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Why You Can (And Should) Join a Special Needs Ministry


“I don’t know how you do it. Being around individuals with special needs makes me too uncomfortable.” “I don’t mind the idea of being around and serving individuals with special needs, but I don’t know how to get involved.” “I have several friends with special needs, and I help out in my church’s special needs ministry. But I’m not sure how to help my friend overcome her fears about it enough to...

Have You Lost the Wonder of God’s Love For You?


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Light streamed in through the windows, making the cozy, family-like atmosphere of the little church even more inviting. As the pastor began speaking, the congregation leaned in, eager to hear his message. Suddenly, loud sobbing disrupted the service. Everyone turned to see who was crying. A little boy with Down syndrome, a boy who was usually happy and friendly...

Celebrating God’s Gift of Down Syndrome


Kathy Ellefson lay on the hospital bed, giving birth to her fourth child, Aaron. But she had a horrible, inexpressible feeling something was wrong. When the nurse carried the baby boy over, she said he might have Down syndrome. Mrs. Ellefson was relieved! She had thought her baby was going to die. Instead he had Down syndrome, a genetic disorder where one has an extra chromosome, causing mental...

rebelling against low expectations

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