November and placed 2nd! I heard about the Bible Bee from Alex and Brett earlier this spring, so I decided to sign up and “do hard things!”. It has been an rigorous 6 months of study, memorization, and review, but the Lord has taught me a lot through it and I have the privilege of sharing some...

Remarks at the National Bible Bee


One thing about being in college is that time can slip away from you. Homework builds up and the next thing you know five days have past and your family back home thinks you’re dead (we’re still alive mom!). This phenomenon also seems to negatively affect our blogging (and our sleeping). For instance, a little less than a month ago we had the incredible privilege of speaking at the...

Do Hard Things: The National Bible Bee


Young people are pretty good at memorizing. We’ll memorize our favorite scenes from movies. We’ll memorize songs. We’ll memorize jokes. We’ll memorize tongue twisters. We’ll memorize lines for plays, information for quizzes, and speeches for competition. For most of us, memorization is not that hard and will never be easier. But of all the things we have stored in...

rebelling against low expectations

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