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Remarks at the National Bible Bee


The National Bible Bee 2009

One thing about being in college is that time can slip away from you. Homework builds up and the next thing you know five days have past and your family back home thinks you’re dead (we’re still alive mom!). This phenomenon also seems to negatively affect our blogging (and our sleeping).

For instance, a little less than a month ago we had the incredible privilege of speaking at the first ever National Bible Bee competition. We intended to post about it immediately, but then paper season hit. We wrote a lot — just not about the Bible Bee (and not for our blog). The good news is that by waiting we are now able to provide complete transcripts of our remarks (download links below), as well as announce that a DVD of the event is now available.

Sometime in the next week (i.e. before finals start) we will also be posting an inspiring message from Truman Falkner, a rebelutionary from Kansas City and 2nd Place Prize-Winner in the competition’s Senior category — so check back in!

  • Alex’s Remarks (full transcript): Alex emphasizes the importance of Scripture memory — especially for young people — and shares a neat story about our dad’s devotion to Bible memory as a young man.
  • Brett’s Remarks (full transcript): Brett challenges competitors not to separate head knowledge from heart reality — and shares the story of how he learned that lesson during high school.
  • Official DVD from Contains our full remarks plus our lengthy Q&A session with the audience. Hopefully some of it is helpful!
  • Audio from Family Life Today: We were blown away when Family Life Today chose to air our remarks! They had to cut out large chunks for the sake of time, so download the transcripts to see what you missed.

Soli Deo Gloria! To God alone be the glory!

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